The Bow Tie Effect.

Ladies, I think you’ve had plenty of attention from me, the lads are getting jealous. So, to play fair, today’s post is about your man. Let’s face it, most men aren’t fashionable and would rather be wearing a pair of flip-flops, a t-shirt and shorts on their wedding day (if they had a say). Make him wear a tux and a bow tie and he’ll want to be the first one out. So, in order to make your man look dapper without the need to go for the full suit (only if he refuse profusely), give him a fun bow tie to wear, with a dress shirt of course. Gone are the days of grandpa-looking or big clown-like ones. It’s now about the polka dots, the checks and the stripes. Pair it with suspenders or a waistcoat for a quirky look or wear it with a suit for a more formal and classy feel. You can even get the groomsmen and the ring bearers to be in on this and you’ll have one uber dapper looking bridal party.


How to Tie a Bow Tie.
I think part of the reason men don’t wear bow ties more often is simply because they don’t actually know how to tie one. Show him you care by learning how to tie one. Tell him to wear a bow tie on your big day so all that effort won’t be put to waste. Check out the tutorial at Visual News.


DIY Bow Tie.
To top it off, follow this DIY tutorial Green Wedding Shoes, and make the wedding bow tie for your man. His heart might just melt.


Photo credits (clockwise from top left): Erins Heart Court, Stephanie Williams Photography, Ryan Ray Photo, Bend The Light, The Knot Australia, Glass Jar Photography, Matthew Morgan

Photo credit: Visual News 

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