It's A Score!

Now that the Euro 2012 is under way, how many times have you sat in a sports bar or restaurant with your man, trying to spend ‘quality’ time together, only to have him stare at the t.v. screen and not at your pretty face? Even if there’s no t.v., how many times does your man check his phone for the latest score? Men are not good at multi-tasking. It’s a fact. Sorry, if you’re a guy reading this. So, what if your big day coincides with a big sports game? For one, before you even begin to choose your wedding date, make sure or at least try to make sure there’s no major sporting event going on during that period because not only will your man be pre-occupied, but so will the guests. It’s not that they mean for their attention to be diverted from your wedding, but if they’ve been supporting a particular team or player for a long time, it’s hard for them to stop being a loyal fan. You can’t really blame them. Even if your big day happens to clash with the FA Cup final, don’t panic. Show that you care about the sport by incorporating football elements in the decor or serve food that reminds guests of attending a football match such as hot dogs with grilled onions that they can smell from a mile away. If you’re a good host, you can even set up a separate room with a t.v. screen for the guests to catch the game once in a while or a foosball table for cocktail hour entertainment. For an even sweeter gesture, sew a football charm to your garter and your hubby (by then!) will surely only have eyes for you.


Photo credits (clockwise from top left): Altmix Photography, True Photography via True Wedding Flowers, Nessa K PhotographyKatie Belle Design – EtsyPaisley Petal EventsTerry Lo Weddings, Garrett Davis Photography, Alecia Lauren Photography, Creatography

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