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Free Printable: Red and White Striped Gift Tags.

In light of the spirit of Christmas and the candy cane inspiration earlier this week, I’m sharing with you a few free printables you can download as favour or gift tags. It can double up as an escort or place card and if you’re using them as Christmas present tags, you can be sure your gift will be opened by the right person. Just use a hole puncher to punch a single hole at the top end of the tag and tie a string or ribbon of your choice to make it your own. Happy Friday!


Click to download: 1, 2, 3, 4

DIY Projects Personal touches Wedding Stationery

Free Printable: Moustache Photo Booth Prop

There’s only 2 days left till Movember 2012 is officially over but there’s no stopping taches from continuing to pop up in weddings. Download, print the free moustache printable onto card stock paper, cut and attach it to a wooden skewer (you can buy them from many home/kitchen supplies stores) for a quick and easy photo booth prop. Give it a try.

Click here for printable.

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Puppy Love: How to Incorporate Dogs at Weddings.

They say dogs are man’s best friends and it’s true. When you’ve had a rough day, they’ll look at you with those puppy dog eyes and are able to help you forget your worries (momentarily) or when the whole world seems to be turning against you, they’ll be the ones standing by your side. Their loyalty is unquestionable so it’s only fair that they get to share a slice of your happiness on your big day, be it through posing for a few photos or the more difficult task as a ring bearer. Here are some tips to ensure your wedding will be paw-fect.

Photo credits (clockwise from top left): 13:13 Photography, Nylagray Photography, Photography and More, Lucky PicturesKT Merry Photography, Allyson Magda Photography via, Martha Stewart Weddings

1. DO ask the venue whether they are pet-friendly. The last thing you want is to find out your pooch is unwelcomed just before you walk down the aisle.
2. DO ask yourself whether your dog can behave on its own. You won’t be able to discipline or coddle it at all times, so you’ll need a friend or family member to help out and your pooch must be receptive to that.
3. DO NOT carry your dog when you’re wearing your wedding dress unless you are 100% fine with having paw prints as additional patterns.
4. If your pooch is acting as ring bearer or walking you down the aisle, make sure to rehearse. Even then, it’s no guarantee your dog will do as it’s told on the day itself.
5. Only allow your dog to be the ring bearer if it is fully disciplined and has no priors with eating things (think Marley in Marley & Me).
6. Hire a dog-sitter (yes they exist) for the day as they’ll have had experience handling dogs of all nature.
7. DO NOT dress your pooch up like a lunatic. A simple bow tie, wreath or ribbon is all that’s needed to keep them looking adorable.
8. If your dog has a history of barking or has withdrawal symptoms from you, it’s best to leave them at home. It’s not ideal but you don’t want it to ruin your day by chasing the flower girl down the eye or taking a chunk out of your wedding cake before it’s even been cut. Instead, incorporate your furry friend in your engagement photos if you’re having any.

**If you decide to leave your dog at home but still wish to incorporate your canine in your big day, keep a lookout for the post on how to share their love.

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DIY Candy Bar.

There’s no doubt that we all love going into a good candy shop (and those who proclaim they don’t are only being health-conscious and holding back on their urges). It brings out the child in us. It gives off a carefree vibe and it certainly satisfies our sweet tooth. Share the memories of your childhood with your guests by setting up a  colourful candy bar filled with your favourites and show that love is indeed very sweet. Set up the bar yourself with this easy tutorial by Yumsugar and prepare bags for guests to pick n’ mix as wedding favours. It’s that easy.


Special thanks to Jessam for inspiring today’s post!


DIY Projects Personal touches

Free Printables: DIY Sock Covers.

It’s been a long week hasn’t it? To celebrate the start of the weekend and because I’m so darn nice, I’ve got some free printables for you. Just to help add that extra touch of personal charm to your big day. I designed these sock covers for Cath & Kev’s wedding two weeks ago (oh how time flies) and they’re more than happy for me to share the design with you fab lot. It’s such an easy DIY project that you can whip up in no time. All you need is a printer, some paper (preferably around 140g thick), scissors and you can be a crafty goddess. I’ve got two colour combinations for now and will be adding more, so keep a look out! And if you ask nicely, I may even design one in your wedding colours. Enjoy!


Navy + Pink Polkadots 
Best Man + Groomsmen

Aqua + White Polkadots
Best Man + Groomsmen


Photo credits: KC @


DIY Projects Personal touches

Real Weddings: Joss & KC (DIY Wedding Favours)

If you’re into truly original weddings, you’re going to love this DIY film roll wedding favour that Joss and KC handmade for over 300 guests that’s filled with passion and love whilst being environmentally friendly . As you’ve seen earlier this week, KC of was the one behind the lens for Jas & Alan’s Bali wedding, so you can probably understand how important it was for him to incorporate a photography-related gift when it came to his own big day. This project meant that Joss and KC spent two months scouring through all camera shops in Hong Kong and asking for used film rolls (the shop owners must have been scratching their heads!) to complete their 400 rolls collection. What makes this unique wedding favour stand out is its personal aspect. How many times have you attended a wedding and received chocolates or chopsticks, ate, used or simply left them without remembering who they’re from? Give it some thought.


“We thought about little albums but then it’s too costly to print an album for each guest (we had about 300 guests). We then had the idea of using used film roll and paper strips to create an album in the shape of film rolls. I was so excited when we got the idea!” 


Photo credits: KC @

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Round Hong Kong We Go: Urban Discovery Challenge

In this multi-cultural city that is Hong Kong, it comes as no surprise that many of you worldly readers will have guests flying in from all corners of the world to attend your big day. You want to be a good host and show your friends and family around but your big day is only a few days away and you’ve got the final touches to finish off. Don’t stress yourself out. Leave the tour guide duties to Urban Discovery, the events company that organises city challenges for corporates, charities, birthday parties and have now created the new custom-made wedding race that’ll get your guests’ hearts pumping. If you’ve watched Amazing Race, you’ll know what’s in store for you. Think running across the city, finding hidden treasures, completing tasks and lots of sweating. Oh, and let’s not forget the most important element; team-building. Whether your guests are single or coupled up, young or old, new in town or a ‘local’, send them on the 2-hour race to give them a glimpse into the various Chinese traditions and discover the cultural aspects of the city that we aren’t aware of or easily forget about. It’s a fun and interactive way for guests to explore the city, not least it’ll give them a talking point on your wedding day. Thanks to you, they’ll return home with a newfound love for this city.

Suzanne van der Erf, Project Manager at Urban Discovery advises couples to approach them early as it usually takes 3 weeks to tailor-make a city challenge and can range from a group of 20 to 50 people, split into teams of 4 or 5. They’ll spend time finding about your story, your life and use elements of you as a couple to design an unforgettable race. The location of the challenge can be an area where you grew up, where you first met or simply your favourite part of town. It’s a race, what are you waiting for?

Urban Discovery -
+ |


Photo credit: Urban Discovery

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The Big Ceremony Exit.

The wedding ceremony exit. The time when you have officially become husband and wife, Mr. & Mrs., for better or worse. Everyone’s happy and it’s time for the celebrations to begin so start it off with a bang. Leave props for your guests on their chair or upon entering the ceremony grounds so that they can bless you when you exit as newlyweds. Traditionally, confetti was used but times have changed and we are seeing more alternative exits. Sparklers and glittery pom poms for a glam do, balloons and ribbon wands for the cute exit, bubbles for the child-at-heart and paper planes for the globe-trotters. Whatever you decide on, you’re sure to enjoy every moment of it.


Photo credits (clockwise from top left): Alixann Loosle Photography, Extravagant Exits – Etsy, Rob Greer Photography via Events by Heather Ham, Elisa B Photography, Jessica Monnich Photography, D Park Photography, Allison Davis Photography

DIY Projects Personal touches Wedding Stationery

DIY Stamp: Luggage Tags.

If, like me, you’re a travel junkie, then you might have an obsession with luggage tags. They come in all shapes, sizes and colours but it’s always the tag-shaped that stays true to my heart. Just want a simple reference to your love of travelling and personalise your wedding stationery? How about adding a tag-shaped stamp to your invitations or use luggage tags as escort cards to give it a playful feel? Check out Creature Comforts for the DIY tutorial on how to make your own stamp. It’s seriously a no-sweat task and once it’s done, you can apply to everything. Get to the craft store now!


Photo credit: Creature Comforts

Photo credit: Creature Comforts

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