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Bloomin' Tulip.

It’s spring time and even though the weather today may be a tad depressing, that doesn’t stop us from thinking and looking pretty. It’s that time of the year when spring flowers start blooming, providing you lucky ladies with plenty of floral choices. How about the ever-elegant tulips? You can mix & match different colours, go monochromatic or if simple is the key, stick with one colour. 

Photo credits (clockwise from top left): Martha Stewart Weddings, Ash Imagery via Evantine Design, Mattson Pictures via Floral Verde, First Glance Photography, Cathy Crawley (Beautiful Moments) via Blushing Blooms, Mattson Pictures via Flora Verde, Melissa Jill via The Bride's Cafe, Viera Photographics via Delightfully Engaged

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Round and Round We Go.

If you’re a non-conformist, you’re going to want to rethink about your ceremony seating arrangement. Traditionally, you’ve got the aisle bang in the middle with rows of guests on either side, giving you ample time to flaunt your frock and make the groom wait just a teeny bit longer. Ah, the joys. However, wouldn’t you want the guests to have a 360° view of you and your man exchanging vows and not just your back? It is a little rude isn’t it? Give the circular seating a try or go spiral. That way, you’ll be able to wow every single guest with your stunning gown and radiating beauty when you walk down the aisle. Oh and get this; you can even call it the ring of love.

Circular Ceremony Seating

Photo credits (clockwise from top left): Ben Godkin Photo via Style Me Pretty, Del Sol Photography via Best Destination Wedding, BM Photography via Bridal Guide, Wedding & Event News

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It’s Vintage Darling.

How many times have you watched a period drama, or more recently the ultra-addictive Downton Abbey and thought how glam you’d look wearing a 1920s frock? Unfortunately, this city ain’t big on anything old (just look at the sheer number of high rises vs the historical buildings) and vintage shops are hard to come by. Luckily Ruche, the online vintage inspired boutique with a modern twist, has started a bridal collection that is affordable and most importantly ships internationally. Start shopping!

The vintage bride.

Photo credit: Ruche (clockwise from top left) 1. Enchanting Bliss Bow Garter US$26.99; 2. Alexandria US$749.99; 3. Beloved Pearl Earrings Ivory US$36.99; 4. Lifelong Romance Heels US$146.99; 5. Ever Mine Ivory Fascinator US$42.99; 6. Love Sonnet Blue Earrings US$16.99; 7. Grace US$299.99; 8. Pure Elation Lace Gloves US$28.99

Now…for your bridesmaids.

Photo credits: Ruche (from left) 1. On This Day Lemon Quartz Earrings US$27.99; 2. Orchid Dress US$68.99; 3. Agreed Upon Love Heels US$48.99

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Here Comes the Jello Shots.

If you’ve ever been down LKF then you’ve no doubt probably tried the infamous jello shots at Als Diner. Enter a bit of imagination and you too can bring a bit of jello fun to your wedding-do, albeit with a touch of class. Just make sure you serve these after the ceremony and reception or you’ve got a whole room full of hyper and drunk guests (they’re so easy to eat, they won’t even realise there’s alcohol in them). Here are some creative, ‘slightly’ more sophisticated takes on jello shots that will surely be a hit with the guests, young (virgin shots for the kiddies) or old. Let’s get this party started!

You’ve got so many cocktails in the world to experiment with. Lychee martini anyone? Strawberry daiquiri? For ideas, check out Jelly Shot Test Kitchen.

Photo credits (clockwise from top left): That's So Michelle Blog, Jelly Shot Test Kitchen (2 photos), That's So Michelle Blog, Jelly Shot Test Kitchen, via Bridal Blog

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Whimsical Candy Cake.

Sorry brides for having neglected you the past week. I was consumed with all things rugby and charitable so had little time to do anything, let alone write any posts. You now have my undivided attention. Who’s up for some candy coated cake? Ah….childhood memories.

Photo credit: Red Ribbon Studio via Style Me Pretty


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Can't Live Without You.

Photo credit: LetterHappy via Etsy

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Say No to Sharks.

Photo credits: Happy Hearts Love Sharks

You’ve watched Jaws and seen how deadly sharks are. You’ve also seen how they are finned and dropped back into the ocean. A terribly cruel act. Why then would you want to promote its consumption by having it at your wedding? They’re tasteless and merely thought to be a delicacy because of its high prices. If you think any guest will complain about there not being sharks fin on the menu, then perhaps you should reconsider whether to invite them or not. Have a heart and go shark free. You can even enter the Happy Hearts Love Sharks wedding contest and be on your way to winning some amazing prizes. Are you really going to forego the chance of winning a free honeymoon to Fiji? Revise your menu now!

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Unique Videos: I've Had the Time of My Life.

Wedding music video. Yay or nay? If I were the guests, I’d get pretty sick of the song.

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Designer Gowns Private Sale.

You worldly brides must have friends in the UK who uses the internet, has a UK credit card and can do you a favour. If you do and you’re secretly a Greek goddess, you’re in for a treat. Cocosa, the luxury private sales website has brought designer dresses to their bridal gown boutique, giving you the opportunity to buy Mikael Aghal, Robert Rodriguez and Temperley London creations at cut-throat prices. Whilst you’re at it, you might as well click over on the other designer sales and stop by the Casadei page for a pair of bridal-worthy heels. The sale ends on 17th March so hurry up and give that friend of yours a buzz. You’ll have saved a tonne of money and can even buy your awesome friend a little thank you present for their help. It’s hardly a bribe.

Here’s our pick.
1. Mikael Aghal romantic strapless goddess dress £225
2. Mikael Aghal sleeveless, embellished Grecian goddess dress £235
3. Temperley London Long Kaya dress in nude £835
4. Casadei raso peep toe heels in gold £310 

Photo credits: Cocosa

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Love is Not An Easy Game.

Commitment is not an easy task. Make sure you’re ready.

Photo credit: Bridelicious