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Groom – To Do List.

If there were two things that the groom-to-be or men in general would complain about when it comes to weddings, is that 1) it’s bloody expensive (excuse my language but it’s true in about 90% of weddings) and 2) it’s a ‘girl’ thing. These poor men who have to listen to their wives-to-be talk incessantly about the colour of their flowers or not finding the right fabric for the bridesmaid dresses or in plain English, just having a Bridezilla moment. All they want to do is go to the pub and have a few pints with the boys or hole up at home and play their anti-social videogames. In order to save you the stress and to get the men more involved in the whole wedding planning process, send him the to-do list (items such as venue picking and guest lists should be done by the two of you, together). It’s the ‘manly’ tasks so he can’t moan about it now can he? After all, weddings are about a couple so it’s only fair that he does some of the work.

Click here to download the To Do List.

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Bridal Party Size.

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Come to Terms with the Men’s Suits.

We often talk about the various dress designs for the bride and her girlfriends; the empire line, the princess, the sweetheart or the A-line but let us not forget about the boys. If you want the entire bridal party to look the part or that they’ve stepped out of an editorial magazine (don’t we all wish we could look like a super), then you better get to grips with the various suit terms. Just because most men don’t discuss fashion doesn’t mean they don’t have style. My pick is always going to be the English cut with its slim fit and makes any man look like the quintessential English gentlemen. What’s yours?


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Groom Groomsmen Wedding Fashion

Guide to How a Suit Should Fit.

I’ve got something for the boys today so they don’t feel left out and start sulking that you ladies get all the attention. If you want him to look suitably dashing (I couldn’t help with the pun), follow Primer Magazine’s visual guide to how his suit should fit. Over-sized jackets are a no-no unless he foresees to gain 20 pounds in the run up to the big day, nor are baggy pants because that just screams scruffy. Now with this guide in hand, he’s got no excuse to look anything other than a perfect gentleman.


Suit Fitting (Primer Magazine)

Photo credit: Primer Magazine 

Groom Groomsmen Wedding Fashion

Roll Up His Sleeves.

I’ve been watching the Olympics lately and have seen a fair amount of camera time on the young Royals, Prince William and Prince Harry and their Team GB outfit that consists of a white or blue shirt with rolled-up sleeves and khakis. How dashing. Just don’t confuse this with short sleeves shirt which is a complete no-go. It gives the usual dress shirt a more casual feel without being fussy. That’s effortlessly stylish for you.  If it’s fit for a Prince, it’s fit for your man and his entourage and is perfect alternative for those poor boys who aren’t used to wearing suits, including that little cute ring bearer. Give them a break. Let the fellas roll up their sleeves and loosen their ties.


Photo credits (clockwise from top left): Love Me Do Photography, Jill Thomas PhotographyMarvelous Things Photography, Paula O’Hara Photography, Swoon by Katie 

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Keep Calm and Wear Wellies.

If you’ve had trouble sleeping all night due to the bashing typhoon winds on your windows, you’re not the only one. The last 24 hours have been mighty stormy and if you’re thinking ‘what if’ it rained cats and dogs on your big day, don’t let the rain spoil such a momentous event. Stop panicking and have fun with it. Mother nature can make you more creative. Prepare wellies for yourselves and the bridal party for those outdoor shots so even when it’s wet, you’ll be protected. They now come in all colours, patterns and prints so embrace the rain and wellie on.


Photo credits (clockwise from top left): Samantha Jones Photography, Lisa Dawn Photography, Mirror Box Photography, Meredith Perdue, One Love Photography, Carmen and Ingo Photography

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One for the Groomsmen.

Alright ladies, you’ve seen some of the gifts that you can get for your bridesmaids earlier this week, now it’s time for the lads. If your soon-to-be hubby’s stag-do (bachelor party for you American folks) is anything like the Hangover, then the last thing you probably want to do is to buy gifts for the groomsmen whom not only intoxicated your man but brought him back with a shaved head. Not funny. However, I’m sure many of your man’s friends are sensible individuals and will genuinely want to bring him back in one piece. They’re not going to mess with the bride. That means you’re going to be a gracious bride and thank the groomsmen with some manly gifts. You know, cigars, whiskey, shaving kits and the lot. Even if your hubby’s not a footballer, you’ll become their favourite WAG.


Photo credits (clockwise from top left): Dirty Deeds Soap, White Truffle, Liquid Courage, Micheles Cottage, Woodinville Whiskey Co., Felix Street Studio, Kohana Jewellery

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The Bow Tie Effect.

Ladies, I think you’ve had plenty of attention from me, the lads are getting jealous. So, to play fair, today’s post is about your man. Let’s face it, most men aren’t fashionable and would rather be wearing a pair of flip-flops, a t-shirt and shorts on their wedding day (if they had a say). Make him wear a tux and a bow tie and he’ll want to be the first one out. So, in order to make your man look dapper without the need to go for the full suit (only if he refuse profusely), give him a fun bow tie to wear, with a dress shirt of course. Gone are the days of grandpa-looking or big clown-like ones. It’s now about the polka dots, the checks and the stripes. Pair it with suspenders or a waistcoat for a quirky look or wear it with a suit for a more formal and classy feel. You can even get the groomsmen and the ring bearers to be in on this and you’ll have one uber dapper looking bridal party.


How to Tie a Bow Tie.
I think part of the reason men don’t wear bow ties more often is simply because they don’t actually know how to tie one. Show him you care by learning how to tie one. Tell him to wear a bow tie on your big day so all that effort won’t be put to waste. Check out the tutorial at Visual News.


DIY Bow Tie.
To top it off, follow this DIY tutorial Green Wedding Shoes, and make the wedding bow tie for your man. His heart might just melt.


Photo credits (clockwise from top left): Erins Heart Court, Stephanie Williams Photography, Ryan Ray Photo, Bend The Light, The Knot Australia, Glass Jar Photography, Matthew Morgan

Photo credit: Visual News 

Bride Bridesmaids Groom Groomsmen Wedding Fashion

J. Crew is Coming to Town.

HK brides, you’re in luck. In fact, brides all over the world are in luck. J. Crew, the popular US retailer has started shipping to HK. To top it off, they’re even offering free shipping, free returns and duty-free shopping for international orders until the end of this month. You’ve got exactly two weeks to find yourselves, your soon-to-be-hubby and the bridal party some all-American attire. Only if that’s the style you’re looking for. Snap them up before everyone else does. 

p.s. Rumour has it that J. Crew is coming to town this summer and they’re setting up shop in Central. Don’t quote me on it though!

Photo credits: J. Crew (from left to right: Arabelle Gown, Rosabelle Gown, Carina Gown, Whitney Gown

Photo credits: J. Crew (from left to right: Arabelle Dress in Silk Chiffon, Silk Taffeta Avery Dress, Hailey Dress in Cotton Cady

Photo credits: J. Crew (from left to right: Ludlow 2-Button Tuxedo, Ludlow 2-Button Suit in Faded Black, Ludlow 2-Button Suit in Charcoal

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Let Him Be the Whiskey Man.

April 5, 2012 – 10:12 am

We all know that men don’t generally have a sweet tooth and having a dessert bar at your wedding can be a little one-sided. In fact, the whole wedding is more about the bride – the ring, dress, make up, hair, bridesmaids, flowers, table settings and the list can go on. Stop for a moment and make the love-of-your-life feel special. Let your groom be the man amongst his friends and allow him to set up a whiskey bar. After all, it is the rage that’s hit HK and everybody has suddenly become whiskey connoisseurs. Better still, surprise him with his ‘man’ corner and you’ll be the most popular and coolest wife in town. It’ll serve as a reminder that the wedding is as much about him as it is about you. What an easy way to touch a man’s heart.

Photo credits (clockwise from top left): Bryan Photo via Paper Lantern Events, Ellie Grover via Green Wedding Shoes, Ashley Rose Photography, Jenny Elwick via Pineapple Planet, DIY Weddings, Jasmine Star via Wiley Valentine, Sidney Chang Photography

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