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Team Groom: Groomsmen Invitation.

There’s no doubt that girls get more of a high (and obviously stress as well) from wedding planning and there’s a tonne of girly ideas to pop the question to girlfriends if they’ll be your bridesmaids or maid of honour. The men don’t even think about how to approach the subject – most likely over a beer or even just a simple text – but that’s not to say that guys can’t have fun too. Often, they’re worried that anything too cheesy or cliche and they’ll risk ruining their macho-ness and the boys will never let them live it down. So why not liven it up a bit with some tongue in cheek invitations that will leave his pride in tact. Remember, be direct and less flowery; if you’re going to get your man to send a bow tie as part of the invitation, the least you can do is dude it up. Please, for his sake.


Groomsmen Invitation Ideas

Photo credits (clockwise from top left): Colin Cowie Weddings, Wedding Chicks, Event Lucky, From The Heart Invites – Etsy, Em for Marvelous, Paper and Pomp – Etsy


And should your man be totally up for a laugh, he can even film a short video to send to his mates.

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Add Us to Your Facebook Interest List.

Facebook is an addictive drug in the social media world and no matter how much I want to quit it to look for better alternatives, I just can’t quite let it go. Not just yet. They’ve made it more difficult for fans to see Page updates not least because they want to make a few bucks from a promoted post, so how can you increase the chances of seeing Bridelicious’ daily updates and news?

1. Go to Facebook page.
2. Click the button next to the Like button for the drop-down menu.
3. Click ‘Add to Interest Lists’.
4. You will be directed to the option to name your ‘Interest List’. You can name it ‘Wedding Inspiration’, ‘Favourite Pages’ for example.
5. Ta da. Every time you log into Facebook, make sure to check out your ‘Interests’ feed as well as ‘Pages’ feed.

Now, help us spread the love! Thank you for your support!



Real Wedding: Roxanne & Kaveto by Yolandé Marx Photography.

Voted ‘one of the best places in the world to stay’ by Conde Nast Traveler USA 2012 Gold List, The Twelve Apostles in Cape Town was the stunningly apt location for Roxanne and Kaveto to say I do. If there was just one word to describe the whole wedding, from the bright yellow tulip bouquet to the elegant table centrepieces, it’d be the word tasteful. Thank you to Yolandé of Yolandé Marx Photography for continuing to share with us in Hong Kong how simple weddings can be done.


Photo credits: Yolande Marx Photography 

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Child Friendly Weddings: Menu.

Photo credit: Anne Roberts Photography via Eat My Wedding

What’s fit for a child and their parents will approve? Here are some menu ideas that’ll keep them happy. So good even the adults may want a bite!

Snacks: You’ll need it if you want to stop kids screaming for their meal. Have you ever seen a child get cranky? Well, your wedding’s not the time. Stay clear from chocolate bars or anything too sickly sweet – the last thing you need is a kid running on a sugar high.

Fries in cones, cookies + milk, corn dogs, fish fingers, mini-hash browns….

Photo credits (clockwise from top left): Wedding by Color, USA Today via Snag Wire Media, Ryan Benyl via Country Living, P&M Photography and More, Frilly Milly Events via HWTM Daily Blog

Wedding meal: Skip the starter (unless a child’s been brought up in a poncy family, they’re not going to care) and go straight for the main. Keep it simple and arrange the food in a fun and attractive yet not overly childish way. A burger with a carrot smiley face may look cute but children nowadays are smart, they’ll ditch the veg.

Sloppy Joes, baked potatoes, pizzas, hot dogs, Aussie meat pies…

Photo credits (clockwise from top left): My Recipes, Eat The Earth, Mary Jo Johnston Blog, Jay Reilly via Flickr, Louise Lister via

Dessert: Right…don’t even try putting yoghurt or fresh fruits in front of them because i) it’s just too healthy ii) even Bridelicious will roll her eyes. C’mon, wedding menus aren’t meant to be healthy so why should kids be fed fruits instead of a chocolate cake? You’ll want the young guests to enjoy the event as much as everyone else so set up a dessert station for them. Better yet, they’ll jump for joy if they spot a cotton candy or a popcorn machine. Don’t worry, we’ve done the homework. You can hire the machines from the Shamrock Group.

 Churros, popcorn, cotton candy, smores station (get an adult to help), ice-cream, cake pops…

Photo credits (clockwise from top left): Robert Sukrachand Photography via Project Wedding, Lori Barbely Photography, Getty Images via, Gerber + Scarpelli Photography via The Wedding Dish, Ice Pandora Blog, Popalicious Cake Pops, Footballgrl16 via Cutest Food, Getty Images via

p.s. Children aged 13+ should be able to eat like an adult (perhaps in smaller portions) but ask the parents to confirm.


It’s Been A While.

After 3 weeks of assignments (homework was a distant past and takes some time getting used to!) and charitable work in Vietnam, Bridelicious is back. Sorry for the lack of posts and updates. Fret not, I have not called it quits. Still buzzing with lots of ideas and inspiration for you gorgeous brides out there.

Photo credit: Deviant Art Tattoos Girls


It's Been A While.

After 3 weeks of assignments (homework was a distant past and takes some time getting used to!) and charitable work in Vietnam, Bridelicious is back. Sorry for the lack of posts and updates. Fret not, I have not called it quits. Still buzzing with lots of ideas and inspiration for you gorgeous brides out there.

Photo credit: Deviant Art Tattoos Girls

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The Speech (Part II)

Here comes the tricky part. What does one talk about if you’re not suppose to crack too many jokes yet maintain a sense of humour in your speech AND keep it short?

Photo credit: Jaime Delaine Photography

Father of the Bride

  • Thank all the guests for attending the celebrations and in particular, those who’ve had to endure hours cramped on a plane or train just to witness the lovebirds exchange their vows. If there’s only a few out-of-town guests, give them a special nod. They’ll be touched.
  • Welcome your new son-in-law and his immediate family into yours and thank them for accepting your daughter into theirs (even if she can be a pain sometimes!). Be gracious about it, and let any differences in political views be forgotten.
  • Now’s the time to share 1-2 interesting stories about the bride (remember, nothing too embarrassing). You can tease her on her personality but don’t go overboard (that means, no ex-boyfriends). After all, it’s her big day and you should be proud of all that she’s achieved.
  • Mention about how you’ve gotten to know your son-in-law and how glad you are to call him your son.
  • Add your words of wisdom on a successful marriage but steer clear from giving a lecture.
  • However, be a man and don’t let your emotions get the better of you. Yes, it’s an emotional day to see your girl grown up and now a wife but think about your guests…where will their heads turn when you’re crying uncontrollably?
  • Wish the newly-weds a happy marriage. Raise your glasses!


  • There’s a lot of thanking in the speeches. Hey, your guests took their time to share in your special day. The least you can do is to give them your heartfelt thank you.
  • Thank your new family for making you feel so welcome and for letting you marry their lovely daughter (awwww).
  • Most importantly, you must express how happy you are to have found the girl of your dreams, how lucky you are and how you can’t wait to spend the rest of your life with her.
  • Now you can breathe again and start drinking!

Best Man

  • This is the part everyone’s been waiting for. The pressure is on you to make it memorable – we all expect you to be funny.
  • Start by thanking the groom (AND the Bride) for allowing you the honour to be his right-hand man. Not everyone gets this opportunity.
  • Thank the hosts of the wedding, be it the parents or the couple. It’s a nice gesture.
  • It’s now your chance to take a jab at the groom and spill his embarrassing stories. Don’t mention anything to do with the stag though – that motto ‘whatever happens on tour, stays on tour’ applies to the stag until the day you die. Use props if you have to; videos and photos will help bring your story to life.
  • Last but not least, remember you’ll get married in the future (if you’re single!) so what you say in your speech may just backfire on you one day.

Definitely unique. Definitely fun.

How utterly awesome is this invitation? Bin those generic ideas of yours, and create something fun! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.



Mrs. C

Bridelicious is back from her once-in-a-lifetime wedding and is now proud to say she’s a Mrs.! It’s been weeks of stress, ups and downs, tears and laughter, but most importantly, filled with love. She’ll be posting ideas and tips again soon so keep an eye out!



Bridelicious would like to apologise for the lack of posts recently. She’s been trying to get everything for the wedding sorted out before she flies off and is finding it slightly hard to even breathe, (ok, perhaps an exaggeration but brides who have gone through or are in this process will understand) given that it’s only 3 weeks till her big day. She’ll be on a brief hiatus until after she ties the knot and she will back with more ideas and advice no doubt.