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Beach Wedding: Recycling Oyster Shells.

Over the weekend, I indulged myself in an oyster feast which was freshly flown and hand-brought from Sydney’s Fish Market to Hong Kong. Usually we shuck them, eat them and then chuck them but seeing dozens of oyster shells being put to waste made me think that there must be ways to recycle them for use, especially for a beach wedding. If you do go down this recycling route, make sure the shells are thoroughly scrubbed and boiled for a few minutes before using them in your DIY project. Give them a new life by dusting them lightly with your favourite coloured paint and transform them into place cards or wrap a few around a candle for an instant beach look. Whatever you choose, know that you’ve just saved your wallet and helped contribute to a greener world.


Photo credits (clockwise from top left): Once Wed, Traci Arney Photography via Simply Savannah Events, Catherine Gratwicke via Country Living, Sally Lee by The Sea, Jose Villa via Once Wed, Ali Caudill Photography via