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Time of My Life.

This is an overly played first dance song yet can never get sick of it. Sometimes, classics is the only way to go. It’s the time of your life. Start dancing.

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Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now.

How many of you have or will be dancing to Starship’s Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now as your first dance? Love the 80′s.

An idea for you.

Original music video.

Wedding songs


It’s the weekend. C’mon join the joyride.

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Wedding Music Bands.

We often forget the importance of entertainment for weddings (and by entertainment we don’t mean hiring a magician to keep the kids happy!) because we get so bogged down by the other details like flowers or the venue decoration, but in order to really get the party going, a good band will do the trick. We’ve compiled a list of bands in HK – hire them and you’ll get the guests rockin’ the dance floor in no time!

N.B. Prices are for reference only (these are from Bridelicious’ wedding quotes back in February) and varies depending on time needed. Contact the individual bands for exact costs.


Impulz (Igor’s Group)

They used to play at the Cavern (closed down) and you can see why they’re so popular. Well, and maybe after a few tequila shots.

Contact: or

Price: from HKD29,000 up


Ladybird & the Diamonds

Looking for something jazzy? This quartet is great if you prefer more relaxed and chilled music.

Contact: or

Price: from HKD14,000 up for a 4-piece band 



Professional and great voices. It’s no wonder they charge more than other bands.


Price: each member costs HKD5,000+ but some vocalists charge more. Sound system costs are an additional fee depending on the venue.


Pete Moore Band

Awesome arrangement: not only do they do jazz but classic rock. How many wedding bands can do that in HK?



Deans Live Music

This band is reasonably priced and has a great repertoire. Great if you’re on a budget.

Contact: or

Price: from HKD10,000 up for a 4-5 piece band


Edwin Gutierrez Band

This band has a lot of energy and can sing just about anything!

Contact:  or

Price: from HKD20,000 up for a 4 piece band


Me2 Productions

More jazzy than dance but add a few thousand bucks and you’ll get what you want!

Contact: or

Price: from HKD27,000 up for a 5 piece band

Wedding songs

Processional fun

Bridelicious is in a nostalgic kind of mood. Searching for music to accompany her extended wedding video is bringing back memories of the day, just under two months ago when she walked down the aisle to Can’t Help Falling in Love with You. Who says one can only walk to the Wedding March or Bach’s Ave Maria? The ceremony should reflect you as a couple and not what others think it should be, so be unconventional and choose songs that you love. It sets the tone and can either liven up the ceremony, bring tears to guests’ eyes or make them secretly want the whole thing to end quickly and hit the booze. Go on, be fun!

Here’s a list taken from Bridelicious’ own wedding processional:

Bridesmaids (usually takes about 30 seconds per bridesmaid, depending on how long the aisle is)

She Loves You by Vitamin String Quartet

Bridal (this is what everyone has been waiting for, so take your time and walk very slowly. Let the guests be in awe and more importantly, make your soon-to-be hubby wait and hear the gasps, before he gets to see you)

Can’t Help Falling in Love With You by Jon Schmidt

Signing of Register (the process usually takes about 15-20 minutes so choose 30 minutes worth of music to make sure you don’t have a silent room)

Everyday by Buddy Holly

A Thing Called Love by Johnny Cash

There She Goes Again by The La’s

I’ll Be There by the Jackson 5

Take Me the Way I Am by Ingrid Michaelson

Recessional (this is the time for you lovebirds to walk out, so choose a lighthearted song and get the party started)

I Only Want to be With You by Dusty Springfield

Wedding songs

Ceremony Processional

Photo Credit: Geoff White Photography

Having a headache trying to figure out what songs to play at your wedding ceremony and even if you’ve found the music, how long should each song be played for? It varies between venues as a longer aisle will obviously require a longer song. If you’ve hired a string quartet or a harpist, consult them as they know best. It’s their profession. However, if like me, you’re stuck, this article on song length may just be your savior.
Wedding songs

Wedding song list

Photo credit: Weddings Place

I was searching for inspiration for my own wedding song list (I’m currently loving instrumental versions of pop songs, particularly Jon Schmidt and Vitamin String Quartet) and stumbled across this article on remakes of classic wedding songs. Such a great idea. It gives a spin to the original version and will leave your guests wondering who sings or performs it.




Processional (Bridal March)


Bouquet Toss


Wedding Dinner


Cake Cutting


First Dance

Father/Daughter Dance

Mother/Son Dance