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Royal Wedding: XOXO. Gossip Girl.

What? Which Royal is getting married this time? If you’ve been religiously watching Gossip Girl or a fan of Vera Wang, then you may know that the Upper East Side princess Blair Waldorf tied the knot (or tried to) with Prince Louis Grimaldi of Monaco in last week’s 100th episode. I don’t really care about the plot, but more importantly what the bridal party wore. Blair’s hair may have looked like she just went for a dip in the pool and distracted our eyes from the intricate lace Esther dress and the bridesmaids looked like swans (props for being thrifty and choosing the budget White by Vera line) but it was maid-of-honour Serena Van Der Woodsen’s sheer one shoulder blush coloured Farrah dress that stood out as the winner. xoxo.

The Princess.

Photo credits (from left): CW Network, Vera Wang, CW Network

 The Blush Bridal Party.

Photo credits (from left): White by Vera @ David's Bridal, CW Network, Vera Wang

Bride Royal Wedding Wedding Fashion

Cover and Reveal: Sheer Neckline Wedding Dresses

Photo credits (from left):, Images via Anna De Leon Blog

Thigh high may not be every bride’s cup of tea but that’s not to say you can’t still be sexy. Opt for the sheer, transparent panel look a-la Duchess of Cambridge, Ivanka Trump and Grace Kelly. You’ll still maintain that sexy edge but in a more romantic and demure kind of way. It’s the unexpected sheer neckline twist that’ll leave guests and most importantly your hubby gasp for air.

p.s. The sheer panel doesn’t always have to be lace. Monique Lhuillier’s 2012 Spring Collection of sheer tulle dresses are absolutely to die for. Cannot stop coo-ing. L.O.V.E.

Photo credits (clockwise from top left): Reem Acra Spring 2012, Monique Lhuillier Spring 2012 Lina Dress, Vera Wang Esther Dress, Monique Lhuillier Spring 2012, Romona Keveza, Sasso Holford, Carolina Herrera, BHLDN Panes of Lace Gown, Anna Barge, Angel Sanchez

Royal Wedding Wedding Fashion

Zara, the modest and unconventional royal bride.

Photo credits from left: PA, WPA Pool - Getty Images

It was yet another Royal wedding weekend, although this time it was a very private affair. There were vodka fountains for kicking back some ice-cold shots and take-away chips for the late night owls; it’s as down-to-earth as a royal wedding can get. It may have been one rockin’ party but there was still a hint of formality and elegance to the day, with Zara wearing a romantic cap-sleeved Steward Parvin dress, one of the Queen’s favourite couturiers. Props to her for breaking away from the Royal bride tradition and forgoing a long train. What’s best about the dress is not what is on the outside, but the concealed pockets hidden inside her full skirt. How clever and handy! The only flaw to her outfit is the bouffant veil which made the already full dress look even bigger, although we must forgive her for doing so, as she needed it to cover her athletic physique. She may not be as slim as the Duchess of Cambridge but it just goes to confirm how unconventional she is – no obsessions for crash diets and not caring how the world see her. To top it off, the maid of honour and the bridesmaids looked pretty in dove grey dresses also designed by Stewart Parvin and matching ballerina flats. How cute!

Photo credits from left: Jeff J Mitcheel - Getty Images, Chris Jackson PT - Getty Images


Royal Wedding Wedding Fashion

Royal dress

Photo Credit (clockwise from top left): AP via San Francisco Chronicle Daily Mail, Getty Images via San Francisco Chronicle

So what’s the verdict on ‘the dress’? Sarah Burton did do a brilliant job with designing this timeless piece and with very intricate detail but to be honest, Bridelicious isn’t digging it not because it’s not a nice dress but we expected a lot more. Yes, Kate didn’t want to look different but she really should’ve had her chocolate-brown hair in an up-do to show off the pretty lace. Such a shame. She could’ve also afforded a longer train, perhaps another metre or two, to fit in with the grandeur of Westminster Abbey. Considering the hype and secrecy surrounding her dress, this one was very humble.

To be fair to her, even though the mascara was a little heavy, props to her for being brave enough to apply her own make-up on such an important, historical day watched by billions of people around the world. She’s also sticking true to her style, that is simple and elegant, exactly what she did with her evening dress with an added sense of flirtiness. Any chances of her taking off that cardigan though?

Royal Wedding Wedding Fashion

Fit for a Queen

Photo Credit: Rex via the Telegraph

Counting down the hours and getting ready to celebrate wherever you are in the world? In less than 24 hours, all eyes will be on the possible future Queen and the most widely speculated wedding dress. Just who is the designer who’ll be talked about for decades to come? There’s rumours that it’s Sarah Burton, the British designer and creative director of Alexander McQueen, Bruce Oldfield, much loved by the late Princess Di, Alice Temperley, Jenny Packham and Sophie Cranston of Libelula.

Bridelicious’ bet is Sophie Cranston, a relatively unknown British designer. Kate has a tendency to choose small names so Sophie may just be who she wants to design her dress. Bridelicious has heard through the grapevine that Sophie’s husband/fiance/boyfriend used to study with Will at Eton? She also wore one of the designer’s Dulwich coat earlier this year. Who knows? We’ll find out very soon.

Royal Wedding

Royal Madness

Photo Credits (Clockwise from top left): Construction Employers Federation, AP Photo via Newsday, Susanne Plunkett (Reuters) via Guardian

6 more days. If you’re a Royal Wedding fanatic, then you’re in for a treat, because just about every single channel on TV is broadcasting the wedding live from London. You’ll see the much-talked-about, secretive dress of the decade before Prince William gets to see it and all from the comfort from your own home.

Oh great. What about those who honestly, are not at all bothered by the royal nuptials and have had an overdose of Royal Wedding madness? Only solution for you is not to watch TV or go anywhere with a TV in sight.

Otherwise, here’s a quick recap of the day’s highlights.

Free TV

TVB Pearl: 1500-1930, 2000-2150

ATV World: 1700-1925, 2000-2045

NowTV Broadband Pay TV

BBC Knowledge (Ch. 220): 1500

BBC World News (Ch. 320): 1500

BBC Entertainment (Ch. 529): 1500

CNN News (Ch. 316): 1500-2200

ITV Granada (Ch. 517): 1530-Midnight

Now Direct (Ch. 331): 1400 (with Cantonese commentary from 1730-1930)

E! Entertainment (Ch. 531): 1600

Royal Wedding Wedding Venues

Wed like a Royal

Photo Credits: Airbnb

With less than two weeks till the event of the decade, many girls will be dreaming and wondering what it’d be like to get married to a Prince. How about exchanging vows in a country of your own and to your own Prince Charming? When we think of overseas wedding destinations, it’s usually Phuket or Bali for the sun and beach, Tuscany or Provence for country-side and vineyards and Vegas if you’re looking for a ‘quickie’. If budget is not an issue, why not rent a country for the event of a lifetime? Now, you can rent the country of Leichenstein via Airbnb, the online company that brings you unique accommodation rentals (treehouse anyone?).

Airbnb is partnered with Rent a Village by Xnet, the Leichenstein-based events company that can transform the entire country to customise it to your liking and can even print your own currencies or rename the streets. The vineyards, the townhall, the museum to name just a few, will be all yours. The only catch is it costs from USD70k up per night (approximately HKD550k, and to put it into perspective for you, this is usually the minimum charge to have your wedding at a 5-star hotel in Hong Kong) and you’ll need to transport all your guests over to this double-landlocked country. Oh, and let’s not forget you’ll still have to share the country with 33,000 inhabitants.

Who said being a Royal was easy and cheap? It’s definitely going to get everyone in town talking.

Royal Wedding Wedding Cake

Prince William's special cake

Photo credits: San Francisco Sentinel

Since we’re on the topic of the Royal Wedding and there’s been so much news on Prince William‘s special groom’s cake, I decided to try out the Chocolate Biscuit recipe myself, albeit a much smaller version. Just the thought of 17kg of chocolate mixed with 1,700 biscuits is enough to make me drool (of course, this amount is to feed his 600+ guests). I may not have the secret royal recipe but the one I found (or rather, my friend) will have to make do. Besides, it’s all about improv.


Photo credits: Bridelicious


1 pack of McVitie’s rich tea biscuits (if you can’t find them, use ordinary tea biscuits)

1/2 can of condensed filled milk

170g milk chocolate (you can use dark chocolate if that suits you better)

112g margarine

Handful of raisins


1. Crush the biscuits but not too fine so you get more of a crunch. This is a great way to de-stress or deal with anger.

2. Melt the chocolate with margarine over a saucepan of hot water.

3. Mix all of the ingredients together and place in a greased pan.

4. Place in the freezer (if you can’t wait to try it!) or in the fridge overnight.

Voila, it’s so simple you can probably make this with your eyes closed. Now, make yourself a cup of tea and enjoy.