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Wedding Photography

Beyond the Aesthetics: Isa Photography

There are tonnes of photographers in town these days (they usually stick out like a sore thumb with their ginormous cameras or carrying their smartphones and snapping at everything they see) but it’s not often you get to come across a talented individual who manages to bring a photo to life. Isa of Isa Photography, another ex-professional who ditched the legal world (can you hear the cheers?) has done just that. Her fresh take on engagement shoots focuses on the couple’s genuine happiness and love story whilst giving off a playful vibe at the same time.

Before the couples go in front of the camera, Isa talks to them at length to get the know them and plan the photo session, from styling to clothes and props. Sometimes couples are shy (c’mon, not everyone dreams to be a celeb or model) and Isa’s trick “is just to make them feel like I’m not there and let them sit, chat and laugh”. The relaxed nature of Isa’s photos have been inspired by Jose Villa and Jonathan Canlas, two film photographers (not many do that nowadays!) who have, in Isa’s words “the ability to go beyond the aesthetics of a photo and really unwrap and present a relationship as it really is”. Bravo, because Isa has got it right. One of my favourites is her capture of young love, Michelle & Andy, whose affection for each other just shines from their eyes and their smiles. It goes to show that you don’t need a dramatic background in order to achieve beautiful photos. When you’re in love, nothing else in the world matters.


p.s. Isa Photography can now be found at Localiiz, the Hong Kong directory for all your lifestyle needs!

Photo credits: Isa Photography

Wedding Photography

Peaceful Romance: Jada Poon Photography

Romance is a funny thing. It makes your heart flutter, it makes you cry with tears of joys, it brings out the child in all of us and it makes you want to spend the rest of your life with that special someone. You’re young, you’re in love and you’re about to make a life-long commitment. What better way is there to express all these emotions than having them captured in a pre-wedding shoot, especially in the hands of a talented photographer?

Jada of Jada Poon Photography is an ex-lawyer passionate about fine arts who quit her high-flying job to pursue a career in capturing people’s happiest moments. In her own words, she wants to ‘keep it simple’ by encouraging couples to dress casual during their engagement shoot sessions and to allow them to act normally. A photo of two lovebirds laughing really does speak a thousand words, if done right. You can tell that Jada puts her heart into it; from her DIY props to capturing a couple’s most natural smile using soft light and even extending to the small details she places in her CD packaging. She takes inspiration from her two favourite wedding photographers, Jose Villa and Elizabeth Messina, whose workshops she has and will be attending respectively, and brings an artistic touch to all her photos.

I’m glad Jada has entered the world of weddings. Go on, give her a ring and say cheese

Photo credits: Jada Poon Photography

Wedding Photography

Natural Wedding Photography

As you can tell by now, Bridelicious’ view on weddings is that it should be about two people in love and sharing their day with those who are closest and dearest. Can you honestly say you know 200 close friends? C’mon, weddings are not about a popularity contest or how many superficial Facebook friends you have. It’s also not a show (stop with those childhood photos already…the guests are just saying those awwws to stop themselves from falling asleep). Likewise, wedding photos play an important part in reflecting your personality. Those who enjoy the pomp and circumstance of it all will probably go for OTT photographers whose style are more akin to fashion photography (it’s rather cringeworthy to see brides strut around thinking they’re some model or celebrity – honey, don’t kid yourself). Others, prefer the natural photographer whose aim is to capture the emotions; the laughter, tears, nerves and happiness.

Photo credit: KC Wedding Photo

In a city like Hong Kong where most weddings are ‘for show’, it is quite difficult to find natural photographers who can truly tell a story with their photos. One highly recommended one, and used by Bridelicious herself, is KC Chan. His photos are candid and unfussy, contemporary and makes everything and everyone look pretty. He’s also not in-your-face, so if you’re the shy type, you and your guests needn’t worry that you’re on camera the whole day. We think the photos can speak a thousand words so check out his work and you’ll see that we’re telling the truth.

KC Wedding Photo


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