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Groom Groomsmen Wedding Fashion

Come to Terms with the Men’s Suits.

We often talk about the various dress designs for the bride and her girlfriends; the empire line, the princess, the sweetheart or the A-line but let us not forget about the boys. If you want the entire bridal party to look the part or that they’ve stepped out of an editorial magazine (don’t we all wish we could look like a super), then you better get to grips with the various suit terms. Just because most men don’t discuss fashion doesn’t mean they don’t have style. My pick is always going to be the English cut with its slim fit and makes any man look like the quintessential English gentlemen. What’s yours?


Photo credit: Damnlol.com

Groom Groomsmen Wedding Fashion

Guide to How a Suit Should Fit.

I’ve got something for the boys today so they don’t feel left out and start sulking that you ladies get all the attention. If you want him to look suitably dashing (I couldn’t help with the pun), follow Primer Magazine’s visual guide to how his suit should fit. Over-sized jackets are a no-no unless he foresees to gain 20 pounds in the run up to the big day, nor are baggy pants because that just screams scruffy. Now with this guide in hand, he’s got no excuse to look anything other than a perfect gentleman.


Suit Fitting (Primer Magazine)

Photo credit: Primer Magazine