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Free Printable: Hangover Kit Gift Tag.

If you’re thinking about putting together a hangover survival kit for your guests after yesterday’s post, then I’ve got a little treat for you. To save you the trouble of designing your own gift tag, I’ve got a free one for you to download, print and cut. You can even turn it into a gift tag sticker by printing on labels instead of card stock paper. And if like me, you’re stuck in Hong Kong (it’s really only because I’d rather be on the beach than dealing with this mucky weather), there’s no better time to spend doing some DIY projects.

Click here for printable.

DIY Projects Guests Wedding Favours

Wedding Favours: The Hangover Survival Kit.

We’ve all been through it or at least most of us party animals have. The morning after when all we want to do is curl up in bed (or by the toilet after if it’s that bad) wishing that we could relive yesterday, minus the excessive amounts of alcohol and vowing never to drink again. Sound familiar? You probably said the exact same words after the Rugby Seven’s weekend and only just about recovered now. So, if you’re sympathetic and you’re pretty sure that your wedding’s going to be one kick-ass of a party, then be the thoughtful couple and give out hangover kits to your guests. Lay them out on a corner table during the dance session so only the late owls get one or on each seat as a wedding favour for all. Whatever you decide to do, the guest will definitely be ever so thankful.

p.s. The hangover survival kit can be given out as hen night or stag do favours too!

What to include in the hangover survival kit:
Alka-seltzer to settle the stomach.
Panadol or Tylenol for that banging headache.
Energy drink such as Gatorade or Lucozade or water to stay hydrated.
Mints, chewing gum or menthol breath sprays to erase evidence of a big night out.
Mini bottle of spirit or ready-made cocktail such as a Bloody Mary. Every heard of hair of the dog?
A pair of cheap sunglasses to hide those eye bags.


Photo credits (clockwise from top left): Restoration Hardware, Jennifers Cookies – Etsy, John Huu Ngyuyen via Martha Stewart Weddings, Miss Macherie, Noteably Unique – Etsy, Kat Braman Photography via Ruffled Blog