Succulent Away.

Many of you might cringe at the thought of using plants as your wedding flower because you’ve been dying to have peonies or hydrangeas in your bouquet. Yes they might evoke more of a dreamy and romantic vibe but who’s to say plants aren’t pretty in their own right? C’mon, what about embracing your eco-chic and go for a low maintenance and hardy choice such as the water-retaining succulent? It’s rustic and are more masculine than the traditional flowers yet equally charming and are as cute as ever when placed in small cups or pots to give to guests as a wedding favour. You might even get a snarl or two when you tell the florist but ignore them. Stick to your guns and give it a try.


DIY Succulent Favours
Wouldn’t it mean so much more to your guests if you added your own personal touch to their gifts? Check out One Wed’s tutorial on how to turn the cute succulents into a name card as well as a wedding favour!


Photo credits (clockwise from top left): Harrison Long Photography, Stephanie Williams Photography, Sweet and Saucy Shop, Minted, Erica Velasco, Stephanie Williams Photography, Heather Patterson Moore via Once WedSugar and Soul Photography, Neal Kreuser Photography via La Fleur Plantscapes

Photo credit: Bryan Miller Weddings via One Wed

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