Single Tier Wedding Cakes.

Boy do I like a good-looking and finger lickin’ cake. So when it comes to weddings, I give a high five to those who have spent the time and effort to design one that’s truly their own – none of that fake mockup cake that the hotel venues give you to fake cut. How unromantic. It’s one of the many ‘rituals’ in Hong Kong weddings that I will never ever understand.

It’s true that many typical Hong Kong guests don’t have a sweet tooth (especially amongst the older uncles and aunties) and some couples just aren’t big cake fans, thus the reluctance to get a customised wedding cake that may only be eaten by a few. Instead of a multi-tiered wedding cake, why not go for a simple single-tier that’s easy on the wallet and one that won’t go to waste? Dress it up with cake toppers, fresh fruit or flowers to give it more life. Remember, the whole point of the cake cutting ceremony (if you’re having one) is to symbolise your new life as Mr. & Mrs.; not to start it off with pretence.


A piece of history: Traditionally, the multi-tiers were only done by Royalty and the top tier usually kept for the couples’ first baby’s christening or their first anniversary. 


Photo credits (clockwise from top left): Sweet & Saucy Shop, Paper Pony, Kurt Boomer Photography via 100 Layer CakeEliza Claire Photography via Love My Dress, Call Me CupcakePobke Photography via Style Me Pretty

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    So, so true! And these finds you’ve shared are so pretty. :-)


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