Who's Got Beer?

Remember when Homer Simpson famously said ‘Beer: The cause of, and solution to, all of life’s problems.’? I’m not a beer drinker but many around me have proclaimed that beer does indeed cool them down on a hot summer’s day, de-stresses them after a hard day’s work and is a great accompaniment for drinking games. Whilst I’m not condoning a binge drinking culture, I must admit, sometimes you’ve just got to drink some to have that extra dose of fun. The male guests will love you and will talk about how you’re the coolest bride because you’re allowing them to be men and not subjecting them to drink some fancy pancy pink cocktail. Instead of getting beer bottles, get beer on tap or have custom beer koozies as wedding favours. If you’re not into dancing, play drinking games (after the older guests have left) for a bit of a laugh – beer pong, boat races and flip cup. The night is still young.


Where to rent a keg pump?
Hopleaf –  www.hopleaf.hk
Founded by a group of beer enthusiasts, Hopleaf’s aim is not only to ‘bring the best beer on earth to Hong Kong’, but to educate and guide people in drinking beer. Many of us in the city associate beer with those that we find in supermarkets and have had little access to craft beers that have been brewed from small, independent breweries. So, where do you start? Jeff Boda, co-founder of the company who’s also their ‘gweilo’ delivery man on his days off as a journalist, says that finding out what the client’s event is, the type of food they’ll be eating and the general mood as very important. Just like wine where we pair it up with certain types of food, so too can we do that with beer. The different flavours of beer that they stock, from cherry to hazelnut, will help bring an element of surprise to your big day. And if you’re looking for one that’s extra special, Jeff suggests to go with Baird, the ‘best brewery in Japan’ that produces beer with depth and character. I just might have to try it out.

Keg (30 litres = roughly 55 pints) – HK$1,400 (currently available by Rogue brewery)
Pump rental – HK$800



Photo credits (clockwise from top left): Jake + Necia via Green Weddings Shoes, Justin Lee Photography via Once Wed, Kim Olson Photography, Ohana, Snap!, Lindsey Joy


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