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If You Like It, Put a Ring On It!

This one’s for the men and for a selected group of  ladies who are non-traditionalists. Those at SimplyBridal, have shared with us a flow chart on how to figure out your other half’s ring size without them finding out before the proposal. Awww you romantic. In my case, the hubster went through great lengths digging around my bedroom and coincidentally, the one ring I owned was sent to , a Hong Kong accessories boutique for a custom hand-made ring. Instead of trying other methods, he courageously took a guess, using his pinky circumference as the sample. And to prove our compatibility, he got the ring size right. First try. So, for you folks looking at finding out the ring size, there’s no right or wrong strategy. Follow this flow chart and see what works for you and if all fails, go with your gut.


Photo credit: SimplyBridal