Music for Wedding Videos.

How many times have you watched wedding video highlights of friends, relatives or when you’re researching for videographers in Hong Kong and the sound of Jason Mraz or Bruno Mars’ voice runs through your head and all you can say is ‘not again!’. Wedding videos are mushy already (and sometimes cheesy but of course in a good way); add to that a cliché song and you’ve got your guests either roll their eyes or gag. Let your videographer know what your favourite songs are and the type of music you listen to so they can suggest a suitable song for you. Inject your personality into the video so friends and family who could not attend your ceremony can feel the emotions that filled the day whilst also being able to differentiate between yours and the many others they watch at wedding banquets. And if ‘I’m Yours’ or ‘Just the Way You Are’ are the only two songs that you like, then honey, I can’t help you.

For alternative music choices, I’ve found The Music Bed site to be particularly helpful. You can filter songs by instrument, genre and even mood.


Photo credit: W. Scott Chester Photography

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