Real Weddings: Joss & KC (DIY Wedding Favours)

If you’re into truly original weddings, you’re going to love this DIY film roll wedding favour that Joss and KC handmade for over 300 guests that’s filled with passion and love whilst being environmentally friendly . As you’ve seen earlier this week, KC of was the one behind the lens for Jas & Alan’s Bali wedding, so you can probably understand how important it was for him to incorporate a photography-related gift when it came to his own big day. This project meant that Joss and KC spent two months scouring through all camera shops in Hong Kong and asking for used film rolls (the shop owners must have been scratching their heads!) to complete their 400 rolls collection. What makes this unique wedding favour stand out is its personal aspect. How many times have you attended a wedding and received chocolates or chopsticks, ate, used or simply left them without remembering who they’re from? Give it some thought.


“We thought about little albums but then it’s too costly to print an album for each guest (we had about 300 guests). We then had the idea of using used film roll and paper strips to create an album in the shape of film rolls. I was so excited when we got the idea!” 


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  • michelle lau
    February 3, 2013 - 10:15 pm | Permalink

    hey, may i know how to DIY film roll like the pictures u have post =) or is tat a sell item?Hope you will reply me AS SOON AS POSSIBLE to my email address =) Thank you^^

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