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Real Engagement: Brian & Tya by Rock Paper Scissors Photography.

When you bring together a sweet-loving, down-to-earth couple with a talented photographer, it doesn’t matter where you are for your engagement session, it’ll still be one rocking and awesome shoot. Take Brian & Tya for example, whose session included paper planes, a green porsche and a factory warehouse. Nothing fancy; just a location that they both feel a personal connection to. Thanks again to Rock Paper Scissors in the Philippines for sharing this relaxing set of photos with us.


Photo credits: Rock Paper Scissors Photography

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Photo Backdrop: DIY Fabric Wall Art.

You’ve seen some funky and wacky photo backdrops before and you know being Hong Kong, creating a unique never-been-seen backdrop can cost you a fair bit. To save your wallet and the environment (to an extent), turn old shoe box lids into beautiful pieces of art. Yes, you too can be a so-called artist. Find some nice wrapping paper or fabric and wrap the lids to create a mis-matched wall of pop art, without even having to purchase frames. It’ll make for a much more interesting backdrop and will give it a more 3-dimensional look. You can even draw your own words or letters on paper to wrap around it. Start asking friends and family for their unused shoeboxes. They may look at you funny but just wait till they see your crafty work.


Photo credits (clockwise from top left): Sew Mama Sew!, Martha Stewart, Shelterness, Not on the High Street

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DIY Patterned Fabric.

Is it the weekend already? That means you’ve got plenty of time to handle a DIY project. As I’ve said before, wedding photo backdrops in Hong Kong are ugly and I shared with you some fun alternatives that can make yours a cut above the rest. Wouldn’t it add a personal touch if you made your own patterned backdrop? Make it fabulous by following Apartment Therapy’s tutorial on how to print your own pattern on fabric. It’s easy, cheap and easily adaptable for any pattern you fancy. Now hit the art shop for your supplies!

Photo credits: Apartment Therapy

DIY Projects Inspiration Board Wedding Decor

Fun Photo Backdrops.

It’s the battle of the ugly photo backdrops for those obligatory group shots. Layers of cloth draped over a backboard with the newlyweds’ name pinned in the centre so that all guests can see. Why? Shouldn’t every attending guest know an easy fact such as the couple’s names? Answer: HK weddings are a big affair and usually guests are invited to a sister-in-law’s brother’s daughter’s wedding (go figure) and when they look back at the photos with the happy couple, they might well have forgotten who they were if it wasn’t for their ginormous names scrawled across the back. I will deal with guest list another time but today, it’s about inspiring all HK brides and grooms to think out of the box and ditch that boring, drab-looking photo backdrop and giving your photos a new life. Yes it’s difficult when space is an issue. If you’re lucky enough to have an outdoor wedding, please make use of your natural surroundings. If not, be inspired and think fun. Some are so easy, you can even DIY, save some dough and double it up as the increasingly popular photo booth (but bigger). Ever thought of using shower curtains?

Photo credits (clockwise from top left): Anthropologie, Jenny Jimenez via Style Me Pretty, Style Me Pretty via Intimate Weddings, Brandon Kidd Photography, Cakes Likes A Party, Not Just A Housewife, Snippet and Ink, Love Me Sailor, Urban Outfitters