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Proposal: A Kinder Surprise.

We all like a surprise once in a while (or for some, all the time) and in certain cases, such as a marriage proposal, the more unexpected and unique, the better. It’s your once-in-a-lifetime so it’s only fair you get to boast about it and make all your girlfriends jealous. Word of warning: overdo it and you’ll soon find yourself with lots of enemies. So, when Matthew proposed to his now wife, Lori, they decided to share their surprise on their 9th year wedding anniversary.

I first learnt of the proposal through Daily Mail and thought it was so cute, it deserves its own post. You’ve seen stop-motion proposals as well as flashmob ones before but the effort that Matthew went through to take apart the kinder surprise egg and fill it with a small robot figure of him with the engagement ring then reassembling it to its original form is truly one that’s adorably sweet. Just think next time when you’re munching away your kinder egg, you may be in for a surprise.


Photo credit: Two Plus Us

Real Weddings Wedding Planning

Real Wedding Planning: Jessi & Sam (How It All Started)

You saw a couple of weeks ago how creative this couple were in their hot-air balloon themed save the date, now it’s time to see how it all started. It was 11 months ago on one Autumn day when Sam proposed to Jessi on top of a mountain overlooking the Hong Kong skyline. Now, those of you looking to propose to your other half, take a lesson from Sam. Keep it on the down-low and give her the surprise of her life. Girls who say they don’t like surprises are just playing with you.What’s the fun of it if there’s no suspense?


Photo credit: Jessi & Sam

Onto the Planning….
The couple are so organised it pretty much puts some planners to shame. They began making a wedding check-list and timetable back in late January this year which gave them over a year to spread the work thereby ‘eliminated unnecessary financial stress’ and gives them time to ‘enjoy the planning process’.  They also actively involved their family and bridal party to complete the tasks, spreading out the workload according to their strengths. So, for you fellow couples out there, don’t be shy about asking for help!

Here’s a snippet of their task list, which all couples should create. Organisation will mean a higher chance of sticking to your wedding budget as well as making sure all the essential items you need and want will be accomplished.

Real Weddings Wedding Planning

Real Wedding Planning: Introducing Jessi & Sam.

Happy Friday boys and girls. For those of you tying the knot this weekend, congratulations and enjoy every moment! To the others who are knee deep in wedding planning, hang in there. There are plenty of couples in the same boat as you; a creative vision with limited budget. No one said it was easy and that’s why there are wedding planners out there to help you but if you’re on your own, what do you do? In the next few months, I will be chronicling Jessi & Sam’s planning process in the lead up to their big day; from the proposal, to challenges they face, all the way to their thoughts and feelings on the day itself. Be prepared for what’s to come because it sure will be one hot air balloon ride.


To give you a glimpse of this lovey dovey couple, take a look at their Save the Date and you’ll know why I’m excited about their wedding!


Flashmob Proposal.

Scratching your head for a unique proposal idea that’s not corny or sickeningly OTT? Trust me male species, getting down on one knee in a restaurant with a bouquet of roses surrounded by 30 strangers and declaring your undying love is not the epitome of romance. Proposals are a very private affair so do it when you’re alone. Having said that, this public proposal that you’re about to see somehow works. It proves that you don’t need to whisk the love of your life to an exotic location for her to say yes. Think a little, surprise a lot and you’ll get the answer you’ve been waiting for.

Now, who said girls were demanding?