Engagement Shoots: Natural is Best.

Photo credit: La Belle Bride 

I’ve never been a big fan of engagement shoots/pre-wedding photos because in this city, photographers concentrate on overly styled photos that are more editorial than portraying a couple in love. You’ll often see girls traipsing round the streets of Central in a long rental wedding dress or evening gown with full-on make up, whilst her other half is sweating like a pig in his shimmery silver tux trying to please his princess. Oh pu-lease. Unless you want to get run over by a double-decker bus, why would you take a photo in the middle of a zebra-crossing? Not to mention that ordinary people don’t walk around wearing a white wedding dress except for on their wedding day.

Save yourself the stress of hiring outfits that you’re scared of damaging and the embarrassment of wondering around the busy crowds (no, when a stranger stops and stares, they’re not admiring you as a loved up couple, they’re thinking ‘you fools hahaha’) by going natural. It simply means wear casual clothes, go for minimal make up, act like how you normally do and smile like you mean it. The photos are meant to be a reflection of your love, your commitment, so go to places that hold a special meaning to you; be it a quiet street where you first held hands, your favourite cafe or the place you first laid eyes on each other. Tell your photographer what you want, the style you’re looking for and let them do the work to bring the photos to life. They may add props to show who you are, what you like; a tennis racquet for tennis aficionados, books for bookworms, tv controller for the movie buffs. 

In the next week, I’ll be introducing two very talented up-and-coming photographers that all couples should keep a lookout for (as you know, natural isn’t exactly HK’s forte). Both ex-lawyers, both girls and both believe that ‘natural is best’.

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