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DIY Projects Flowers

DIY Flower Wreath Tutorial by KaloMakeArt.

Today I’m so excited to share with you a ridiculously neat DIY flower wreath tutorial by the bespoke wedding stationery designer Kalo of KaloMakeArt that’ll not only dress up your cute flower girls and give them a pretty personal keepsake but it’ll also add some pops of colour to your wedding day. In this tutorial, Kalo shows us how to make seven types of felt flowers which you can mix ‘n match as you like. You can even adapt the tutorial and make your own corsage or boutonnières for the bridal party. Now, enough from me. I’ll let Kalo do the talking.

p.s. A big congrats to Kalo who will be getting married next month. I can’t wait to see what other DIY projects she has in store!


KaloMakeArt DIY Flower Wreath Tutorial 01

KaloMakeArt DIY Flower Wreath Tutorial 02

KaloMakeArt DIY Flower Wreath Tutorial 03

KaloMakeArt DIY Flower Wreath Tutorial 04

KaloMakeArt DIY Flower Wreath Tutorial 05

KaloMakeArt DIY Flower Wreath Tutorial 06

KaloMakeArt DIY Flower Wreath Tutorial 07

KaloMakeArt DIY Flower Wreath Tutorial 08

KaloMakeArt DIY Flower Wreath Tutorial 09

KaloMakeArt DIY Flower Wreath Tutorial 10

KaloMakeArt DIY Flower Wreath Tutorial 11

Photo credit: KaloMakeArt

DIY Projects Wedding Stationery

Free Printable: Thank You Card in Watercolour.

Is it the end of the month already? In order to thank you wonderful readers for your support so far this first quarter, I’m sharing with you a free Thank You card printable that you can download, print and use for your wedding or just when you feel like being nice and thank someone.

To download, click here.


DIY Projects Wedding Favours

Free Printable: Hangover Kit Gift Tag.

If you’re thinking about putting together a hangover survival kit for your guests after yesterday’s post, then I’ve got a little treat for you. To save you the trouble of designing your own gift tag, I’ve got a free one for you to download, print and cut. You can even turn it into a gift tag sticker by printing on labels instead of card stock paper. And if like me, you’re stuck in Hong Kong (it’s really only because I’d rather be on the beach than dealing with this mucky weather), there’s no better time to spend doing some DIY projects.

Click here for printable.

DIY Projects Guests Wedding Favours

Wedding Favours: The Hangover Survival Kit.

We’ve all been through it or at least most of us party animals have. The morning after when all we want to do is curl up in bed (or by the toilet after if it’s that bad) wishing that we could relive yesterday, minus the excessive amounts of alcohol and vowing never to drink again. Sound familiar? You probably said the exact same words after the Rugby Seven’s weekend and only just about recovered now. So, if you’re sympathetic and you’re pretty sure that your wedding’s going to be one kick-ass of a party, then be the thoughtful couple and give out hangover kits to your guests. Lay them out on a corner table during the dance session so only the late owls get one or on each seat as a wedding favour for all. Whatever you decide to do, the guest will definitely be ever so thankful.

p.s. The hangover survival kit can be given out as hen night or stag do favours too!

What to include in the hangover survival kit:
Alka-seltzer to settle the stomach.
Panadol or Tylenol for that banging headache.
Energy drink such as Gatorade or Lucozade or water to stay hydrated.
Mints, chewing gum or menthol breath sprays to erase evidence of a big night out.
Mini bottle of spirit or ready-made cocktail such as a Bloody Mary. Every heard of hair of the dog?
A pair of cheap sunglasses to hide those eye bags.


Photo credits (clockwise from top left): Restoration Hardware, Jennifers Cookies – Etsy, John Huu Ngyuyen via Martha Stewart Weddings, Miss Macherie, Noteably Unique – Etsy, Kat Braman Photography via Ruffled Blog

DIY Projects Wedding Stationery

Save the Date Ideas: Play on Words.

I love how creative the wedding world is and can be. So when it comes to the first impression you’ll give to your wedding guests, the save the date is important in setting the tone. You’re not trying to compete with other couples, but at the same time, you want to make yours stand out from the crowd so your date will be one that most people will remember. There are an infinite number of possibilities; one being the save the date that plays on words. My recent favourite is Michele Ng’s DIY save the date. Nothing fancy. Just a plate, some paper and accessories to dress up the photo. What caught my attention was the way she shifted the focus from themselves as a couple (no photos of the couple on holiday or smooching *cringe*) to the guests they’re inviting and acknowledging that they have a lot on their plate. What other play on words can you think of? Here’s a few more….


Photo credit: Michele Ng

Photo credits (clockwise from top left): Orange 2 Photography, Chandelier Paper Ink – Etsy, Yunhee Kim via Martha Stewart Weddings, The Blue Envelope – Etsy, Pretty Wild

DIY Projects Freebies

Valentine’s Day Printable: You Are My Sunshine Wallpaper.

It’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow! Not that you needed reminding. So, to complement the free KaloPrintAble ‘Starry Night’ card you should’ve downloaded by now, I’ve created a wallpaper that you can secretly install to your lover’s desktop or mobile screen. Alternatively, print it out and frame the quote for a special and thoughtful gift. Now that you’ve saved some time on the gift, head off to the kitchen and start cooking that scrumptious dinner à deux! 


Desktop wallpaper: download here.
Mobile wallpaper: download here.


DIY Projects Wedding Stationery

Free Printables: Red Lips Placecard.

Today’s printable is a special shout out to a follower who saw the moustache placecard I shared during Movember and wanted a red lips version. So, here it is Renee and the rest of you sexy readers!

To download the placecard, click here.


DIY Projects

Exclusive Printables by KaloPrintAbles: Starry Night Valentine’s Day Card.

It’s that time of year again when newly loved up couples begin planning their Valentine’s Day surprises and those who aren’t just wished they could disappear from the face of this earth. Ok, perhaps a little exaggerated but all the gooeyness that comes with this romantic day can be a bit much. So, instead of sending flowers (many girls use this as an opportunity to boast, especially in the office) and chocolates which honestly lacks creativity, why not pour your heart out in a DIY card? Love is splendid but sometimes, those sweet words are better left private. KaloPrintAbles has shared with us her Starry Night Valentine’s Day Card in light teal/mint green to kick off your creative juices. What’s best is that the card can be printed and used for any occasion – wedding, birthday, graduation, relocation and the list goes on.

**The Starry Night card comes in a blue background with yellow text as well. Visit KaloPrintAbles on Etsy to purchase this colour.

For the free printable in light teal/mint green, click here to download.


Photo credits: KaloPrintAbles – Etsy

DIY Projects Wedding Stationery

DIY Printables: KaloPrintAbles Now on Etsy.

A while back, I introduced to you the ever so talented Kalo of Kalo Make Art, whose unique designs continue to inspire many couples to commission her bespoke services and create a set of wedding stationery that’s one-of-a-kind. However, if you’re pressed for time or would like to print your own invitations, then her newly launched Kalo PrintAbles line on Etsy will suit you perfectly. You can choose from a number of hand-illustrated designs from her collection and customise the colours to match your wedding theme and in return, Kalo will send you the customised PDF file. With prices starting at HK$288 (under US$40) for the invitation and RSVP card design, her new range is perfect for those on a tight budget. What are you waiting for?

As a treat to all Bridelicious readers and to celebrate Kalo’s new line, she has shared with us the printable table numbers 1-18 in purple from her Flower Bomb Suite. And if you need additional numbers, visit her Etsy store for more information on how to purchase the digital file.

**Scroll down to download the free printables!**


Photo credits: KaloPrintAbles – Etsy

Click below to download the PDF table number files:
Flower Bomb Table No. 1-2
Flower Bomb Table No. 3-4
Flower Bomb Table No. 5-6
Flower Bomb Table No. 7-8
Flower Bomb Table No. 9-10
Flower Bomb Table No. 11-12
Flower Bomb Table No. 13-14
Flower Bomb Table No. 15-16
Flower Bomb Table No. 17-18

DIY Projects Proposals

Proposal: A Kinder Surprise.

We all like a surprise once in a while (or for some, all the time) and in certain cases, such as a marriage proposal, the more unexpected and unique, the better. It’s your once-in-a-lifetime so it’s only fair you get to boast about it and make all your girlfriends jealous. Word of warning: overdo it and you’ll soon find yourself with lots of enemies. So, when Matthew proposed to his now wife, Lori, they decided to share their surprise on their 9th year wedding anniversary.

I first learnt of the proposal through Daily Mail and thought it was so cute, it deserves its own post. You’ve seen stop-motion proposals as well as flashmob ones before but the effort that Matthew went through to take apart the kinder surprise egg and fill it with a small robot figure of him with the engagement ring then reassembling it to its original form is truly one that’s adorably sweet. Just think next time when you’re munching away your kinder egg, you may be in for a surprise.


Photo credit: Two Plus Us