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Bride Groom Tradition

Meshing Your Name.

Are you one of those ladies who are pro women’s rights and wouldn’t give up your family name even after you’ve become a Mrs.? Is your husband secretly sulking that you don’t love him enough for not taking up your married name? If you are, and you don’t like the idea of a double-barrelled name (to be honest, it’s a little pretentious), you may want to give meshing a thought to keep everyone happy. That is, fusing your maiden and married name together (through Deed Poll) as a symbol of unity whilst maintaining your previous identity. Even the celebs are in on this trend so when TV presenter Dawn Porter, who’s married to comedian Chris O’Dowd (think the cute cop in Bridesmaids) changed her name, she decided on O’Porter. What’s yours?


Photo credit: Pixies in the Cellar