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DIY Projects Wedding Stationery

Free Printables: Red Lips Placecard.

Today’s printable is a special shout out to a follower who saw the moustache placecard I shared during Movember and wanted a red lips version. So, here it is Renee and the rest of you sexy readers!

To download the placecard, click here.


DIY Projects Personal touches Wedding Stationery

Free Printable: Red and White Striped Gift Tags.

In light of the spirit of Christmas and the candy cane inspiration earlier this week, I’m sharing with you a few free printables you can download as favour or gift tags. It can double up as an escort or place card and if you’re using them as Christmas present tags, you can be sure your gift will be opened by the right person. Just use a hole puncher to punch a single hole at the top end of the tag and tie a string or ribbon of your choice to make it your own. Happy Friday!


Click to download: 1, 2, 3, 4

DIY Projects Wedding Stationery

Free Printable: Moustache Placecards.

You’ve seen how moustaches have taken the wedding world by storm whether it’s Movember or not, and how much fun it adds to the celebrations, so why not give your guests a chance to rock their own tache with these free place card printables that can be used as either escort cards or table name cards. The printables come in three difference colours and if you want to give the tache a 3D effect, cut along the ends of the tache to give it that instant curl. Enjoy!


Printable Downloads:

Moustache Placecards in black. Click Here.
Moustache Placecards in aqua. Click Here.
Moustache Placecards in shocking pink. Click Here.


Freebies Wedding Stationery

Free Printables: Can’t Wait to be Your Wifey…or Your Hubby.

Wedding planning is a somewhat stressful process and it’s inevitable you’ll come across some ups and downs, quarrels here and there but what’s important is that you don’t forget why you love each other. That’s why you’re getting hitched! Print off these free retro printables and write sweet nothings to your wifey or hubby and have it sent to their preparation room before you officially become Mr. & Mrs. It’ll sure make them shed a tear.


Click here to download the printable.

DIY Projects Guests Wedding Stationery

Free Printable: Sketch Thank You Cards.

Is it the start of October already? The wedding peak season has officially started (well, for us in Hong Kong anyways) and I know that many of you brides and grooms will have your hands tied. Remember not to become a bridezilla or groomzilla and never forget to thank those who have helped you along the way, as well as the guests for attending your big bash. A simple ‘thank you’ can mean a lot but why not take it up a notch by sending a handwritten thank you card. Putting in the effort and time shows your sincerity and will make you stand out from the crowd. Now, get cracking with these free printables (and as with all the other printables you find on this site, give me a shout if you’d like them in another colour).

Thank You Card (Sketch Style) in Fuschia, download here.
Thank You Card (Sketch Style) in Purple, download here.
Thank You Card (Sketch Style) in Mint Green, download here.


DIY Projects Personal touches

Free Printables: DIY Sock Covers.

It’s been a long week hasn’t it? To celebrate the start of the weekend and because I’m so darn nice, I’ve got some free printables for you. Just to help add that extra touch of personal charm to your big day. I designed these sock covers for Cath & Kev’s wedding two weeks ago (oh how time flies) and they’re more than happy for me to share the design with you fab lot. It’s such an easy DIY project that you can whip up in no time. All you need is a printer, some paper (preferably around 140g thick), scissors and you can be a crafty goddess. I’ve got two colour combinations for now and will be adding more, so keep a look out! And if you ask nicely, I may even design one in your wedding colours. Enjoy!


Navy + Pink Polkadots 
Best Man + Groomsmen

Aqua + White Polkadots
Best Man + Groomsmen


Photo credits: KC @ www.chankichun.com