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IMGIN Hong Kong: Photobooth Discount.

Boy, are you in for a treat. We know you just can’t get  enough of the photobooth mania so we’ve partnered up with IMGIN, the creative solutions company founded by young duo Jaclyn and Teddy, again to offer our readers a special discount of HK$500 off the package prices. Not only will the IMGIN team take care of the design and props, you’ve also got some extra dough to spend on other entertainment….booze anyone?

Photo booth promo details:
Quote promo code: BRIDE2BE
Discount rate: HK$500 off
Rates valid for bookings made before 7 November 2013.  

Click here for details of IMGIN packages.


Photo credit: IMGIN

**N.B. The final terms and conditions are stipulated by IMGIN and may change from time to time. Bridelicious is merely sharing this offer to readers and is not accepting any sponsorships.

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Hire a Photographer.

Wedding Photography

Wedding Photographers 101.

If you’ve ever wondered why some photographers take out a chunk out of your wedding budget just for a day’s work (sometime’s merely half a day), then you’ll see why in this infographic by our friends at SimplyBridal. You may think carrying a camera around taking photos is a simple job (it’s not enough just to know about aperture and shutter speeds!), but it certainly requires a lot of skill, a creative eye and lots of additional behind the scenes work. So, next time you give your photographer a hard time, sit back and remember that they (as much as you) are working towards creating a memorable day for you!

Photo credit: SimplyBridal

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Want to Say ‘I Do’ in 2013?

Calling all couples looking to get hitched and throw a bash in 2013. I’ve just been contacted by a reader who had to call off his wedding (due to some unfortunate circumstances) and non-refundable deposits were paid to vendors. The fact is, he’d like to recoup some of the deposit he’s forked out. The vendors have kindly offered to transfer the deposit to another couple who’d like to take up the same wedding package so the deal is, if you’re interested, you’ll get a considerable discount. Here are the deets….

Wedding Venue: Aberdeen Marina Club (AMC)
HK$35,000 off the total package (minimum F&B consumption of HK$280,000 + 10% service charge). You will need to pay HK$35k to the said reader directly and AMC will arrange for a revised contract (with same terms and conditions as the said reader) to be signed, treating the HK$70k deposit as paid. The package must be used before 31st December 2013 and any outstanding deposits and balances will be borne by you.
***Deadline for transfer of deposit is 21st May 2013.

Pre-Wedding Photo: Chris Tang Studio
HK$4,500 off the total package (total package price HK$18,050). You will need to pay HK$4,500 to the said reader directly. The pre-wedding photography session must be used on 1st April 2013,
***Deadline for transfer of deposit is 1st March 2013 as the balance of the package price must be paid by then.

Disclaimer: Please note that the above figures and information were provided by the said reader and may not be final. For details of the terms and conditions of the respective packages and settlement of any payments, please email directly. This post is merely to help spread the word to any interested couples.

Entertainment Wedding Photography

One Stop Shop: Pop Concepts Hong Kong.

Wedding planning is stressful. I’m not going to lie. As a bride, you will probably go through at least one meltdown and as a groom, you will most likely be the one to bear the brunt of it. Don’t worry, you’ll ride through it and your wedding will be (dare I say without sounding cheesy), a magical day. If you’re the type who prefers to shop at one place then the girls at Pop Concepts Hong Kong may become your new best friends. Their services include photobooth hire, kua (Chinese wedding dress) rental, wedding dress design, cake pops for your dessert bar, scent machine rental for your wedding venue and Hong Kong’s first flipbook. On top of that, they also stock their own in-house lingerie collection and can help you with your after-party needs. That’s at least 5 items crossed off your wedding check-list!

How flipbook works.
Similar to the photo booth concept, guests will stand in front of a camera but instead of photos being taken, a short video clip will be filmed and the stills will be transformed into a flipbook. Bringing your wedding to life, it’s fun for the guests and they get a unique and memorable keepsake. It’s the first in Hong Kong so surprise your guests! For a short video on how it works, click here.


What about scent rental?
That’s another first. Choose from a range of scents that you, as a couple like (they’ve even got the A&F scent) and they’ll pop that into a machine to disperse the fragrance into the room where your wedding is being held. As a tip, go for scents that are lighter. The last thing you want is for your guests to be sneezing away.


Photo credit: Pop Concepts

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Real Engagement Session: Anya & Anthony (Jakarta) by Axioo.

A good photographer will take beautiful photos but it’s a talented photographer who will make a photo come to life. The team at Axioo, a Jakarta-based group of  passionate photographers, videographers, stylists, designers and editors, manages to capture the youth and playfulness in all their clients. In this set of engagement photos of Anya & Anthony, the Axioo team has redefined studio shoots by bringing a breath of fresh air to what is traditionally seen as stiff photography and shows us that taking photos indoors can be just as fun as outdoors. Thank you Axioo for sharing your creative work with us and I look forward to seeing much more in 2013!


Photo credits: Axioo 

Real Weddings Wedding Photography

Real Engagement Session: Alice & Anson (London) by Kathy Li.

As you can tell by now, I’m all for engagement photos that are candid and engaging; ones that reflect who the couple are when they’re together, rather than the ones which focus too much on the background and the posing. I may have questioned before why couples like to have the obligatory photo taken in the middle of a zebra crossing but somehow, the set of photos you’re about to see with Alice & Anson holding hands crossing a quiet London road works. They’re relaxed, bubbly, in love and as their photographer Kathy Li describes it, “they look like they’re on a fun date”. You can almost feel the butterflies in their stomach.

Photo credits: Kathy Li @

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Real Engagement: Brian & Tya by Rock Paper Scissors Photography.

When you bring together a sweet-loving, down-to-earth couple with a talented photographer, it doesn’t matter where you are for your engagement session, it’ll still be one rocking and awesome shoot. Take Brian & Tya for example, whose session included paper planes, a green porsche and a factory warehouse. Nothing fancy; just a location that they both feel a personal connection to. Thanks again to Rock Paper Scissors in the Philippines for sharing this relaxing set of photos with us.


Photo credits: Rock Paper Scissors Photography

Real Weddings Wedding Photography

Real Wedding: Sarah & Will by History Studio

The weather’s been properly grimy and if like me, you’re suffering from the Monday blues then taking a look at Sarah & Will’s wedding at the Repulse Bay will certainly brighten your day. Back in September, I gave you a glimpse into Sarah’s artistic talent with her and Wills’ engagement session by award-winning photographer Marianne Taylor. If you thought their London based shoot was cute and print-happy, just wait till you see their wedding day. Filled with colourful pinwheels, pom poms and paper flowers as well as floral prints (I have fallen in love with her robe), in Sarah’s words “the wedding was unbelievable and such a surreal day”. Complemented by Kong Wai of History Studio’s pure and natural style of photography, the fact that both parties come from a design background meant that they shared a similar vision and all the details were captured. To all Hong Kong brides and grooms, don’t be scared to think outside the box. Sometimes, the best things come from the unexpected.


Wedding Venue: The Repulse Bay Hong Kong   |   Photographer: Kong Wai @ History Studio   |   Wedding Decor:   |    Videographer: Wil Production

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Photo Competition Void.

We would like to apologise to all those who genuinely entered the photo competition last week to win a free pre-wedding photo session with Sherri Barber and Kurt Vinion. Due to several dishonest entries, we have had to null and void the competition. Thank you for your understanding and we will endeavour to prevent this from happening again in the future.