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Hong Kong Beauty Week: Chance to Win Tickets to Beauty Workshops.

Has this week’s drab weather been putting a toll on your skin and hair? It certainly has to mine. Don’t worry. Even if your wedding is in less than a couple of months, you’ve still got time to make some changes. Learn from the pros on how to get that clear youthful skin and glow on your big day with tips on nutrition to choosing the right make up and DIY hair styling tutorials so you can make sure your hair is never out of place. Prettybooked is giving away tickets to two of our lucky readers for the Beauty Week workshops; bring a friend and enjoy an evening that’s all about you.

How to enter giveaway:
1. Send your answer to  by telling us:
a) where the two workshops, Skincare + Diet and Make Up + Hairstyling will be held; AND
b) which workshop giveaway you’d like to enter in.
2. Giveaway ends Friday, 2nd August at 11:59am HKT.

Terms and conditions:
Two winners will be chosen randomly (one for the Skincare + Diet workshop; one for the Make Up + Hairstyling workshop) and contacted by email on Friday, 2nd August 2013. No purchase of any kind is necessary to enter to win. Void where prohibited by law. WordPress clock will be the official time-keeping device for this giveaway. Only Hong Kong entries allowed. Only one (1) entry per person. One winner will win two (2) tickets to the Skincare + Diet workshop on 6th August 2013. Another winner will win two (2) tickets to the Make Up + Hairstyling workshop held on 8th August 2013. Prettybooked reserve the right to amend the terms and conditions.

**For more information on Hong Kong Beauty Week, check out Prettybooked. For tickets to various workshops throughout the week, purchase them at**


Beauty Week - SkinCare + Diet

Beauty Week - Make Up & Hair

Photo credit: Prettybooked


Hong Kong Beauty Week: Chance to Win Two Tickets to AntiGravity Yoga.

AntiGravity Yoga is the new craze that’s hit town and it’ll make you feel like you’re in the Cirque du Soleil. Alright, perhaps not as hardcore but this fitness trend, invented by Christopher Harrison, is based on the concept of aerial arts combined with traditional yoga practices whilst you’re suspended in a silk hammock. Think flying in the air a la Pink in her acrobatic back in 2010, albeit in a less raunchy outfit and you’re closer to the ground. Sounds fun doesn’t it? Now, here’s your chance to burn some calories and get your body toned (who doesn’t want to look like a million dollars on their wedding day?) with a free session at Bodywize Yoga Day Spa through this week’s giveaway from Prettybooked. Bring a friend and see for yourselves how this form of workout can help you.

How to enter giveaway:
1. Tell us which charity will be receiving 50% of the proceeds from Beauty Week AntiGravity Yoga sessions by sending the answer to .
2. Giveaway ends Friday, 19th July at 11:59am HKT.

Terms and conditions:
A winner will be chosen randomly and contacted by email on Friday, 19th July 2013. No purchase of any kind is necessary to enter to win. Void where prohibited by law. WordPress clock will be the official time-keeping device for this giveaway. Only Hong Kong entries allowed. Only one (1) entry per person. The giveaway includes two evening sessions on 7th August 2013 – one for the winner and one for the winner’s friend. Prettybooked and Bodywize Yoga Day Spa reserve the right to amend the terms and conditions.


**For more information on Hong Kong Beauty Week, check out Prettybooked. For tickets to various workshops throughout the week, purchase them at**


Hong Kong Beauty Week - Antigravity Yoga

Photo credit: Prettybooked

Beauty Freebies

Hong Kong Beauty Week 2013: Chance to Win a Free Facial and Pedicure.

Calling all ladies (and men!)), who’d like to not only get pampered before their big day but also learn some tips from experts on skin care, diet, makeup and hairstyling. Created by Prettybooked, Hong Kong’s online beauty and spa finder, the inaugural Hong Kong Beauty Week 2013 will be a week long celebration of our love for beauty, wellness and personal grooming. It’s important to look perfect both inside and out on your wedding day, and that starts with treating your body with what it deserves. As one of the media partners of the Beauty Week, Prettybooked will be giving away some goodies to Bridelicious’ readers in the upcoming weeks so keep an eye out for what’s to come! To start off this week, you can stand a chance to win a free Eve Lom signature facial (worth HK$1,280) AND a Minx Pedicure (worth HK$680) from , just by telling us what two other services (besides facials and creative nail care) are available at 10/10 SPACE.

How to enter giveaway:
1. Tell us what two services (besides facials and creative nail care) are available at 10/10 SPACE by sending to .
2. Giveaway ends Thursday, July 11th at midnight HKT.

Terms and conditions:
A winner will be chosen randomly and contacted by email on Thursday, 11th July 2013. No purchase of any kind is necessary to enter to win. Void where prohibited by law. WordPress clock will be the official time-keeping device for this giveaway. Only Hong Kong entries allowed. Only one (1) entry per person and only one prize per winner. The giveaway includes one (1) Eve Lom Signature Facial and one (1) Minx pedicure. Prettybooked and 10/10 SPACE reserve the right to amend the terms and conditions.


**For more information on Hong Kong Beauty Week, check out Prettybooked. For tickets to various workshops throughout the week, purchase them at**


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Top 6 Tips for a Glowing Destination Bride.

I hope today’s 97% humidity is not affecting your mood or your body. And when you’re going to be tying the knot in a few months, preceded with all the stress of wedding planning, you’ve got to start looking at maintaining a good diet and keep those sucker bugs at bay. We all know how busy life in Hong Kong can be so in our first series of guest posts from Mia, of Graciously Green (who not only is a Yoga Teacher, a Board Certified Health Coach but also a Raw Food Chef!), she’ll be sharing with you some tips on how to achieve that all-important glow on your wedding day. Obviously if you’re a groom reading this, there’s nothing stopping you from following Mia’s tips. Why not be healthy together?


“It’s almost here, your big day in the beautiful sunny destination of your dreams. You’ve worked so hard toning and honing yourself into perfection over the last few months, so don’t let your health slide and get in the way of looking and feeling your best as you float down the aisle. Destination weddings are a beautiful way to celebrate your love, but it is important to be prepared for the change in climate, water as well as food before and during your trip. So here are my top 6 health tips to make sure you’re sparkling with radiant health:


1. Rehydrate, rehydrate, rehydrate without proper hydration your skin will look crinkled and you will feel sluggish. My biggest tip would be to keep a flask or BPA-free bottle on you at all times, and just keep sipping. Add slices of lemon or lime with a pinch of pink Himalayan salt (full of minerals) to help support your liver. Nature’s best hydration drink is coconut water, so if you’re going somewhere tropical for your wedding, this should be readily available.


Photo credit: Feminspire


 2. Keep digestion going with chia there’s nothing worse than feeling bloated and sluggish; not ideal on your wedding day. Try adding chia-seeds to your diet a few weeks before your big day and leading-up to the wedding as they are full of fibre and will help to cleanse the system. Try a chia-porridge for breakfast every day – Chia seeds will literally cleanse the gut as well as replenish your omega 3 oils, helping your skin to shine. Plus, they’re very easy to throw in your luggage.


Photo credit: Endurance Films


 3. Eat your raw greens ok, seems like an obvious and general statement, but if you want your skin, digestion and overall energy to feel amazing on your big day, this is your secret weapon. Raw greens, vegetables and fruits all contain live energy, which are not only cleansing for your system but will also rehydrate and fill you with natural energy. Raw food expert, David Wolfe, says that eating raw foods increases the alkalinity of the body, which alleviates the underlying cause of inflammation and puffiness.


Photo credit: The Raw Chef


4. Cut out the rubbish at least 2 months before the big day what goes in will show outwards, so if you’re eating lots of processed foods, additives and drinking alcohol, and then suddenly stop a week before the wedding, you will start to detox.  This, coupled with a change of climate and travel, will set you up for a beauty disaster. Things could get worse before they get better. Eating a clean diet all year round is obviously perfect, however, if you’re serious about looking your best on your big day, make sure you go “clean” in plenty of time to allow for any detoxing to complete before you get to your destination.


Photo credit: Heartburn


5. Skin-plumping sulfur for super beauty foods rich in the mineral sulfur are known to help to ward off wrinkles, promote healthy hair and skin, as well as keep acne at bay. Superfood maca is a great source of sulfur as well as being an adaptogenic herb, meaning it will help your body to adapt to any new and stressful situations. Sulfur is a component of skin-plumping collagen. Foods rich in sulfur can improve the appearance of the skin. Other foods that are high in sulfur include garlic, spirulina, cabbage, radishes, and pumpkin seeds.


Photo credit: Saule Health


6. Get moving as soon as you arrive – even on the plane, implement a bit of yoga stretching. Planes and travel are the worst for tightening-up muscles, digestion and your general wellbeing. Throw your yoga bag or running shoes in you bag and just push yourself to do at least ½ an hour of something as soon as your arrive at your destination, or the first morning. Your health will love you for it.


Photo credit: Wild Thyme Farm


One last bonus tip, don’t be scared to get a bit of unprotected sun many of the sun-creams out there contain harmful toxins, which can bring you out in rashes as well as pimples. Ten to twenty minutes of sunshine on bare skin will give you a great healthy boost of vitamin D, something most of us lack and is essential for health. If you want to stay out of the sun, a beautiful Audrey Hepburn-style hat is a glamorous and safe bet.


Mia will be hosting some raw-food workshops this month at Sol Wellness in Hong Kong so if you want to see how she can support you on your journey to health and happiness, contact her at .

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Hairstyles for Pixie Brides.

What a lovely day. With humidity at 97%, even that dehumidifier ain’t helping with the dampness nor is it doing wonders for my hair. It makes me want to go for a bold chop (again) to a hairstyle that’s more manageable and one that feels a whole lot lighter. It’s fine for me as I’m married already (better not let the hubby read this) but what about all those brides who want to go for the chop but are worried about their hair on their wedding day? After all, photo after photo shows brides with long flowy hair or done up in a bun. Don’t be afraid to be different and show off your pixie cut. Iconic beauty, Audrey Hepburn did it when she married Mel Ferrer back in the 50s and so did Anne Hathaway when she said ‘I Do’ to Adam Shulman in her custom Valentino gown and veil. If you want to create a softer look, add romantic headpieces such as a birdcage veil or a sparkly headband. Embrace your youthful look and rock on.


Photo credits (clockwise from top left): Cly Creation via Lovely Bride, Austin Gros via Style Me Pretty, Vogue via Bella Naija, Heather Jowett via Wedding Obsession, Access Fashion, J Frey Photo via Ornent – Etsy, Christa Elyce

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Acne-Bride: Crisis Management.

You’ve been indulging over the holidays, the stress of the wedding planning is getting to you and you’re breaking out. Don’t worry, our guest blogger Laura Jane Williams is here to help. Read on as she gives you some tips on getting and maintaining good skin. She’s even released a free adult acne guide that every bride-to-be should read in preparation of her special day (and it’s fun to read too!).  


Photo credit: Court House Clinics

“Let’s talk about spots on your wedding day. I know, I know- acne is a bride’s worst nightmare. But it’s because of this that it pays to do a little research about how the lifestyle you have in the run-up to your wedding can aggravate skin. Forewarned is forearmed, after all…

What do you do when you wake up on your wedding day and a spot or blemish has appeared overnight? Consider some of these foolproof tips for bridal-acne nightmares, from emergency tricks, to self-confidence boosts; everything that will get you to the alter feeling and looking like the princess bride that you should be.

Get a massage

Before we look at external things you can do for your skin, it’s important to remember that as the body’s largest organ skin health has a lot to do with what we do to our insides. A manual lymphatic drainage massage can get all the important fluids in your body moving, curing any blockages that might be causing you to retain nasty toxins and threatening your bridal glow. Combined with oodles of water, this should ensure that your insides are as clean as clean can be, and help avoid any nasty acne surprises.


A backed-up colon can be responsible for dull complexions, so think about one or two sessions of colonic irrigation in the weeks before the wedding. Flushing out your colon will not only help your body continue to detoxify, but there is evidence to suggest that you’ll look noticeably slimmer after purging yourself of what might have been bringing your body down.


Continuing on the theme of toxin-fighting: exercise. Working up a sweat for thirty minutes a day has several benefits. One, you’ll release endorphins, making you happy. Two, if you are happy, you’ll handle the stress of wedding planning better, and thus fight the free radicals that come from a building blood pressure. And three, you’ll purge yourself of the stuff waiting to give you acne. In fact, can you spot a theme here? PURGE, PURGE, PURGE. Combine this with a five-day juice detox and you’ll be sure to have expelled all the bad stuff that could threaten a breakout.

Spot Management

If, after all this, you wake up with a blemish on your big day, DON’T PANIC. There are a couple of crucial things you can do:
Normally, you shouldn’t squeeze or touch a spot. BUT. If you wake up to a yellow head on a zit, this is the one time you have permission to blitz it.
1. Wash your hands thoroughly.
2. Steam your face for ten minutes- pop some tea tree in the water for extra help.
3. Use a magnifying mirror and with a tissue gently squeeze the spot until the puss eases out. Don’t squeeze too hard, or else you’ll bleed.
4. When the head is gone hold the tissue over the area to soak up any fluid, and then use an ice cube to reduce the swelling you will have caused.
5. Use a Q-tip to apply tea tree oil to the area to make sure you don’t get an infection. It might sting a little.

Once you’ve dealt with the head and made up your face as normal, forget about it. No-one cares if you have a spot. YOU’RE GETTING MARRIED! Nothing is bigger than that.

And as for the photos? That’s what airbrushing is for.

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How to Achieve Perfect Skin.

Oh how we all wish we had no off days with our skin and it’d look perfectly porcelain 24-7? Unfortunately, given the pollution in Hong Kong and the stress that is attached too many of our jobs, that dream may only be fulfilled by following a skin care regime. Our friends at SimplyBridal have shared some tips on how to achieve that bridal glow, which means you better start taking care of your skin and body now!


Photo credit: SimplyBridal


All About Nails.

Dress – check. Shoes – check. Veil – check. Make-up – check. Hair – check. Now, what about those delicate hands of yours which will be of focus when the mums, aunts and girlfriends ask to see your wedding ring after you’re pronounced husband and wife. Show off the bling with manicured nails because one that’s unkempt is a turn off. Take a look at SimplyBridal’s guide on the various nail styles and shapes you can go for. There’s no right or wrong; just make sure it’s what you want and not what your manicurist wants for you!


Photo credits: SimplyBridal

Beauty Bride

Hair Styles Guide for Every Bride.

You may be wearing a mind-blowing dress, getting married to the love of your life, in a fairytale wedding surrounding but if your hair looks like you’ve literally just got out of bed (lioness-like), then you’ve just committed a hair crime. Your hair-do needn’t be extravagant but show the hubby and the guests that you’ve put in some effort and give your hair what it deserves. Our friends at SimplyBridal have shared with us the array of styles you can choose, from the half-up a la Duchess of Cambridge (congratulations to her and William by the way on their baby announcement!) to the retro look such as the bouffant. Don’t be lazy and give it some serious thought.


Photo credit: SimplyBridal

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Bringing Colour to People’s Faces: Kalamakeup.

Alright ladies, today’s post is all about you. We all like to look pretty and in an ideal world, with soft and blemish-free skin. Just how do the celebs pull it off even with their hectic lifestyles? It all comes down to the power of make up (and of course there are those lucky b*tches who have naturally flawless skin) and if you’ve got a professional applying it for you, you too can look like a natural beauty.


Remember a couple of months back, I introduced to you the talented bespoke invitations designer, Kalo of Kalo Make Art? Guess what, her twin sister Ka Lam is also an artist in her own right having been in the make up industry for more than 8 years and founded Kalamakeup. What an artistic pair of sisters brimming with energy. With a background in fine arts, Ka Lam has always had a strong passion and interest in make up from a young age; that means having make up and hair styling parties with the daughters of her Mum’s friends whilst the adults played mahjong! Her extensive experience takes her from the catwalk to editorial shoots and most importantly, wedding day make up, with 300 brides under her belt. Whether it’s a natural or a fashionable style you’re looking for, you can be sure that Ka Lam will not only make you look picture perfect but will be there in case of any emergencies (read her experience at the bottom of the interview)!


For wedding day and engagement photo session make up prices, find out more at


Putting on make up can be rather daunting for some so Ka Lam has given us the low-down on what it’s like.

What make up and hair styles do you recommend to brides?
Simple and elegant as they would be more timeless and classic. For instance, natural eye make up with a clean French roll or all back bun would be very nice to match with the wedding gown. Fashionable make up or hair styles would be more suitable when the brides are wearing their evening gown (especially when they are saying farewell to their guests in the traditional Hong Kong banquet).

Do you apply different styles for brides wearing a cheong-sam or ‘qua’ (traditional Chinese wedding dress) and a white bridal gown?
Yes I do apply different styles for these two very different outfits. For Qua or Cheong Sam, it’s usually red and warm colors. The eye shadow I tend to use is more earthy with slight champagne gold that will go well with the red and the blush will be slightly stronger in order to prevent the brides looking too pale and dull while wearing the Cheong Sam or Qua. For a white wedding gown, the style is usually softer and more romantic. I tend to use softer color for the eyes, enabling the brides to look sweeter and more romantic. 

Is there a difference between Asian and caucasian skin when it comes to make up?
Yes! There’s a big difference as Asians tend to have flatter and less dimensional features, so I will apply slightly more highlights and shading to make sure their features are more prominent especially for the photo shoots. As for Caucasians, they tend to have dryer skin so using the suitable skin care and foundation is a must. Sometimes, they have more facial hair so I have to make sure the powder is invisible on their face.

How about the hair; are there certain styles you think are unsuitable for Chinese brides?
Since Asians tends to have thicker and straighter hair, they tend not to hold the curls too long especially with the high humidity in Hong Kong. To say which certain style will be most suitable for Asians is difficult as it depends on a lot of different factors, such as face shape, the proportion of the forehead and bone structure of the face, the outfit they are wearing, etc. But since most Asian hair tend to be darker, it would be harder to create a lot of texture when compared to Caucasians.

How long does the make up and hair styling take?
It normally takes approximately 1.5 hours for me to get the bride ready in the morning. When the bridesmaids are playing games with the groom men, I will do the final touch up for the bride in her room, as well as helping her to get changed into her first outfit. My team will do the make up and hair styling for the bride’s mom, the maid of honour and bridesmaids.

Photo credit: Kathy Li Photography

You must have seen numerous ‘stressed-out’ brides throughout your career; how do you help calm them down?
I remember one time, when I was working in the U.K., one of the bridesmaids forgot to bring the “lingerie” for the bride’s wedding gown. The bride was totally stressed and hid herself in the bathroom and wanted to cancel the wedding ceremony. Eventually after a bit of persuasion, I helped her sew her bra into the wedding gown and everything looked great. It was extremely memorable!

**All other photos from Kalamakeup.