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Real Weddings: Jasmine & Alan (DIY Invitation)

By now, you’ll probably know I’m in love with all things DIY. It demonstrates one’s creativity and most important of all, their personality. When I found out that Jasmine & Alan’s wedding invitation was designed by the couple themselves, I knew I had to feature their creation. Both in the professional sphere, let’s just say their daily work involves numbers and documents and as you can tell, a world away from the arts. Together with two bridesmaids and an iPad in hand, this invitation is truly a reflection of “great teamwork”.


The Design: 

“I first drew/wrote the draft and then we tried to look for a couple of printers to estimate costs. So glad we found a cheap local one (run by a couple of warm-hearted middle-aged women!) as we wanted to keep it under HK$15 per set.” 

“With the printed cards in single colour, I got two talented bridesmaids, Joanne and Viv, to join me to paint all of them.”

“At last, Alan and I finished with our fingerprints and two smiley faces at the back to add a personal touch on a rather commoditised wedding accessory these days.”

 ”You can probably tell how excited I am with the end product!”

Wedding Photography: KC @ www.chankichun.com
Invitation Printers: Kam Shing
iPad Drawing App:

Wedding Photography

Peaceful Romance: Jada Poon Photography

Romance is a funny thing. It makes your heart flutter, it makes you cry with tears of joys, it brings out the child in all of us and it makes you want to spend the rest of your life with that special someone. You’re young, you’re in love and you’re about to make a life-long commitment. What better way is there to express all these emotions than having them captured in a pre-wedding shoot, especially in the hands of a talented photographer?

Jada of Jada Poon Photography is an ex-lawyer passionate about fine arts who quit her high-flying job to pursue a career in capturing people’s happiest moments. In her own words, she wants to ‘keep it simple’ by encouraging couples to dress casual during their engagement shoot sessions and to allow them to act normally. A photo of two lovebirds laughing really does speak a thousand words, if done right. You can tell that Jada puts her heart into it; from her DIY props to capturing a couple’s most natural smile using soft light and even extending to the small details she places in her CD packaging. She takes inspiration from her two favourite wedding photographers, Jose Villa and Elizabeth Messina, whose workshops she has and will be attending respectively, and brings an artistic touch to all her photos.

I’m glad Jada has entered the world of weddings. Go on, give her a ring and say cheese :)

Photo credits: Jada Poon Photography