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Alcohol Buying Guide for Your Wedding.

I was at a wedding recently where they ran out of booze. But, there were no drunks in sight. What happened? They underestimated the number of drinks each individual would consume. By then, heads were turning and not to assume that all guests are alchies, but it’s considered a faux pas to have too little of a good thing. Just like at a dinner party, you always make sure that there’s enough food and drinks to keep the night rolling. Likewise, to avoid having any disgruntled guests (you know what many Hong Kong guests are like and one that I do not agree with; they want to get their money’s worth if they’ve given a cash gift) on your big day, use this alcohol calculator by Real Simple to estimate the number of bottles to order. Even if it means you’ll be left with extra bottles to carry home, allow extra budget for drinks. Take it out of your flower fund because honestly, guests will remember having a blast not by the amount of peonies you have but by the entertainment on the night.

*N.B. You may think some guests aren’t drinkers, thus underestimating the amount of alcohol to purchase. Remember, there are always dark horses out there.


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Wedding Package Inclusive of Alcohol
Most venues offer an all-inclusive package with free-flow wine and beer for a set number of hours. Whilst this option means you have one less item to think about, it in turn means you have no say in what type of wine will be served to your guests. It’s going to be House Wine.
The staff are also less likely to top-up the glasses as frequently because the less booze they serve, the less money the venue has to spend which means more of your money in their pockets. 

If you can, negotiate for this option. Many of the bigger vendors such as hotels will charge a ridiculous amount on corkage so work your magic to get yourselves a good deal. Don’t forget to include spirits in your calculation as well as the usual wine and beer.
One way to save money on drinks is to offer signature cocktails so you have more control over the amount of alcohol to be served. If your beverage package includes non-alcoholic drinks, check to see what juices and soft-drinks the venue provides and create a drinks menu using those ingredients.
Another way to ensure you’re within budget is to serve sparkling wine instead of champagne. Unless you’ve got guests who are bubbly connoisseurs, most guests won’t be able to tell the difference, especially if you’re mixing it into a cocktail.

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DIY Burger Bar.

If you’re a lover of food and you don’t give a thing for the usual Chinese banquet dishes; abalone, steamed fish and the lot, then serving up a buffet for the guests may be ideal. But what if you  by setting up DIY food stations so you’ve got one area for ultimate burger bar and another for your favourite dessert bar? Not only will you create a talking point (“How unconventional is this wedding? How cool is this couple?”) but your guests will leave with a very happy stomach as they can pick and choose what they want to eat. Think it’s a tad too casual and not fancy pancy enough for your glamorous day but love the concept? Get your friends to build one for you at your bridal shower. No one said you’re only allowed a tea party.

What’s in a Burger Bar?
1. Meat! Cater for all so have the caterer serve up some beef, chicken, lamb, fish as well as a veggie option for the non-meat eaters. Give it some pizzaz with barbecued pulled pork.
2. Veg. The usual lettuce and tomatoes. Add some sweetness with some caramelised onions. Mushrooms, coleslaw and pickles.
3. Toppings. Cheese and lots of it. Cheddar, blue cheese and for the kiddies, swiss cheese. Crispy bacon for that extra crunch.
4. Fries. Chips (for the Brits). Curly, wedges, thin-cut.
5. Sauce. Ketchup (make sure it’s Heinz), barbecue sauce, mustard, mayo or get your caterer to create a sweet pickled relish.


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Cotton Candy Crush.

Bridelicious is back from a much needed break; feeling rejuvenated and brimming with lots of ideas and inspirations that’ll make your 2013 wedding one to remember. Given that this is the first post of the year, I wanted to kick it off with one that’s especially sweet. Remember those carnivals and fair grounds you used to go to when you were a kid and just about everyone had a smile on their face with a cotton candy (sometimes two if they’re greedy) in hand? Well, why not revive those childhood memories by incorporating the light and fluffy cotton candy to your big day, be it through a cotton candy dessert bar or for an adult spin, serve some delectable cotton candy martinis? And if the cloudy gooeyness wasn’t enough, give them out as wedding favours for your guests to munch on their way home from your oh so sweet celebrations.


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Have Yourself a Very Merry Wedding.

We’ve seen lots of candy bars at weddings lately not least because we all have a sweet tooth (to a certain degree). Since it’s the winter season and Christmas is coming up in 7 days, how about changing it up by having a festive bar serving mulled wine, apple cinnamon cider and hot chocolate (with custom toppings and liquors) to keep the guests warm and merry? Your big day just got a whole lot better.

1. Set up a station/bar area (1-2 medium length rectangular tables) for where the drinks will be served during cocktail hour.
2. Prepare the drinks in advance and keep them in pots or warmers for self-service or if your venue accommodates, get one of their staff to be the bar man/lady.
3. Print out the signage for the respective winter drinks. Not only do they tell your guests what’s bubbling in the pots, they also make for great photo ops.


Photo credits (clockwise from top left): A Subtle Revelry, Brandon Kidd Photography via Bella Destinee, Main Event Productions, Gimme Some OvenTaste Food BlogMartha Stewart Weddings

Mulled Wine Recipe by Jamie Oliver. If you’re short on time, buy ready-made mulled wine spice sachets from City’super or Great and infuse it in your favourite red wine. Use cinnamon sticks as stirrers.

Apple Cinnamon Cider Recipe on All Recipes. If you want to wow your guests, cut and hollow out apples for serving the warm cinnamon cider in your fruity cups.

Hot Chocolate Recipes by Martha Stewart. Allow your guests to customise their own hot cuppa by providing some extras such as marshmallows, whipped cream, flavoured syrup, candy cane stirrers and dark chocolate shavings. The kids will love it! And for the adults, let them add in a few dashes of rum for that extra warmth.

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Christmas Cheer: Red + White Striped Wedding.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas with only 20 days to go. The tree is up and I’ve had my first Christmas lunch; turkey, Christmas pudding and the lot. If you’re having your wedding during the Christmas season, incorporate some of the festive spirit into your big day. How about some red and white striped fun that everyone, from the young to the old love? And by that, I’m referring to candy canes, not the American flag. Think candy cane wrapped around cranberry scented candles, a hot cocoa bar with candy cane stirrers, red and white striped nails and even a candy cane bouquet. Christmas is for everyone so spread the love.


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Table Etiquette.

You’re sitting looking all pretty and dapper at the head table ready to have your first meal as husband and wife and the spotlight is on you. Every part of the wedding up till now as been a huge success and enjoyable so don’t spoil it by giving up on your table manners. Take a look at SimplyBridal’s 101 on table etiquette and save yourself from any disapproving looks. And if you’re a wedding guest, you’ll want to take some notes too so you don’t embarrass yourself in front of strangers.


Photo credit: SimplyBridal

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Be Yourself.

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Real Wedding: Laura & Damien by Yolandé Marx (South Africa)

Since we’re on the hot topic of building your own candy bar, it’s only fitting to introduce to you Laura & Damien’s ‘I Do’ day where guests were literally in sugar heaven. With the spectacular Table Mountain as the backdrop and the cool sea breeze of the Atlantic Ocean at Camps Bay, the couple could not have chosen a more perfect setting in which to tie the knot. Royal and baby blue featured throughout the decor and even nature sent them a blessing in the form of a piercing blue sky. Thanks again to Yolandé of Yolandé Marx Photography for sharing this beautiful day with us in Hong Kong and making me very jealous of the city that you live in!


Photo credits: Yolandé Marx Photography

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DIY Candy Bar.

There’s no doubt that we all love going into a good candy shop (and those who proclaim they don’t are only being health-conscious and holding back on their urges). It brings out the child in us. It gives off a carefree vibe and it certainly satisfies our sweet tooth. Share the memories of your childhood with your guests by setting up a  colourful candy bar filled with your favourites and show that love is indeed very sweet. Set up the bar yourself with this easy tutorial by Yumsugar and prepare bags for guests to pick n’ mix as wedding favours. It’s that easy.


Special thanks to Jessam for inspiring today’s post!


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DIY Wedding Cupcakes Tutorial (Part 2)

Happy Friday! Typhoon Kai Tak has come and gone but the skies are still grey. Spend this weekend baking and decorating away and get some practice before making these delectable cupcakes for your own wedding. Haven’t you heard the saying ‘practice makes perfect’? Thanks again to Sweet Tooth and Jada Poon Photography for such a lovely and sweet afternoon!


Cupcake Recipe can be found here.

Cupcake Decorating Materials:
Art brush
Cutters – flower and leaf
Piping tubes and bags
Modelling Tools – Flower and Leaf Shaping Tool
Modelling Tools – Ball Tool
Foam for resting the decoration
Sprinkles – Pearl Coloured Balls
Ready to Roll Icing
Food Colouring

Tip: Turn up your air-conditioner as you’ll want to make these in a cool environment or else the buttercream and icing will melt. You don’t want your efforts to be wasted.


1. Add food colouring of your choice to the buttercream that you made using Sweet Tooth’s recipe.
2. Fill a piping bag with the buttercream.
3. In a circular motion, squeeze the buttercream onto the cupcakes.

1. Add green food colouring (a dash or two) to read to roll icing.
2. Roll out the icing to roughly 1mm thick.
3. Use the leaf cutter to cut leaf shapes.
4. Using the leaf modelling tool, score the leaf in the middle to give them the veins.


1. Add food colouring of your choice to ready to roll icing.
2. Roll out the icing to roughly 1mm thick.
3. Cut icing into a small strip of roughly 40mm x 8mm.
4. Use your fingers to gently wrap the icing around into a rose bud and pinch the bottom of the roll (see above image).
5. Brush a dab of water on the end of the leaf and attach the rose bud so that they’ll stick together. Leave to dry.


1. Add food colouring of your choice to ready to roll icing.
2. Roll out the icing to roughly 1mm thick.
3. Use the flower cutter to cute flower shapes. You can use more than one coloured icing.
4. Using the ball modelling tool, nudge the middle of the flower in a circular motion so that the petals will curl up (see above image).
5. Place two flowers on top of each other and use the tweezer to add the pearl balls to the centre to finish off.
6. You can leave the flower as is or add a leaf to it.

You can add the flowers and roses that you made to the buttercream frosting as you desire. Alternatively, you can simply decorate with a flag to thank the guests or place them in patterned cupcake liners. Have fun!

Photo credits: Jada Poon Photography