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DIY Flower Wreath Tutorial by KaloMakeArt.

Today I’m so excited to share with you a ridiculously neat DIY flower wreath tutorial by the bespoke wedding stationery designer Kalo of KaloMakeArt that’ll not only dress up your cute flower girls and give them a pretty personal keepsake but it’ll also add some pops of colour to your wedding day. In this tutorial, Kalo shows us how to make seven types of felt flowers which you can mix ‘n match as you like. You can even adapt the tutorial and make your own corsage or boutonnières for the bridal party. Now, enough from me. I’ll let Kalo do the talking.

p.s. A big congrats to Kalo who will be getting married next month. I can’t wait to see what other DIY projects she has in store!


KaloMakeArt DIY Flower Wreath Tutorial 01

KaloMakeArt DIY Flower Wreath Tutorial 02

KaloMakeArt DIY Flower Wreath Tutorial 03

KaloMakeArt DIY Flower Wreath Tutorial 04

KaloMakeArt DIY Flower Wreath Tutorial 05

KaloMakeArt DIY Flower Wreath Tutorial 06

KaloMakeArt DIY Flower Wreath Tutorial 07

KaloMakeArt DIY Flower Wreath Tutorial 08

KaloMakeArt DIY Flower Wreath Tutorial 09

KaloMakeArt DIY Flower Wreath Tutorial 10

KaloMakeArt DIY Flower Wreath Tutorial 11

Photo credit: KaloMakeArt


In Search of Flowers.

Recently, I’ve been searching for coral flowers, left, right and centre. As if the colour wasn’t a nightmare to find already, the particular flower I want is seasonal. Typical. The more you long for something, the more the universe will play with you. Point being and a lesson for you couples out there (mainly the bride) is that when you’re trawling through the internet pinning your favourite bouquets and floral centrepieces to the wedding Pinterest board, remember to check if they’re in season for your big day. Don’t waste time. If the particular flowers you were eyeing on are only available in the winter and your wedding is in June, sorry to disappoint but you’ve just got to move on. Where do you get all this information? I’ve found particularly useful in my quest; you can search by colour and season. It’s helped me find alternatives to what I’m looking for so let’s hope that’ll be the case for you too. Now, stop being so picky!


Photo credit: Maypole Studios via Exquisite Designs

Bridesmaids Flowers Wedding Fashion

Bridesmaids: Pretty in Print.

The opening of Cath Kidston and Marimekko in Causeway Bay last year has brought floral and pattern madness to Hong Kong, not to mention all the graphic prints we’ve been seeing on J. Crew’s pants. Vintage flowers are no longer synonymous with your Grandma’s house and funky patterns has added much needed brightness to any home. Perfect for spring and summer weddings, the floral prints are reminiscent of the English countryside. Even the men are in on the English gentlemen look minus the florals, with the opening of The Men’s Shop by Club Monaco in the quaint St. Francis Yard. To give your wedding a natural and feminine feel, let your bridesmaids don some pretty florals or cute prints and they’ll no doubt be the most blooming beautiful bridal party in town.


Photo credits (clockwise from top left): Austin Gros via Wedding Chicks, Mark Tattersall, Queensland Brides, Mark Tattersall via Lucy Says I DoFiglewicz Photography via Style Me PrettyLindsay Gross


With so many brands selling printed dresses, you’ll be spoilt for choice! See our picks from the best online shops.

Photo credits (clockwise from top left): Jarlo Chiffon Frill Tea Dress from Zooq, A Wear Peplum Dress from ASOS, One Shoulder Pencil Dress from ASOS, Arabelle Dress from J.Crew, L*Space Inca Ruins Cover Up Dress from Shopbop, Oil Painting Floral Dress from Shop Ruche  



Alternative Florals: The King Protea.

Transform your wedding into one that’s bright, bold and beautiful with the help of the King Protea flower. Proudly South African (it’s their national flower), these giant beauties exudes a feeling of girliness with its pink crimson and yellow colours whilst maintaining an air of fieriness with the strong stalk and petals. You can tone it down by mixing flowers with softer hues or if you want to show the guests how strong your personality is, use them on their own for an extra loud effect. No one will forget your wedding.


Photo credits (clockwise from top left): Melanie Wessels PhotographyLove Made Visible via Oh Darling DaysTink PhotographyLizelle Lotter Photography, Louisa Bailey WeddingsKevin Charlie Photography via 


Alternative Flowers: Purple Alliums.

Much of the inspiration you see throughout the blog stems from everyday life. I was in TST the other week and spotted a floral arrangement outside a Japanese restaurant and knew I had to share my findings with you. These ginormous purple allium flowers, that look like giant lollipops are in fact in the same family as chives and are in season during the summer months. They come in smaller sizes but are more commonly seen in its’ big ball form. Now, there must be something that attracts you Hong Kong couples to the colour purple, so instead of choosing the overly used hydrangeas or peonies as your wedding flowers (zzzzz….), please can you consider the purple alliums? Cluster them together for a wow factor or give your bridesmaids a single stem to carry down the aisle for a cuter look. Whatever you choose, you’ll have made the right decision.

Photo credits (clockwise from top left): The Handcrafted Card Company, Kuga Designs, Weddingbee via Branches, , Stephanie Williams Photography via JL Designs, Laura Beck Photography via, Martha Stewart


Nice Isn’t Always Practical.

DIY Projects Flowers Wedding Decor

The Glass is Always Greener: Recycled Glass Bottles.

I was reading the latest HK Magazine edition on glass recycling in this city and the figures amazed me. You and I contribute to the 374 tonnes of glass thrown away each day and only 3% of it gets recycled. Shame on all of us and shame on the Hong Kong Government for the lack of recycling facilities. So, how can you do your bit to help the environment? Let’s face it, weddings aren’t cheap and every dollar counts. Don’t be afraid or embarrassed to reuse glass bottles and jars as vases or candle holders. All those beers your man drinks, the bottles of wine consumed at the numerous 3-course dinners and jars of pasta sauced used to whip up quick meals can be easily upcycled. Just think of all the options: paint, yarn, lace, ribbon, wrapping paper and twine to transform the glass and if you’re looking to save even more money and time, leave the beer or wine bottles as is to create a shabby chic look. No one will judge.


Photo credits (clockwise from top left): Julie Ann Art, Mallory Joyce, Young House of Love,

DIY Yarn Glass Jar

Clean glass bottle or jar
Double-sided tape

1. Stick the double-sided tape to the bottom of the glass jar.
2. Start working the yarn around from bottle of the jar, ensuring the yarn is close together.
3. You can stop circling the jar with the yarn at whichever point you please.
4. Fill your new upcycled jar with flowers (in the photos below, the flowers have been recycled from a wedding that I attended over the weekend. Talk about being green.)

DIY Recycled Glass Bottles
From left to right: Clean glass jar   |   Yarn glass jar   |   Spray-painted glass jar


The Fiery Circus Roses.

Today’s inspiration hails all the way from Vancouver’s Granville Island and although I’m not a big fan of roses, these red rimmed yellow orange roses have managed to capture my heart. Commonly known as circus roses, the vibrant colours add a touch of energy to the flowers that are usually regarded as classic and elegant. Fiery on its own, the circus roses are also versatile in that they can be matched with other florals. Roses don’t always have to be red.


Photo credits (clockwise from top left): Gary Johnson Photography via A Garden Party, Lori Ann Photography via Rhonda Patton WeddingsGregory Byerline via Brocade Design Arts, Julie Roberts Photography via Lucy Dylan Weddings, I Do Designs, Altmix Photography


Let’s Dahlia It Up!

Oh sweet dahlias. The national flower of Mexico. How can you not fall in love with such a cute, bushy flower that grows in a multitude of colours that’ll match just about any wedding theme colour you want. From the soft, pale palettes to the fiery hues, dahlias also come in various shapes and sizes too. Since they’re not a common wedding flower in this city, you’ll find that they’re comparatively cheaper, leaving you more budget to spend on the booze. Who’s complaining?


DIY Paper Dahlias

If you’re feeling adventurous, check out Martha Stewart’s tutorial on how to make paper dahlia pom poms and napkin rings that can double up as wedding favours.


Photo credits (clockwise from top left): Cooper Studios via Lynchcreek Dahlias, Simply Bloom Photography via Style Me Pretty, Jo Wickham Photography, KC @, Bryan and Mae, The Nichols, Vela Images