Cocktail Hour: Signature Drinks.

Where there’s food, there’s drinks. If you want to cut the costs of your bar tab down, serve one or a couple of signature drinks that are either in your wedding colour range or you have a personal connection with. You can even have his and her drinks that reflects your personality or simply a cocktail that you like. It’ll elevate your cocktail hour from booze-fest to sophisto’clock and it means you’ll just have to think about stocking enough liquid for a selected number of drinks as opposed to twenty different concoctions. You’ll also need to think about the little ones and the teetotals, so have one signature drink that’s non-alcoholic. What a great excuse to start mixing your own drinks at home and if anyone asks, tell them it’s ‘research’.

Photo credits (clockwise from top left): Marni Rothschild Pictures via The Knot, Endless Simmer, Adrienne Page via Southern Living, Floridian Weddings, Rodeo & Co Photography

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