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Will You Marry Me?

Just when you thought social media couldn’t infiltrate our lives much more than it already has, news comes that some bloke proposed to his girlfriend via Twitter coupled with Vine (a shakey self-shot video). And to find out more on how the proposal evolved, read . No sweet words, or tears of joy. All executed in less than 140 characters for the world to read and see. Unconventional it may be, but what ever happened to privacy and intimacy? You’re allowed to share your excitement but c’mon, do it after you’ve actually got the girl to say yes.

My point is, fine you can be original and think out of the box when it comes to proposals or even weddings, but sometimes, a bit of tradition is a good thing. What ever happened to good old romance where a guy got down on one knee and poured his heart out as to why he wants to spend the rest of his life with his soulmate? Not to say that a proposal has to be all girlie and dreamy, but at least, give it some respect. So, when it’s your turn to conjure up a unique proposal, remember that different isn’t always the best way forward.


Photo credit: Luis Acosta / AFP – Getty Images via NBC News (image isn’t of the Twitter couple!)

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Proposal: A Kinder Surprise.

We all like a surprise once in a while (or for some, all the time) and in certain cases, such as a marriage proposal, the more unexpected and unique, the better. It’s your once-in-a-lifetime so it’s only fair you get to boast about it and make all your girlfriends jealous. Word of warning: overdo it and you’ll soon find yourself with lots of enemies. So, when Matthew proposed to his now wife, Lori, they decided to share their surprise on their 9th year wedding anniversary.

I first learnt of the proposal through Daily Mail and thought it was so cute, it deserves its own post. You’ve seen stop-motion proposals as well as flashmob ones before but the effort that Matthew went through to take apart the kinder surprise egg and fill it with a small robot figure of him with the engagement ring then reassembling it to its original form is truly one that’s adorably sweet. Just think next time when you’re munching away your kinder egg, you may be in for a surprise.


Photo credit: Two Plus Us

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If You Like It, Put a Ring On It!

This one’s for the men and for a selected group of  ladies who are non-traditionalists. Those at SimplyBridal, have shared with us a flow chart on how to figure out your other half’s ring size without them finding out before the proposal. Awww you romantic. In my case, the hubster went through great lengths digging around my bedroom and coincidentally, the one ring I owned was sent to , a Hong Kong accessories boutique for a custom hand-made ring. Instead of trying other methods, he courageously took a guess, using his pinky circumference as the sample. And to prove our compatibility, he got the ring size right. First try. So, for you folks looking at finding out the ring size, there’s no right or wrong strategy. Follow this flow chart and see what works for you and if all fails, go with your gut.


Photo credit: SimplyBridal

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Sweetest Proposal Ever.

Even if you’re sick and tired of Bruno Mars being played in every wedding video, you’ve got to say this is the sweetest and most thought out proposal ever. Thanks to Glamour and Grace Weddings for sharing!  I want to cry in happiness for her! Who knew a live lip-dub proposal could be so utterly amazing?!

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Proposal Idea: Paint the Steps.

If you happen to live in a house (rare in this tiny city) and you own it, paint your love vows on the stairs and let her read what you’ve got in store for her. Her legs might just get a little wobbly.

Photo credit: The Cherry Blossom Girl via The Dao of Doing

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Proposal Ideas: The Meal.

Cook your loved one a romantic meal and when she’s finished with your culinary surprise, she’ll see the proposal right before her eyes. Awwwww.

Photo credit: LennyMud via Etsy

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Life is a Rollercoaster.

When you think about having a unique out-of-this-world wedding, did exchanging vows on a rollercoaster ever come to mind? For one couple in Japan, their marriage was quite literally a rollercoaster ride. Do you dare?


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Once Every Four Years. Make it Memorable.

Photo credit: Dog N' Bird Tumblr

Gorgeous ladies, if you’re wondering when your man will pop the question, why don’t you put the matters in your own hands? Who says it’s only men who can make the move? Tradition has it that leap day aka Sadie Hawkins Day is the only day that women can propose to men, as by law, it was a non-existent day. So, how do you do it without making a fool of yourself?

1.  Make sure he will definitely say yes. He may not have taken the plunge for a reason so suss out what he thinks about marriage.
Buy a gift for him, not a ring. Depending on whether he is an alpha male or not, the act of proposing may just put a dent to his ego. Putting an engagement ring on his finger will just end it
3. C
hoose a place that’s special for both of you. Again, as I’ve mentioned many times before, do not propose in public. It could be when you’re snuggling up on the couch; a place where he’ll feel comfortable. Trust me, men do not have fantasies about how they’ll be proposed to, so for them, this very act will just make their heart beat that much faster. Also, don’t get down on one knee, unless you have a motif like Sandra Bullock in The Proposal.
Tell him you love him and how much he means to you. That should hopefully melt his heart.

Good luck!
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Proposal: 50 Years from Now.

Men out there who think their proposal idea was or going to be the most unique, think twice. This NYC proposal is so thoughtful and inspiring, I even shed a small tear. How do you see yourselves 50 years from now?



Proposal Gone Wrong.

Ouch. Rejection in public. The worst nightmare for any man. So for you groomalicious men out there wanting avoid this ultimate downfall, here are some proposals DO NOT’s.
1) DO NOT propose in front of a group of people and if you do decide to ignore my advice, please don’t get down on one knee in a food court. It is utterly unromantic and you deserve that rejection.
2) DO NOT sing to her unless you have a voice of an angel. Out-of-tune singing to Sweet Caroline is the last thing she wants to hear. I tell you, it’s not sweet.
3) DO NOT hire a guitarist to sing with you. It just shows you’re a wuss.