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Whoopie Pies: So 2011.

Photo credits (clockwise from top left): Today's Nest,, The Kitchn, Michelle Lindsay Photography via United With Love, Heidi with Our Labour of Love via Weddingbee, Spirals & Spatulas

Just when you thought cupcakes were THE only sweet treats to substitute a wedding cake, in comes the whoopie pies. These macaroon-looking, cupcake-tasting pies are hitting it big in the U.S. and it’ll just be a matter of time before they land in Hong Kong. These delicious pies take the best out of cupcakes, that is, the slightly crunchy top bit of the cake and the frosting which is replaced with soft cream cheese. You can be as creative as you want with the fillings and forget about the calorie count; one or two of them will not hurt. Instead of a wedding cake, have a whoopie tower or give them as edible favours. They’re also not difficult to make so if your guest list happens to be short, why not bake them yourself and add a sprinkle of your love (oh cheesy but a personal touch goes a long way)?

Bridelicious tried her hand at making these yesterday using one of the recipes from The Kitchn, Martha Stewart’s banana whoopie pie. They may look a bit more homey than the professional ones but still taste equally good. No lying.

Photo by Bridelicious


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Dessert Bars. Sweet-a-licious.

Photo credits (clockwise from top left): Tucson Wedding Photoblog, Swank Sweets via Simply Perfect Weddings Blog, A Warm Reception, Adrienne Gunde Photography

Just like the cupcake craze has been hitting Hong Kong like Hurricane Irene, so too are the candy buffets aka candy bars. They’re colourful, sweet and transports us to Willy Wonka’s factory but why not give it a twist and try setting up a popcorn bar or a DIY ice-cream bar? Who said you can’t start a new trend?

Film buff? The popcorn bar is a great way to incorporate the theme.

Photo credits (clockwise from top left): Design Indulgences, The Flirty Blog, Kristin Spencer Photography via Contemporary Bride Magazine

Create your own sweet treat and bring back childhood memories. Just make sure you don’t get any on your dress!

Photo Credits (clockwise from top): Eat Drink Chic, Katelyn James Photography, Paper Doll Romance

 Pie-a-licious. Rustic and home-y. Who can resist a bit of pie?

Photo credits (clockwise from top left): Once Wed, Taylor Made Weddings & Events, Smart BRide Boutique via Lemonade Life, Dessert Girl

Krispy Kreme fan? Create your own donut bar with jam-filled, cream-filled or original glazed donuts.

Photo credits (clockwise from top left): Casclo Photography via Bliss Magazine's Inspirational Blog, The Daily Veil

Entertainment Wedding songs

Wedding Music Bands.

We often forget the importance of entertainment for weddings (and by entertainment we don’t mean hiring a magician to keep the kids happy!) because we get so bogged down by the other details like flowers or the venue decoration, but in order to really get the party going, a good band will do the trick. We’ve compiled a list of bands in HK – hire them and you’ll get the guests rockin’ the dance floor in no time!

N.B. Prices are for reference only (these are from Bridelicious’ wedding quotes back in February) and varies depending on time needed. Contact the individual bands for exact costs.


Impulz (Igor’s Group)

They used to play at the Cavern (closed down) and you can see why they’re so popular. Well, and maybe after a few tequila shots.

Contact: or

Price: from HKD29,000 up


Ladybird & the Diamonds

Looking for something jazzy? This quartet is great if you prefer more relaxed and chilled music.

Contact: or

Price: from HKD14,000 up for a 4-piece band 



Professional and great voices. It’s no wonder they charge more than other bands.


Price: each member costs HKD5,000+ but some vocalists charge more. Sound system costs are an additional fee depending on the venue.


Pete Moore Band

Awesome arrangement: not only do they do jazz but classic rock. How many wedding bands can do that in HK?



Deans Live Music

This band is reasonably priced and has a great repertoire. Great if you’re on a budget.

Contact: or

Price: from HKD10,000 up for a 4-5 piece band


Edwin Gutierrez Band

This band has a lot of energy and can sing just about anything!

Contact:  or

Price: from HKD20,000 up for a 4 piece band


Me2 Productions

More jazzy than dance but add a few thousand bucks and you’ll get what you want!

Contact: or

Price: from HKD27,000 up for a 5 piece band

Wedding Cake

Let Them Eat Cake.

The cupcake trend has been around for a good 3+ years and  it doesn’t seem to be dying down. In fact, why should it when you’ve got great looking and equally tasty cakes? Last week, we had a peek into Let Them Eat Cake‘s studio in Central to see what made Sharon’s cupcakes so unique. Sharon is the owner and cupcake extraordinaire and is full of creative buzz. Coming from an interior design background, the inspiration for her cupcakes ranges from wallpaper (!) to fashion magazines which she then artistically translates to her cupcakes. What’s great is that she genuinely loves what she’s doing and this is reflected in those delicately adorned cakes; so pretty you almost feel guilty eating them! Once you do go past your guilty conscience, the cake which comes in vanilla victoria sponge, chocolate or lemon and is only made with natural ingredients, is a bite of moist yet light goodness complemented by a thin layer of fondant that isn’t overly sweet.

Let Them Eat Cake Signature Cupcakes (Photos by Bridelicious)

Let Them Eat Cake - Victoria Sponge (Photo by Bridelicious)

Choose from their range of signature cupcakes for your wedding cupcake tower or as a sweet favour or better yet, have them tailor-make the cupcakes for your big day. Do you have a colour theme in mind? Or are there certain flowers that you like? Have them incorporated into your wedding cake for a personal touch; just make sure you give Sharon some time to design, bake and decorate your cakes. It’s no easy task hand-making anything let alone a few hundred edible flowers and just to give you an idea of the hard work that’s involved, the hydrangea cupcake takes about 2 hours to decorate. Now, that’s a whole lot of love put into one cake.

Let Them Eat Cake - Bespoke Designs (Photo by Bridelicious)

Let Them Eat Cake - Hydrangea Cupcake (Photo by Bridelicious)

Price (dependent on design):

Mini-cupcakes range from HKD15up

Regular signature cupcakes range from HKD30up

Very detailed and intricate cupcakes e.g. Hydrangea Cupcake range from HKD90up


Inspiration Board Wedding Photography

Blown Away: Balloon Wedding

We are obsessed with all things balloon-related: it’s cheap, comes in a myriad of colours and are just bursting with happiness. Do it wrong and your wedding can and will look like a 4-yr-old’s party at McD’s but do it right and your big day will be filled with fun, love and lots of helium.

Save the dates. Invitations. Guest books. Incorporate balloons into your theme.

Photo credits (clockwise from top left): We Heart Photography via Green Wedding Shoes, Notes on Wedding, Green Wedding Shoes, Bleudetoi via Etsy, Green Wedding Shoes

Picture Perfect. Engagement or wedding day. Use them as props for that whimsical effect.

Photo credits (row 1 from left): Simply Bloom Photography via Green's Wedding Blog, Michele Waite via 100 Layer Cake, Six Sixty Studios (Row 2 from left): Helen Carter Weddings, Simon the Photo, Priscila Valentina Photography via Green Wedding Shoes (Row 3 from left): Kes Moments, Boutwell Studio via Brenda's Wedding Blog, Knotty Bride via Girly Wedding, Once Wed via Scatter Joy (Row 4 from left): Alea Moore Photography via Delightfully Engaged, Style me Pretty Style Circle, Brittany Esther via Green Wedding Shoes, Erin Hearts Court via Wish Special Events

Aisle, table centerpieces. Use balloons for your wedding decor. Who says you have to use flowers?

Photo credits (clockwise from top left): The Sweetest Occasion via Green Wedding Shoes, The Nicols via For the Love of Skinny, Amy Atlas via Once Wed, Love and Lavender, Green Wedding Shoes, Martha Stewart Weddings, Oh, Daily! Photography via Land Locked Bride

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Black + White: the Classic Combo.

Since there’s been very little photos of THE Hollywood wedding of the year aka the ‘Kardashian wedding’ (who even remembers her hubby’s last name?), we’ve put matters into our own hands and put together some black and white inspiration should you wish to follow the reality star’s footsteps. It’s simple and versatile yet so chic, what’s not to like? Though seeing that we do live in the city of superstitions, before you decide on anything, it’s probably best to have a word with your parents – true, it’s your wedding so it’s ultimately your decision but you don’t want your mum and dad attending your big day with a sour face, do you?

Give the guests a glimpse of the glitz and glam to come.

Photo credits (clockwise from top left): Wedding Invitations Reviews, Bespoke Press via Invitation Crush, Dan via Oh So Beautiful Paper, Angela Gaeto via Events Accomplished, E.M. Papers via Coastal City Bride, Sarah K. Chen via United With Love, Oh So Beautiful paper, Palos Studio via Project Wedding, Table 6 Productions via The Design Grove

Elegant on the ladies and smart on the boys. Black is the answer.

Photo Credits (clockwise from top left): Fashion Trends Blog, Project Wedding, Sweet Monday Photography via Project Wedding, Unique Images via Storkie Blog, David Turner Photography via Brooklyn Bride, Edison & Ford Winter Estates, Vera Wang via Weddingbee Forum, Destination Weddings & Honeymoons, Project Wedding, Teneil Kable Photography via Style Me Pretty, Faith by Jimmy Choo via Wedding Mango

Dark but sweet.

Photo credits (clockwise from top left): Wedding and Cakes, Edible Art Cakes, Oh Lovely Day's, Bella Luna Cakes via Country Living, Peggy's Cupcakes via 5 Star Wedding Blog, Wedding Cakes Pictures, Dove Wedding Photography via Southern Weddings Magazine, 3 Party Tiers Blog

Modern yet timeless.

Photo credits (clockwise from top left): Martha Stewart, Janet Howard Studio via Brooklyn Bride, Dream Irish Wedding, Belle Fleur via Chandelier Events, Palos Studio, Sweet Ambs via Plum Paperie, The Knot, Zinke Design Weblog, Krista Mason via Grey Likes Weddings, Sang Maestro, Nu Visions in Photography via Pretty Chicky Wedding Blog, Bernell's Blog, Palos Studio, Get Wedding Design

Beauty Bride

Workout the Kim Kardashian way?

All of Hollywood’s eyes are on and her impending (tomorrow!) nuptials with Kris Humphries (we still think the massive height difference is a problem) and her Vera Wang dress, or shall we say dresses? What we’re more interested in is her grueling wedding fitness regime. Her personal trainer, Gunnar Peterson revealed that Kim alternates five sets of strength training with five sets of cardio and this is done not once, but sometimes twice a day. No wonder she’s always photographed in her gym gear.

Photo credits (clockwise from left): Headlinephoto/Splash News via Daily Mail UK, Everyday Health, Man Alive Magazine

For those of us who do not have the luxury of hiring a personal trainer (honestly, her backside is still hmmm….how should we put it nicely? Serena Williams-like.), here’s Bridelicious’ workout tips and didn’t require forking out HKD500 per hour to trim down. That means extra money towards the honeymoon.

Regime (3x per week):

15-20mins cycling with resistance on 7 (tip: if there’s no T.V. then bring a gossip magazine…it’ll be over before you even know it)

2mins stretching

2x 30reps of Lat Pulldown

2x 20reps of Seated Leg Press

2x 50reps of Sit Ups on the Ab machine

All this in under 30minutes AND you can still eat like a normal person – now you don’t have any excuse to be lazy right? Go on, you can do it.

Beauty Wedding Fashion

Wine stain, go away.

All bride’s most dreaded nightmare. What do you do when you find out that there’s a stain on your precious wedding dress and worst of all, it’s from blood coloured red wine??? Scream, yell, cry or keep calm and accept your fate?  Panic not but make sure you treat it ASAP and by that, we don’t mean leaving it until the next morning. Use a white cloth/paper towel/napking and dab, NOT RUB, the stain to remove as much of it as possible. Not only will rubbing the stain not help whatsoever, it will cause the stain to spread. Surely that’s not your intention? You’ll need to pour cold water over the stain during the dabbing process until you’ve dabbed the life-blood out of that bloody stain. Follow it by getting some baking soda, mix it with a tiny bit of water to make it into a paste and blot it onto the stain and leave it to dry. If that all sounds like too much hassle, head to G.O.D. and buy yourself the Wine Away Emergency Kit. It comes in two miniature bottles so all you need to do is spray and let it work its’ magic. Now, enjoy the rest of your special day!

Photo Credits from left: Dynamite Weddings, Wine Away


Wine Away Emergency Kit available at G.O.D., Hong Kong.

Price: HKD98

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Alice in the Hong Kong-land.

Bridelicious may err towards the contemporary look but who says she doesn’t like a touch of old style charm and whimsy? Vintage tea party themed weddings are girly yet glamorous and can be adapted for both indoor (unfortunately space is an issue in this tiny city) and outdoor weddings. Of course, if you’re one of the lucky ones to secure a lovely garden or outdoor terrace for your tea party theme, that’ll be a bonus. Think 1920′s: use pale colours, pretty tea cups, pearls and lace. Oh-so-romantic!

It’s all about the detail. Small, intricate decoration will do the work.

Photo Credits (clockwise from top-left): Hitched UK, Once Wed, Design Sponge Online, Emma Case Photography, Amanda Thiessen Photography, Jennifer Dery

Pretty + sweet. Simply irresistible.

Photo credits (clockwise from top-left): Segerius-Bruce Photography, Yvonne Wong Photography, Rosie Parsons, Ruffled Blog, Nik Nah Shaks Blog, Celebrations at Home, Modern Day Photography

 Think out of the box.

Photo credits (clockwise from top-left): Hazlitt Vintage Rentals, Wedding Dress Blog, Aspect Photography, Vintage Twee, Sepia Smiles, Sutherland Kovach Studio, The Simplifiers, Pink Shoes Art, Belly Feathers Party Blog, Secret Diary, Vintage Twee

It is called a tea party so it’s only fitting to wear tea length dresses? And for your beau…suspenders.

Photo credits (clockwise from top-left): Anna-Rina Rahim via Wedding Guide Asia, Terra Dawn Photography via Elizabeth Anne Designs, Wedding by Color, Bridal Bliss Designs, Paper and Lace Photography via Green Wedding Shoes, Amelia Strauss Photography

Groom Wedding Fashion

Mad About Men.

If you want your man to look like Don Draper, look no further than Banana Republic’s Mad Men Collection. Sleek, tailored and oh-so-60s, this suit can be shipped right to your doorstep. Of course, this all comes with a price but one you’ll not regret about. If you’re allowed to buy a HKD20k wedding dress, surely you can set a higher budget for your man’s wedding suit?

We can’t stop drooling.

Price of 3-piece suit: approximately HKD5,500 + shipping

Simply a few clicks:

Photo Credits: Banana Republic