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Colour theme Real Weddings

Real Wedding: Yan & Young by Deneemotion (New York).

Boy do bright colours make me giddy. This week’s real wedding is all about coral and it’s our first ever video feature so I’m uber excited for you to watch it. And as Denis from Deneemotion, the cinematography team behind the heartwarming highlight rightly says, ‘in spite of the weather, the couple and their friends seemed so relaxed and happy’. Now, see for yourselves how Yan and Young are made for each other.



Venue: The Garrison   |   Cinematography: Deneemotion Boutique Wedding Cinema   |   Photographer: Amanda Julca   |   Bride’s Dress: Mikaella Bridal   |    Groom’s Suit: BLACK by Vera Wang   |   Bride’s Headpiece: Twigs & Honey   |   Bride’s Earrings: Marty White Designs   |   Flowers: Violet and Verde   |   Make Up + Hair: Sissi Chan   |   Stationery: Wiregrass Weddings and Leana Designs

Colour theme Real Weddings

Real Wedding: Kate & Alastair by Zosia Zacharia Photography (Hong Kong).

Where do I even start with this colourful wedding that’s artistically captured by Zosia Zacharia Photography? When I first set eyes on the photos from Kate & Alastair’s big day, I couldn’t help but be drawn to the pops of bright pink that emanated throughout; from the bridesmaid’s polkadot dresses, the thoughtful pink lining on Alastair’s suit, the parasols to the bridesmaid’s nails. Even the couple’s parents wore bright colours to match the joyous celebrations. Many of us consider Hong Kong weddings to be made up of dinners in hotels but Kate & Alastair shows us that with a little bit of creativity, you can fill a characteristic restaurant with some personal touches and transform it into a perfect venue to share your love. Just look at the bowls of goldfish as table centrepieces!


Kate & Al Wedding - Zosia Zacharia Photography 1

Kate & Al Wedding - Zosia Zacharia Photography 2

Kate & Al Wedding - Zosia Zacharia Photography 3

Kate & Al Wedding - Zosia Zacharia Photography 4

Kate & Al Wedding - Zosia Zacharia Photography 5

Kate & Al Wedding - Zosia Zacharia Photography 6

Kate & Al Wedding - Zosia Zacharia Photography 7

Kate & Al Wedding - Zosia Zacharia Photography 8

Kate & Al Wedding - Zosia Zacharia Photography 9

Kate & Al Wedding - Zosia Zacharia Photography 10

Kate & Al Wedding - Zosia Zacharia Photography 11

Kate & Al Wedding - Zosia Zacharia Photography 12

Kate & Al Wedding - Zosia Zacharia Photography 13

Kate & Al Wedding - Zosia Zacharia Photography 14

Kate & Al Wedding - Zosia Zacharia Photography 15

Kate & Al Wedding - Zosia Zacharia Photography 16

Kate & Al Wedding - Zosia Zacharia Photography 23

Kate & Al Wedding - Zosia Zacharia Photography 17

Kate & Al Wedding - Zosia Zacharia Photography 18

Kate & Al Wedding - Zosia Zacharia Photography 20

Kate & Al Wedding - Zosia Zacharia Photography 21

Kate & Al Wedding - Zosia Zacharia Photography 24

Kate & Al Wedding - Zosia Zacharia Photography 22

Kate & Al Wedding - Zosia Zacharia Photography 19

A few words from Kate, the bride:

We decided to get married in Hong Kong – the city that we loved and was our home when we decided to get hitched. Hong Kong is such an exciting place with the never-ending and dazzling lights, the panoramic skyline of the Harbour and the hustle and bustle of the islands waterways. We felt we wanted our friends and families to get a glimpse of our life in Asia and most of all, what city holds so many opportunities for fun!

We had a pre wedding photo shoot at the HK Botanical gardens with our photographer, Zosia Zacharia. This was the perfect way to get to know the person who was going to be with us throughout the day. 

We knew we wanted a traditional ceremony so St. John’s  Cathedral was our obvious choice. Zosia had experience of this venue which was fantastic as she knew how to get that perfect eave shot!

With 40 guests traveling in from overseas, we wanted them to get a good taste for HK/Chinese food, and for our reception venue to reflect the city itself. We researched many venues but decided on Top Deck, Jumbo Floating Restaurant in Aberdeen. When deciding on flowers, I knew the reception was very colorful and ornate in its oriental art-deco design. I felt flowers didn’t quite blend with the scenery, so we had glass bowls with blades of grass encircled and goldfish swimming around. I had these mounted on circular mirror plates with candles arranged. 

Our ceremony was at 3pm to avoid the heat of the midday. Al started his day with a cut-throat shave at the Mandarin Oriental followed by an Ushers lunch at Alfie’s  in the Princes Building. The ceremony was beautiful – both spectacular and intimate. A good friend kindly played the piano and sung during the signing of the registry ‘True Companion’ by Marc Cohen and ‘Chasing Cars’ by Snow Patrol. It was a beautiful part of the day.

We met the guests at the Aberdeen marina jetty and followed in our not quite private sampan to Jumbo! The evening drinks on the outside deck flowed into a delicious Chinese banquet including roast suckling pig, soft shell crab and Peking duck. Speeches and dancing followed late into the night along with a cupcake tower. We left our guests to party in LKF only to meet them again bright and early the next day for a day of junking out on the water-the perfect finale to end our wedding celebrations.

I never thought i would get married in Hong Kong…but looking back through our wonderful photos..what an exotic, fun and colorful day it was!


Venue: Top Deck   |   Photographer: Zosia Zacharia Photography |   Bride’s Dress: London Bride Couture   |    Groom’s Suit: William Cheng & Son   |   Bridesmaid’s Dress: L.K. Bennett   |   Flowers: Anglo Chinese   |   Hairdresser: Hipp Fish   |   Invitations: Joy’s Card

Real Weddings

Wedding Disasters.

Most of us want and usually paint a rosy picture of a wedding; the bride and groom totally in love, friends and family all getting along, the whole day running smoothly without any hiccups or god forbid, disasters. However, as with all things in life, it’s not always perfect and you shouldn’t expect it to be. The more prepared you are mentally for certain surprises, the less stressed you’ll be. And you don’t want to be that bridezilla who runs around on her wedding day screaming her head off do you?

Watch this short video from Zachary Quinto on his picks of real-life wedding disasters and you’ll be relieved that yours is probably not the worst!


Destination Weddings Real Weddings

Real Wedding: Karin & Simon by History Studio (Koh Samui)

I’m sorry for neglecting you lovely readers. My mind, spirit and body drifted to the idyllic country of Italy and didn’t want to return. Since I’m still in the travel state of mind, I wanted to start the month off by sharing a destination wedding with you that was photographed by the ever so talented Kong from History Studio.

Set on the secluded and sun-filled beach of The Tongsai Bay in Koh Samui, Karin and Simon’s day couldn’t have been anymore relaxing and laid back; they stuck to their true intentions of creating a celebration that involved love, fun, food and a never-ending flow of booze. And quite aptly put, a simple affair. Their carefree approach was highlighted by Karin’s brave move to forego hiring a make-up or hair artist and instead, with the help of her awesome bridesmaid, made herself look picture perfect (not that she wasn’t gorgeous already!). You know what they say, ‘less is more’.


Venue/Florist/Planner: The Tongsai Bay   |   Photographer: History Studio   |   Bride’s Dress: From Hitched! Bridal   |    Groom’s Suit: Gieves & Hawkes   |   Bridesmaid’s Dress: J.Crew

Real Weddings Wedding Photography

Real Engagement Session: Anya & Anthony (Jakarta) by Axioo.

A good photographer will take beautiful photos but it’s a talented photographer who will make a photo come to life. The team at Axioo, a Jakarta-based group of  passionate photographers, videographers, stylists, designers and editors, manages to capture the youth and playfulness in all their clients. In this set of engagement photos of Anya & Anthony, the Axioo team has redefined studio shoots by bringing a breath of fresh air to what is traditionally seen as stiff photography and shows us that taking photos indoors can be just as fun as outdoors. Thank you Axioo for sharing your creative work with us and I look forward to seeing much more in 2013!


Photo credits: Axioo 

Real Weddings Wedding Photography

Real Engagement Session: Alice & Anson (London) by Kathy Li.

As you can tell by now, I’m all for engagement photos that are candid and engaging; ones that reflect who the couple are when they’re together, rather than the ones which focus too much on the background and the posing. I may have questioned before why couples like to have the obligatory photo taken in the middle of a zebra crossing but somehow, the set of photos you’re about to see with Alice & Anson holding hands crossing a quiet London road works. They’re relaxed, bubbly, in love and as their photographer Kathy Li describes it, “they look like they’re on a fun date”. You can almost feel the butterflies in their stomach.

Photo credits: Kathy Li @

Real Weddings Wedding Photography

Real Engagement: Brian & Tya by Rock Paper Scissors Photography.

When you bring together a sweet-loving, down-to-earth couple with a talented photographer, it doesn’t matter where you are for your engagement session, it’ll still be one rocking and awesome shoot. Take Brian & Tya for example, whose session included paper planes, a green porsche and a factory warehouse. Nothing fancy; just a location that they both feel a personal connection to. Thanks again to Rock Paper Scissors in the Philippines for sharing this relaxing set of photos with us.


Photo credits: Rock Paper Scissors Photography

Real Weddings Wedding Photography

Real Wedding: Sarah & Will by History Studio

The weather’s been properly grimy and if like me, you’re suffering from the Monday blues then taking a look at Sarah & Will’s wedding at the Repulse Bay will certainly brighten your day. Back in September, I gave you a glimpse into Sarah’s artistic talent with her and Wills’ engagement session by award-winning photographer Marianne Taylor. If you thought their London based shoot was cute and print-happy, just wait till you see their wedding day. Filled with colourful pinwheels, pom poms and paper flowers as well as floral prints (I have fallen in love with her robe), in Sarah’s words “the wedding was unbelievable and such a surreal day”. Complemented by Kong Wai of History Studio’s pure and natural style of photography, the fact that both parties come from a design background meant that they shared a similar vision and all the details were captured. To all Hong Kong brides and grooms, don’t be scared to think outside the box. Sometimes, the best things come from the unexpected.


Wedding Venue: The Repulse Bay Hong Kong   |   Photographer: Kong Wai @ History Studio   |   Wedding Decor:   |    Videographer: Wil Production

Inspiration Board Real Weddings

Real Weddings: University Sweethearts Joy & Mills

Themed weddings that don’t look overly cheesy are hard to come by in Hong Kong. Imagine my surprise when I came across the fun-loving pair, Joy & Mills’ university themed celebration that was full of unique details so thoughtfully executed by the couple themselves, together with the help of their designer Anastasia (now Aire Hong Kong). Their love story began during their undergraduate days at Hong Kong University which blossomed into marriage after Mills popped the question wearing a ‘Will You Marry Me?’ t-shirt in front of a group of their close friends. Thank you Joy & Mills for showing fellow couples how personal touches can transform a venue into one that’s reflective of you and that married life is one sweet deal. You guys rock!


The couple had their own emblem specially designed to look like a football club, ‘JM United’.

Sunflowers, being Joy’s favourite flower and nickname, were used throughout the ceremony decor, including the ceremony programmes.

The ceremony venue was truly fitting; the University of Hong Kong hall where the couple used to study in.

The vintage, old-school theme extended to the bridal party outfit.

No school life was complete without a proper class photo. The couple emulated the old days with shots of them with the bridal party, including a ‘moody’ wedding photo.

Joy & Mills wanted wedding bands that represented them as a couple: the singular round diamond for Mills whose nickname was ‘Tong Yuen’ (a glutinous rice ball that is traditionally eaten as a dessert) which. when put together with Joys’ band, looks like a sunflower.

Photography: Edmon Leong   

Their wedding invitation was in the form of a school admission letter with details of the reception dinner, including the dress code guide.

 Remember class registration and student cards? Joy & Mills spent months collecting photos of each and every guest to DIY an escort card in the form of a student card. That’s dedication there.

 Instead of floral centrepieces, the couple opted for an antique book stand for the table name flag with each table representing a different university subject.

Back when photo booths were not even popular, the couple already knew what made it work: the university as the backdrop with life-sized foam boards of them on graduation day. They even rented graduation cloaks for the guests to wear to keep in line with the theme.

When asked what advice they can give, the happily married couple said….
1. Find a planner that you can get along with and shares a similar style and vision to you.
2. Make the wedding banquet about the guests because the wedding isn’t just about you; it’s also about thanking the guests for sharing the special day with you.
3. Spend some time and thought to creating the perfect wedding ceremony. It’s the moment you officially become husband and wife so make it memorable!
4. Create your own theme to reflect your experiences and personality. No two weddings should be the same.
5. Lastly and most importantly, enjoy the planning process and that’s not just from the bride’s perspective. The groom should be just as involved!


Reception Venue: Grand Stage (Western Market)   |   Wedding Planner/Designer + Wedding Invitation + Florals: Aire (formerly Blanc)   |   Videographer: Givefunla   |   Wedding Dress and Veil:  

Real Weddings Wedding Planning

Real Wedding Planning: Jessi & Sam (How It All Started)

You saw a couple of weeks ago how creative this couple were in their hot-air balloon themed save the date, now it’s time to see how it all started. It was 11 months ago on one Autumn day when Sam proposed to Jessi on top of a mountain overlooking the Hong Kong skyline. Now, those of you looking to propose to your other half, take a lesson from Sam. Keep it on the down-low and give her the surprise of her life. Girls who say they don’t like surprises are just playing with you.What’s the fun of it if there’s no suspense?


Photo credit: Jessi & Sam

Onto the Planning….
The couple are so organised it pretty much puts some planners to shame. They began making a wedding check-list and timetable back in late January this year which gave them over a year to spread the work thereby ‘eliminated unnecessary financial stress’ and gives them time to ‘enjoy the planning process’.  They also actively involved their family and bridal party to complete the tasks, spreading out the workload according to their strengths. So, for you fellow couples out there, don’t be shy about asking for help!

Here’s a snippet of their task list, which all couples should create. Organisation will mean a higher chance of sticking to your wedding budget as well as making sure all the essential items you need and want will be accomplished.