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Fancy a Cocktail?

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TGIF! It’s been a long week, you’re sitting at your desk thinking there’s a gazillion items on your wedding list you’ve still got to tick off and although it’s only 10am, you’re already dying for that stiff drink. Instead of grabbing for the bottle, why not use this time to conjure up some cocktail recipes that’s fit for your wedding celebrations? Just make sure to speak to the venue about their corkage fees and bar charges because that’s where they can rip you off big time. 

Go for names and concoctions that holds a special meaning to you as a couple – the drink you had on your first date or your regular party drink. You don’t need anything fancy nor do you need to hire a bartender who specialises in molecular creations. Ask the venue to see if a member of their staff can stand behind the cocktail table to serve the guests and act as the pseudo bartender. Oh and if you’re a teetotal, just leave out the booze, although bear in mind that guests will enjoy your wedding a whole lot more if they’ve had a tipple.

Ideas from my own big day adapted from the age old Victorian saying!

“Something Old”
Cape Cod – vodka, cranberry juice, lime (our  regular bar order)

“Something New”
Hongkie Style –  whiskey, lemon tea, mint (a spin of our favourite char chaan teng drink)

“Something Borrowed”
Dark n Stormy – rum, ginger beer (borrowed from our friend who told us this is the best way to drink rum!)

“Something Blue” 
Oasis – gin, blue curacao, tonic, lemon juice (we needed something blue!)

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Cocktail Hour: Signature Drinks.

Where there’s food, there’s drinks. If you want to cut the costs of your bar tab down, serve one or a couple of signature drinks that are either in your wedding colour range or you have a personal connection with. You can even have his and her drinks that reflects your personality or simply a cocktail that you like. It’ll elevate your cocktail hour from booze-fest to sophisto’clock and it means you’ll just have to think about stocking enough liquid for a selected number of drinks as opposed to twenty different concoctions. You’ll also need to think about the little ones and the teetotals, so have one signature drink that’s non-alcoholic. What a great excuse to start mixing your own drinks at home and if anyone asks, tell them it’s ‘research’.

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Here Comes the Jello Shots.

If you’ve ever been down LKF then you’ve no doubt probably tried the infamous jello shots at Als Diner. Enter a bit of imagination and you too can bring a bit of jello fun to your wedding-do, albeit with a touch of class. Just make sure you serve these after the ceremony and reception or you’ve got a whole room full of hyper and drunk guests (they’re so easy to eat, they won’t even realise there’s alcohol in them). Here are some creative, ‘slightly’ more sophisticated takes on jello shots that will surely be a hit with the guests, young (virgin shots for the kiddies) or old. Let’s get this party started!

You’ve got so many cocktails in the world to experiment with. Lychee martini anyone? Strawberry daiquiri? For ideas, check out Jelly Shot Test Kitchen.

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