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Guests Wedding Etiquette

The Guest List: Family.

Photo credit: Urban Grey Photography via Wedding House

In this city where traditions are mostly kept and families are usually tight-knit, it’s no wonder why you see big groups of relatives gathering around for a family reunion dinner on Sunday nights. So when it comes to a family member tying the knot, the same applies. Suddenly, you discover you’ve got relatives you never knew existed: your Mum’s cousin’s children and you’ve been told by your parents to invite them. You’re now stuck with the daunting task of striking some of those twice-removed relatives off your guest list because honestly, unless you’re close, you shouldn’t be obliged to send them an invitation. You hardly see them, if at all, but how do you explain to your dear parents? It’s their proudest moment and they want to announce it to the whole world, so be tactical.

  • Play the budget card. The more distant relatives they invite, the higher the costs and if your Dad is forking out the moolah, he should understand.
  • Insist on intimacy. You want a small wedding and you only want those closest to you to be invited.
  • Tell them this is YOUR wedding, not theirs. Sometimes, it’s difficult to be harsh with family (and no way am I condoning this behaviour) but you’ve got to stick to your guns and tell them the truth.
  • If all fails, tell them you will budge by allowing your parents to host a separate family dinner.
  • Tell them you love them. That’ll buy you some brownie points.
Inspiration Board

Seating plans…with a little help

Photo credits: Allegro Photography

If you’re one of those brides, like me, who’s decided a wedding planner is unnecessary and just adds to the overall cost, you may need to enlist some help when it comes to arranging the seating plan. Drawing up the guest list for 300 odd people was already a headache in itself; just wait until you start receiving the RSVPs and have the glamourous task of putting together a seating chart. You don’t even know where to start! Luckily, I found this software, a bride’s little helper that you can buy and download to your Mac (who uses Microsoft nowadays?!). You can add groups such as couples and families or colleagues and schoolmates and a chart will appear with seating preferences. The beauty of it is you can select a skull icon for those guests who shouldn’t be sat next to each other and for arch enemies, an icon indicating that they shouldn’t even be sat near each other. Choose the table setting, be it round tables or long and start dragging and dropping those names!

Bride’s little helper comes with a price. At USD29.99, I think it’s worth every penny.