Real Weddings: University Sweethearts Joy & Mills

Themed weddings that don’t look overly cheesy are hard to come by in Hong Kong. Imagine my surprise when I came across the fun-loving pair, Joy & Mills’ university themed celebration that was full of unique details so thoughtfully executed by the couple themselves, together with the help of their designer Anastasia (now Aire Hong Kong). Their love story began during their undergraduate days at Hong Kong University which blossomed into marriage after Mills popped the question wearing a ‘Will You Marry Me?’ t-shirt in front of a group of their close friends. Thank you Joy & Mills for showing fellow couples how personal touches can transform a venue into one that’s reflective of you and that married life is one sweet deal. You guys rock!


The couple had their own emblem specially designed to look like a football club, ‘JM United’.

Sunflowers, being Joy’s favourite flower and nickname, were used throughout the ceremony decor, including the ceremony programmes.

The ceremony venue was truly fitting; the University of Hong Kong hall where the couple used to study in.

The vintage, old-school theme extended to the bridal party outfit.

No school life was complete without a proper class photo. The couple emulated the old days with shots of them with the bridal party, including a ‘moody’ wedding photo.

Joy & Mills wanted wedding bands that represented them as a couple: the singular round diamond for Mills whose nickname was ‘Tong Yuen’ (a glutinous rice ball that is traditionally eaten as a dessert) which. when put together with Joys’ band, looks like a sunflower.

Photography: Edmon Leong   

Their wedding invitation was in the form of a school admission letter with details of the reception dinner, including the dress code guide.

 Remember class registration and student cards? Joy & Mills spent months collecting photos of each and every guest to DIY an escort card in the form of a student card. That’s dedication there.

 Instead of floral centrepieces, the couple opted for an antique book stand for the table name flag with each table representing a different university subject.

Back when photo booths were not even popular, the couple already knew what made it work: the university as the backdrop with life-sized foam boards of them on graduation day. They even rented graduation cloaks for the guests to wear to keep in line with the theme.

When asked what advice they can give, the happily married couple said….
1. Find a planner that you can get along with and shares a similar style and vision to you.
2. Make the wedding banquet about the guests because the wedding isn’t just about you; it’s also about thanking the guests for sharing the special day with you.
3. Spend some time and thought to creating the perfect wedding ceremony. It’s the moment you officially become husband and wife so make it memorable!
4. Create your own theme to reflect your experiences and personality. No two weddings should be the same.
5. Lastly and most importantly, enjoy the planning process and that’s not just from the bride’s perspective. The groom should be just as involved!


Reception Venue: Grand Stage (Western Market)   |   Wedding Planner/Designer + Wedding Invitation + Florals: Aire (formerly Blanc)   |   Videographer: Givefunla   |   Wedding Dress and Veil:  

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    Gorgeous school theme! Especially adore/love/gawking at the wedding invited based on the admissions letter and dress code guide!


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