DIY Wedding Cupcakes Tutorial (Part 3)

In this final part of the DIY cupcake tutorial, we thought it’d be nice to show you (photos by the talented Jada Poon Photography) how to make mini wedding cakes using the same cupcake base provided by Sweeth Tooth. Whether you’re thinking of making them for your own wedding or for a friend’s engagement party or bridal shower, they’re so easy you can whip them up in no time. They’ll also look so dainty and professional, you might even start getting enquiries.

Recipes for cake base and buttercream, as well as the ready-to-roll icing can be found here.
Tip: Store-purchased icing is effortless and produces the same results so save the time and energy. I’ve tried making fondant from marshmallow and despite all the sweat I put into it, it turned out to be a complete disaster.

Art brush
Ready-to-roll icing
Cupcake base
Rolling pin
Decorating ribbons
Baking paper

Fondant Ribbons
1. Roll out the icing to roughly 1mm thick. You can add food colouring of your choice prior to this step.
2. Cut out a strip of the icing into 15cm x 3cm.
3. Brush a gentle stroke of water along the middle of the strip.

4. Cut out a piece of baking paper and roll into a cylinder (roughly the size of a cigarette).
5. Gently squeeze the two ends of the icing to create a ridge. Do the same for the middle section of the icing.
6. Using the rolled up baking paper, wrap one end of the icing around it and fold it to the middle where the water mark is so that it sticks. Do the same for the other end. You can brush a little more water to stick the two ends together but make sure not to overdo it or the icing will get soggy.
7. Roll out the icing again but this time cut out a smaller strip of roughly 8cm x 3cm.
8. Fold the icing to create almost a lip shape and squeeze the two ends.
9. Wrap the lip shaped icing over the first strip perpendicularly and cut away any extra icing where the two ends meet.

Now that the fondant ribbon is complete, you can sit back and relax.

No, not just yet…..there’s still the cake base to finish off.
1. Slice the top part of the cupcake (the rounder, fatter section) so that it’s flat.
2. Turn the cake base over and spread buttercream to cover the entire cake (except for the bottom). This will be used to hold the icing to the cake.

3. Roll out the icing (big enough to cover the cake and more) and lay it over the cake base.
4. Cut the icing, along the bottom rim.
5. To cover any flaws, wrap some decorative ribbon around the bottom of the base.
6. Brush a tiny bit of water onto the top of the icing and stick the ribbons you just made above it.
7. Looking lovely, your mini wedding cakes are ready to serve.

Photo credits: Jada Poon Photography

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