Sparkle Everyday: CARAT* Bridal Room.

We all know that girls (or at least most of them) like their bling but who can fork out tens of thousands of bucks on jewellery that they can only wear every so often? In comes CARAT*, the London jewellers that will make you feel like a princess and may even become your new best-friend. All the sparkly jewels that you see are made from hand cut synthetic gem stones and to the untrained eye, looks as good as the natural stones but at a fraction of the price. When I visited the shop last month, I honestly couldn’t tell the difference between my natural diamond ring and the CARAT* solitaire version (I hope my hubby doesn’t read this). And because the prices are so darn reasonable, you won’t need to lock it up in the safe and only wear it on your wedding day. You can even be the gracious bride and treat your bridesmaids to a sparkly gift and not feel like it’s costed you an arm or a leg. To top it off, if you visit the newly opened Bridal Room in Harbour City, you can even bring your wedding outfits in and match CARAT*’s array of jewels with your gowns. Now, there’s no more wondering whether you’ll look picture perfect on your big day.


CARAT_Harbour City Boutique

CARAT_Bridal Room

CARAT* Jewellery

Photo credit: CARAT*

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