Wedding Designer: Introducing Aire Hong Kong.

Finding a good wedding decorator or designer that shares your vision is hard to come by in Hong Kong, unless you’re willing to fork out big bucks. Even then, there’s no guarantee that your dream will be delivered to how you envisioned. I’ve been through the ordeal of speaking to various designers back in the days of my own wedding planning (oh it does seem so long ago now) only to be met with ones that only knew how to do gaudy with little creativity. That’s why when I met Anastasia, founder of Aire, I was nothing short of excited to share her work with you. From the moment you step into her studio, you know that she’s got a creative eye. With a background in interior design, Anastasia designs everything from the wedding stationery to the decor such as photo backdrops, as well as florals (even a ring pillow!) to setting up a candy bar. You can tell that she puts her heart into creating a bespoke wedding for you and takes great care in the details of the theme or style you’re after. She doesn’t simply execute your idea but takes it to another level by suggesting alternatives in the form of a mood board. Trust me, you’ll be in safe hands.


Photo credits: Aire  

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