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Bridesmaids Speeches

Maid of Honour Speech.


Photo Credit: Renai Photography via Dexknows

You’ve just been asked by your best friend to be her MOH. You’re over the moon and honoured to be her supporting rock throughout the planning process and standing by her side on the day but wait, you’ve also got to prepare a speech?! Traditionally it was only the Father of the Bride, the Groom and the Best Man who were given that daunting task but MOH speeches are becoming increasingly popular. Obviously if you’re a natural public speaker, you’re going to sail through it but if you’re starting to sweat and hyperventilate just at the thought of having to make that speech, here’s a few tips to get your creative juices flowing.

It’s important to get your speech written down so you’ve at least got a piece of paper to rely on and be your comfort blanket. The structure:

1. Introduce yourself. Just because you’re the MOH doesn’t mean everyone will know who you are.

2. Thank the couple for asking you to be part of the wedding party. They’re the very reason why you’re standing there in front of people you don’t know, trying not to shake and making sure everyone can hear you. Don’t forget to also congratulate them and how beautiful the couple look together!

3. Talk about your relationship with the bride, how you became BFFs and give anecdotes about her e.g. a funny story while you were growing up, a funny habit that she has, embarrassing stories about her (keep it appropriate because if you upset the bride, she can take your BFF status away instantly).

4. Say something about the groom. Be nice because if you’re single, he can hook you up with his friends. Otherwise, say bye-bye to your chances.

5. Comment about the wedding e.g. how beautiful the decorations are, how much you love the personal touches (if any!). Even if the decor is truly hideous (which hopefully is not the case), try to sound positive.

6. Say some words of advice to the happy couple, be it about relationships, starting a family or learning to compromise.

7. Congratulate the newlyweds again and wish them a happy marriage.

8. Finally end with a toast. Drink up.

This is an example of a good speech. Short, sweet with a dash of humour. Now start brainstorming.

Bride Royal Wedding Wedding Fashion

Cover and Reveal: Sheer Neckline Wedding Dresses

Photo credits (from left):, Images via Anna De Leon Blog

Thigh high may not be every bride’s cup of tea but that’s not to say you can’t still be sexy. Opt for the sheer, transparent panel look a-la Duchess of Cambridge, Ivanka Trump and Grace Kelly. You’ll still maintain that sexy edge but in a more romantic and demure kind of way. It’s the unexpected sheer neckline twist that’ll leave guests and most importantly your hubby gasp for air.

p.s. The sheer panel doesn’t always have to be lace. Monique Lhuillier’s 2012 Spring Collection of sheer tulle dresses are absolutely to die for. Cannot stop coo-ing. L.O.V.E.

Photo credits (clockwise from top left): Reem Acra Spring 2012, Monique Lhuillier Spring 2012 Lina Dress, Vera Wang Esther Dress, Monique Lhuillier Spring 2012, Romona Keveza, Sasso Holford, Carolina Herrera, BHLDN Panes of Lace Gown, Anna Barge, Angel Sanchez

Bride Wedding Fashion

Dare to Bare: Thigh Slit Dresses

Photo credit: Terry Richardson via Fab Sugar

No normal woman has the body of Rosie Huntingdon but who’s to say you can’t show a bit of leg on your wedding day? If you’re looking for something a little more risque and you’ve also got a perfect pair of pins, flash a bit of flesh in a subtle way. Designers from Monique Lhuillier to Reem Acra have shared their sexy designs in the Bridal Fashion Week 2011 so you’ve got plenty of choices. Start working on those lunges.

p.s. Prepare an oxygen mask for your soon-to-be-hubby. He just might stop breathing a beat.

How high you want to go is up to you.

Photo credits (clockwise from top left): Reem Acra Fall 2012 via, Pronovias 2011 Costura Collection, Ines de Santo via Wedding Dresses, Monique Lhuillier via Wedding Wire, Atelier Aimee via Wedding Inspirasi, Elizabeth Fillmore, Monique Lhuillier, Elie Saab Couture Spring 2011 via The Lane, Cymbeline, Monique Lhuillier via The Knot

Take a cue from leading actresses.

Photo credits (from left): Emma Watson in Burberry Porsum via Glamour, Rosario Dawson in Alessandra Rich via Fashion, Uma Thurman in Versace via Blue Palette, Rosie Huntingdon in Burberry via Brides Blog

Entertainment Guests

Child-Friendly Weddings: Activities.

Photo credit: Lin & Jirsa Photography

Now that you’ve got the food right, you’ve still got a long way to entertain your young guests. Children nowadays require a lot more than a yo-yo to please them. Set up a Wii station and they’ll keep their mouths shut but if you’re lacking space (which unfortunately is a constant problem in this city), give them activity kits or goodies bag to keep them occupied. Their parents will thank you and so will the other guests.

Provide crayons, DIY activity books, puzzles, playdough in the goodies bag.

Photo credits (clockwise from top left): Wedding Bee, Wedding Bee, Wedding Games Ideas, Charlotte Geary Photography, Becoming the Mrs., Jemily Wedding via Flickr, Not on the HIgh, Richard May Photography via Enamore Events Blog,

Got the space, a spare room and extra budget? Deck it out with a TV, video game console and crafts corner. If you really want to splash out, rent arcade games and hire a musician (not magician). Check out Performers HK for a list.

Photo credits (clockwise from top left): Wedding by Color, Kim Le Photography, Impression Photography via Weddings by Socialites, Wedding by Color, Ayano Hisa Photography, All You Need is Weddings, Wedding Bee, Wedding by Color

Uncategorized Wedding Food

Child Friendly Weddings: Menu.

Photo credit: Anne Roberts Photography via Eat My Wedding

What’s fit for a child and their parents will approve? Here are some menu ideas that’ll keep them happy. So good even the adults may want a bite!

Snacks: You’ll need it if you want to stop kids screaming for their meal. Have you ever seen a child get cranky? Well, your wedding’s not the time. Stay clear from chocolate bars or anything too sickly sweet – the last thing you need is a kid running on a sugar high.

Fries in cones, cookies + milk, corn dogs, fish fingers, mini-hash browns….

Photo credits (clockwise from top left): Wedding by Color, USA Today via Snag Wire Media, Ryan Benyl via Country Living, P&M Photography and More, Frilly Milly Events via HWTM Daily Blog

Wedding meal: Skip the starter (unless a child’s been brought up in a poncy family, they’re not going to care) and go straight for the main. Keep it simple and arrange the food in a fun and attractive yet not overly childish way. A burger with a carrot smiley face may look cute but children nowadays are smart, they’ll ditch the veg.

Sloppy Joes, baked potatoes, pizzas, hot dogs, Aussie meat pies…

Photo credits (clockwise from top left): My Recipes, Eat The Earth, Mary Jo Johnston Blog, Jay Reilly via Flickr, Louise Lister via

Dessert: Right…don’t even try putting yoghurt or fresh fruits in front of them because i) it’s just too healthy ii) even Bridelicious will roll her eyes. C’mon, wedding menus aren’t meant to be healthy so why should kids be fed fruits instead of a chocolate cake? You’ll want the young guests to enjoy the event as much as everyone else so set up a dessert station for them. Better yet, they’ll jump for joy if they spot a cotton candy or a popcorn machine. Don’t worry, we’ve done the homework. You can hire the machines from the Shamrock Group.

 Churros, popcorn, cotton candy, smores station (get an adult to help), ice-cream, cake pops…

Photo credits (clockwise from top left): Robert Sukrachand Photography via Project Wedding, Lori Barbely Photography, Getty Images via, Gerber + Scarpelli Photography via The Wedding Dish, Ice Pandora Blog, Popalicious Cake Pops, Footballgrl16 via Cutest Food, Getty Images via

p.s. Children aged 13+ should be able to eat like an adult (perhaps in smaller portions) but ask the parents to confirm.

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Child vs No Child.

Photo credits from left: Frank Amado via Beauty and the Groom, Dulwich and South London Mum's Blog

The controversial dilemma that runs through every couple’s head when it comes to the all important guest list. You’ve got two schools of thought: awwww look at those little sweet cutie pies or get those small crying pests out of ma face. On the one hand, you run the risk of having your wedding morph into a mini-carnival and on the other, you may see your Facebook friends list slowly decrease. If you’re a kids lover and have a big budget (make sure to check with the venue and caterers for child prices as that can make a difference between whether you’re going to Maldives or Phuket for your honeymoon), you don’t have any problems but for the sake of the guests, you should still take into the below considerations.


Photo credits (clockwise from top left): Joanna Walker Photography, Boston Wedding Blog, Joanna Walker Photography

1. If you have budget and feeling tres generous, hire a qualified baby-sitter for the children so that the parents can let their hair down knowing their baby is being looked after and only a few steps away. What’s even better is to have a separate children’s play room with a TV.

2. If you’d like them to participate in the ceremony, you can:

a) have a small table in the corner with games, drawing pens and paper to keep them occupied; or

b) provide a kid-friendly activity bag filled with goodies.

3. Prepare a kid’s menu. The last thing you want is to pay HKD1,k per child whose not going to appreciate a good piece of steak and the only foods they’ll enjoy are spag bol or fish n’ chips.


If you’ve decided on having a peaceful adult-only wedding (not accusing you of being a child-hater here) and want to dance till the wee hours, then here are some tips to being a graceful couple.

No Children Policy:

Photo credits (clockwise from top left): Premier Wedding Planners Scotland, David Murray Weddings via WeddingBee, Roger Overal Photographer, Karl Maasdam My Portland Photographer, Craig Mitchelldyer My Portland Photographer

1. DO NOT explicitly state in the wedding invitations that children are not allowed. It’s impolite and bad form so start by addressing the invitation to just the adults e.g. To: Shirley & Peter Smith and not Shirley, Peter Smith and Baby Tom. If the invitees are clued up, they’d understand your slightly cryptic message.

2. Drop hints before you send out your invitations.

3. Should the guests play dumb and RSVP for their kid as well, politely tell them that you’ve got budget constraints or the guest list is limited and explain that you’d feel bad if the kid was bored (do you really want wedding photos of yawning kids in the background or kids throwing a tantrum??).


So, whatever school of thought you belong to, remember there’s no right or wrong. This is your wedding so you ultimately have the last word.

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Team Apple.

“If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it. And, like any great relationship, it just gets better and better as the years roll on.” Steve Jobs. R.I.P.

Photo credit: AFP/Getty Images

They do say, once you go Mac, you can’t go back and that’s how we got hooked. As a tribute to the incredibly innovative man behind Apple, Bridelicious has put together an apple themed wedding. Seeing that we’ve stepped into the Autumn season (aka fall if you’re American), what better way to celebrate than with candy apple red (now that’s going to get the Chinese parents’ seal of approval) topped off with cinnamon? Can you smell that warm sweet scent? Delish.

Let guests get a glimpse of all that sweetness to come.

Photo credits (clockwise from top left): Paper Olive via Project Wedding, Souder Photography via The Ebury Collection, Thoughtfully Simple, Pretty With Ink Invites via Etsy, Martha Stewart Weddings

It’s not just pretty to look at, it’s  also so darn tasty.

Photo credits (clockwise from top left): Coco Cake, Natalie Bell Photography via The Cake Blog, Pen n' Paperflowers via Blowout Party, Bakerella, Martha Stewart Weddings, Babble@Shine from Yahoo!

How can you forget about the uber-licious apple pie and the candy apple? You will be so loved.

Photo credits (clockwise from top left): Marisa Chee Photography, Style Me Pretty, KC Weddings, Watsons Studios, Max Wanger Photography

Rich apple and cinnamon make for one fierce bridal party.

Photo credits (clockwise from top left): Bryan Laubhan Photography via The Knot, Project Wedding via Oprah, WeddingBee, Artisan Photography via The Knot, Ivy Weddings via Brides Cafe, Assassynation via Weddingish, Stuart Leal Photography, Elizabeth Messina Photography via Style Notes, Anna Hardy via Delightfully Engaged, Marie Labbancz Photography

Freebies Wedding Photography

Sort Your Photos the Easy Way.

So you thought you can take a breath after months (or maybe years?!) of planning interspersed with bouts of stress, nervousness and euphoria? Think twice. There will be plenty of friends and family members constantly chasing you for photos and videos of your special day, as if you are a photo printing machine. All you want is to click a magic button for your memories to be captured in one place, stress-free.

Well, hello Mr. Kaptur. This amazing site somehow, through those geeky codes, miraculously gathers all yours, your photographer and guests’ photos and videos via social media platforms (so you’ve got Facebook, Flickr to name a few) to present one integrated online wedding album. You can even tag guests who attended, allow them to comment and share the link with as few or as many people you’d like. Oh and as a bonus, add your favourite tunes (using YouTube links) to the album to give it some extra personal touch and to stop those viewing from snoozing.

It’s as easy as a few clicks and best of all, it’s free. Go on, give it a try and Kaptur your memories in a jiffy!

Photo credit: Kaptur

p.s. Kaptur has collaborated with Beyonce, Vera Wang and WeddingWire to create an album with Beyonce’s “Love On Top” as the soundtrack.  Now, that’s one big partnership.




It's Been A While.

After 3 weeks of assignments (homework was a distant past and takes some time getting used to!) and charitable work in Vietnam, Bridelicious is back. Sorry for the lack of posts and updates. Fret not, I have not called it quits. Still buzzing with lots of ideas and inspiration for you gorgeous brides out there.

Photo credit: Deviant Art Tattoos Girls


It’s Been A While.

After 3 weeks of assignments (homework was a distant past and takes some time getting used to!) and charitable work in Vietnam, Bridelicious is back. Sorry for the lack of posts and updates. Fret not, I have not called it quits. Still buzzing with lots of ideas and inspiration for you gorgeous brides out there.

Photo credit: Deviant Art Tattoos Girls