Real Wedding Planning: Introducing Jessi & Sam.

Happy Friday boys and girls. For those of you tying the knot this weekend, congratulations and enjoy every moment! To the others who are knee deep in wedding planning, hang in there. There are plenty of couples in the same boat as you; a creative vision with limited budget. No one said it was easy and that’s why there are wedding planners out there to help you but if you’re on your own, what do you do? In the next few months, I will be chronicling Jessi & Sam’s planning process in the lead up to their big day; from the proposal, to challenges they face, all the way to their thoughts and feelings on the day itself. Be prepared for what’s to come because it sure will be one hot air balloon ride.


To give you a glimpse of this lovey dovey couple, take a look at their Save the Date and you’ll know why I’m excited about their wedding!

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