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Beauty Bride

Acne-Bride: Crisis Management.

You’ve been indulging over the holidays, the stress of the wedding planning is getting to you and you’re breaking out. Don’t worry, our guest blogger Laura Jane Williams is here to help. Read on as she gives you some tips on getting and maintaining good skin. She’s even released a free adult acne guide that every bride-to-be should read in preparation of her special day (and it’s fun to read too!).  


Photo credit: Court House Clinics

“Let’s talk about spots on your wedding day. I know, I know- acne is a bride’s worst nightmare. But it’s because of this that it pays to do a little research about how the lifestyle you have in the run-up to your wedding can aggravate skin. Forewarned is forearmed, after all…

What do you do when you wake up on your wedding day and a spot or blemish has appeared overnight? Consider some of these foolproof tips for bridal-acne nightmares, from emergency tricks, to self-confidence boosts; everything that will get you to the alter feeling and looking like the princess bride that you should be.

Get a massage

Before we look at external things you can do for your skin, it’s important to remember that as the body’s largest organ skin health has a lot to do with what we do to our insides. A manual lymphatic drainage massage can get all the important fluids in your body moving, curing any blockages that might be causing you to retain nasty toxins and threatening your bridal glow. Combined with oodles of water, this should ensure that your insides are as clean as clean can be, and help avoid any nasty acne surprises.


A backed-up colon can be responsible for dull complexions, so think about one or two sessions of colonic irrigation in the weeks before the wedding. Flushing out your colon will not only help your body continue to detoxify, but there is evidence to suggest that you’ll look noticeably slimmer after purging yourself of what might have been bringing your body down.


Continuing on the theme of toxin-fighting: exercise. Working up a sweat for thirty minutes a day has several benefits. One, you’ll release endorphins, making you happy. Two, if you are happy, you’ll handle the stress of wedding planning better, and thus fight the free radicals that come from a building blood pressure. And three, you’ll purge yourself of the stuff waiting to give you acne. In fact, can you spot a theme here? PURGE, PURGE, PURGE. Combine this with a five-day juice detox and you’ll be sure to have expelled all the bad stuff that could threaten a breakout.

Spot Management

If, after all this, you wake up with a blemish on your big day, DON’T PANIC. There are a couple of crucial things you can do:
Normally, you shouldn’t squeeze or touch a spot. BUT. If you wake up to a yellow head on a zit, this is the one time you have permission to blitz it.
1. Wash your hands thoroughly.
2. Steam your face for ten minutes- pop some tea tree in the water for extra help.
3. Use a magnifying mirror and with a tissue gently squeeze the spot until the puss eases out. Don’t squeeze too hard, or else you’ll bleed.
4. When the head is gone hold the tissue over the area to soak up any fluid, and then use an ice cube to reduce the swelling you will have caused.
5. Use a Q-tip to apply tea tree oil to the area to make sure you don’t get an infection. It might sting a little.

Once you’ve dealt with the head and made up your face as normal, forget about it. No-one cares if you have a spot. YOU’RE GETTING MARRIED! Nothing is bigger than that.

And as for the photos? That’s what airbrushing is for.