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Hundreds of Guests. One Seating Plan.

It’s a well known fact that Hong Kong weddings consist of not just the couple’s friends and family but their parents’ friends and business associates. Once you extend the invite to people you don’t even know, you’re in trouble when it comes to the seating plan. Not only does your budget escalate having to feed strangers; thinking about where and how to seat all the guests becomes a tedious and stressful task. You want a personalised seating chart but when the numbers hit the hundreds, all those unique ideas about creating a periodic table if you’re scientists or printing a beautifully designed chart just isn’t practical. Even on the big day itself, there are bound to be guests who can’t attend lastminute or you notice you’ve mis-spelt a VIP’s name. The easiest way to go around this problem is to handwrite the seating chart to account for any lastminute changes using pens or chalk that can be erased. You can do it on mirrors, chalkboard or write individual name tags that can be pinned to each table number. Enlist the help of a friend with good penmanship and you’re ready to go.


Photo credits (clockwise from top left): Big Eye Photography via The Big Fat Indian Wedding, Going to The Chapel, Trent Bailey Photography via 100 Layer Cake, Sarah Bray Photography, Zest Styling