The World’s Most Unusual Hen Nights and Stag Dos.

Happy Women’s Day pretty ladies! If you’re having a hen night (or bachelorette party for the American folks), have you thought about what you want to do or are you happy leaving the task to your bridesmaids? To give you a glimpse into how the celebs do it, our guest blogger at Polestars, has rounded up some pretty funny and unconventional parties.


“The boundaries of what is possible for your hen party are almost non-existent; the world is your oyster, and you can do whatever you want on your special night (or day!). As way of inspiration, here are some of the most fun and unusual hen party and stag do ideas we’ve heard of here.

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Making a profit
Ever seen “Real Housewives of Orange County”? No, neither have most other people. But that didn’t stop TV star Tamra Barney from charging $100 a ticket for 200 members of the public to witness to her bachelorette party in a U.S. bar.

Barney’s big event was a relatively tame three-hour cocktail party on a Wednesday evening, at her local watering hole. With speciality drinks, Mediterranean tapas, and gift bags for guests, it was classy- and quiet.

Combining a public appearance with a personal celebration might not be possible for us non-famous ‘civilians’ out there, but it could serve as inspiration as a way to combine raising money for your favourite charity or honeymoon fund!


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Going Double

When Sir Eton John married fiancé David Furnish, they opted for a joint stag do the night before the wedding, so that they could party as a two and start as they meant to go on.

With celeb friends like Liz Hurley, Orlando Bloom and Sir Ian McKellen close to both men, it meant that nobody had to pick who to celebrate with- it was just a big old love-in at one of London’s trendiest Cabaret clubs. (Partying together also meant they could enjoy the naked waiters together, too…)

Surprisingly for one of the wealthiest couples around, the duo saved a bit of cash for their wedding by serving sparkling wine over champagne, and having their (albeit very famous) friends perform for them for free. Even the stripper was a boy band member!


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Wearing a nappy

Apparently, at Hollywood star Jimmy Stewart’s bachelor bash, way back in 1949, guests were paid to call him ‘daddy’ all night. Even more bizarrely, the guy who played the munchkin in Wizard of Oz, Jerry Maren, put on a baby costume and was supposed to pee on the guest of honour.

It’s not what you’d call a conventional stag party, but at least Stewart’s attitude goes to show that no matter how crazy your demands, anything goes…


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Being the flyest kid on the block

Nobody will ever out-rank Kate Moss in the cool stakes, but that doesn’t mean we can’t take a few tips from her hen weekend.

Before wedding Jamie Hinch, Moss took a group of gal pals to a music festival VIP-style, holing up in a nearby posh hotel, running amok on fairground rides, and getting about in giant pink Hummers.

And even though her uber-awesome guest list featured some of the best-known names in fashion, proceedings were pretty much as you’d expect for any hen party. Lots of drinking, lots of laughing- and what happened at the hen party STAYED in the hen party!



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As a last dying wish

Finally, for some a hen party will always remain a dream. For 21-year old Sarah Knight, a hen party is something she knows she’ll never have- because she is dying of terminal cancer. But, in an inspiring show of positivity and bravery, Sarah declared she didn’t need to be getting married in order to get a full hen party experience. As part of her “Bucket List” she threw herself a pretend hen party at her local pub.

On hearing of her party, the Duchess of York sent through a generous hamper of goodies to help get the mood set- including feather boas, cocktail makers and ‘L’-plates.

How lovely is that?!


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