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Real Weddings

Wedding Disasters.

Most of us want and usually paint a rosy picture of a wedding; the bride and groom totally in love, friends and family all getting along, the whole day running smoothly without any hiccups or god forbid, disasters. However, as with all things in life, it’s not always perfect and you shouldn’t expect it to be. The more prepared you are mentally for certain surprises, the less stressed you’ll be. And you don’t want to be that bridezilla who runs around on her wedding day screaming her head off do you?

Watch this short video from Zachary Quinto on his picks of real-life wedding disasters and you’ll be relieved that yours is probably not the worst!



Bride in crisis

Photo credit: Dave and Charlotte Wedding Photographers

What do you do when it’s 7 weeks before your wedding and you find out your tailor has done an utterly bad job with your bridesmaid dresses. Break down, become a bridezilla, find another tailor or buy off the rack? Bridelicious is currently in crisis mode and needs a plan B: buy off the rack or change the entire colour theme.

If this ever happens to you (hopefully not), just breathe and manifest. It’ll all turn out fine.




Calm before the…party

Are you one of those brides who cries easily, be it potentially at your own wedding or at others? Does the thought of your soon to be hubby declaring his undying love for you bring a tear to your eyes? Planning a wedding is stressful but often, we forget how nerve-wracking it can be on the actual day itself. You’ve spent months planning to ensure that everything goes smoothly so the last thing you want to happen is to freak out because the song you’re walking down the aisle to has decided at the last-minute it’ll prefer to be mute (what do you do?! Act gracious and keep walking). No one needs to know you’re a bridezilla. A glass of champagne or a shot of tequila may calm the nerves but if you’re not a drinker, taking a herbal remedy may help wave those anxiety bugs away. At least, you won’t be stinking of alcohol.

Bridelicious will be trying one of these remedies for her own big day so tune in to read about the results.

Rescue Remedy (available as a liquid drink or pastilles for the candy-lovers)

Valerina (Day-Time)

Dr. Stuart’s Tranquility tea

Photo credit: Cory Parris Photography