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When to Order Your Wedding Rings.

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Choosing the Perfect Wedding Rings.

Happy Monday! How many times have you flipped through a magazine or walked past a billboard that advertises the all important engagement ring and all you hear from brides is how many carats their diamond ring is? What about the wedding band that symbolises the union between husband and wife? Don’t put that on the back burner and leave it to the lastminute. Today, we have Kate Rivera from Wedding Rings Direct, the UK manufacturer and online retailer of wedding and engagement rings, to provide you with some tips on choosing the perfect rings.


“A wedding ring is a metal band worn to indicate the wearer is married and represents never ending love. These will be the first gift you give to each other as husband and wife. The rings will be worn by both of you for the rest of your lives; therefore it is essential you choose rings you both love. Deciding on your wedding rings may seem like a fairly simple task; however with so much choice out there, finding those perfect rings can soon turn into a daunting task.

So, where do you begin?

Firstly, decide on the material you would like your rings made from. Popular metals include gold, silver, white gold, platinum and titanium, and with some of these metals being stronger than others, it is best to choose a ring that will match your lifestyle. It can be a good idea for the bride to pick a ring made from the same metal to her engagement ring as some metals can corrode others. You can also have rings made of more than one metal and it is important to consider the style of your engagement ring as some may require a shaped wedding ring for the rings to fit nicely together.

Wedding Ring Shapes & Designs

Wedding rings are available in a vast array of different profiles; such as D-shape, court, flat court, flat halo and double comfort. On top of that, there are also many styles such as decorative, diamond set rings and Celtic rings.

Plain vs. Diamond

Most people decide on plain wedding rings; however there are also some beautiful diamond set ones available. You can choose to have just one diamond set on your ring or several, as well as choosing different diamond sizes and shapes to choose from, including round, princess, cushion, oval and pear.

Now that you have chosen your perfect wedding rings, why not add that special touch with a personal message engraved onto your rings to remember your big day?”


Wedding Rings Direct is a manufacturer and retailer of wedding and engagement rings in the UK, offering an online ‘Build Your Own’ bespoke service.

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Diamonds Are Forever: Seventy Seven Diamonds.

If you’ve been on top of the news this week, you’ll know that Russia’s been keeping a big secret from all of us. The trillions of carats of bling in the asteroid crater. You’re probably cheering if you’re a bloke about to buy a diamond engagement ring but wait. Before you get too excited about the potential drop in prices, reports say these diamonds hiding in Northern Siberia aren’t jewellery quality. Now, back to square one. Fortunately for you, the online jewellers Seventy Seven Diamonds can come to your rescue and save you big bucks. Since they only one showroom in Central London and the diamonds are sourced direct from the manufacturer that polished them, thereby skipping the traditional process, you can buy diamonds at a fraction of the price you see in the shops. You’re probably worried about the authenticity of it all aren’t you? Well, your diamond comes with a certificate from one of the five most trusted independent labs in the world so there’s no better assurance for quality. The purchase process is also simple where you can pick and choose the shape, cut, clarity, colour and carat. If you’re a newbie to diamonds, there’s a whole section with a comprehensive explanation about what the 4Cs mean. Just remember to select Hong Kong if you’re having the diamond shipped here so you don’t have to pay the 20% VAT.


One more thing before we can say the weekend has officially started. Seventy Seven Diamonds is giving away a diamond encrusted ‘Sunshine’ key pendant to a lucky winner to celebrate the end of the summer. Don’t miss this chance so click  for more information.


Photo credits: Seventy Seven Diamonds

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Olympic day is finally here and I can’t wait to start cheering for Team GB and Team HK. In celebration of this, it’s only fitting to take inspiration from the Olympic symbol (the five rings) and have ourselves a mini ring party. Wedding ring shots no longer need to be stale and boring. Get your photographer to use the surroundings or any object to create a unique photo that you can keep forever. Got some lemons anyone?


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