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Destination Weddings: Location, Location, Location.

Photo credits (clockwise from top left): Manuel Astefan Photography, W. Scott Chester Photography, Perfect Bound Blog, Joshua Rainey Photography, Michael Norwood Photography

Destination wedding. Just the thought of it sounds exotic enough. No matter where you’re planning to celebrate your nuptials, be it overlooking the vineyards in Tuscany or against the backdrop of the Adriatic sea (oh how dreamy), there’s going to be some element of stress even if you’re the world’s most-relaxed person. You’re thousands of miles away, you’ve probably never travelled there before and there could be language barrier. It’s your once-in-a-lifetime so you’re going to want it to be perfect. I don’t blame you. Here’s the first of many tips to get you started.


1. Unless the destination holds a special meaning to you as a couple (where you met, got engaged or where you’re from), ditch the idea of having it in an inaccessible location. Think of your guests. If it involves more than two transfers, it’s a no go. You want your friends and family to witness your happy moments and for them to enjoy themselves too, not moan about how difficult it was to get to your wedding. It’ll also reduce the chances of unexpected interruptions ruining the event, such as flight delays due to a volcanic eruption. Trust me, there’s nothing you can do about it when that does happen. It happened to me last year and all I could do was cry until I knew each and every single family member and friend had arrived. You don’t want a swollen eye on your big day.


2. Choose a destination that uses English as their first language or it’s widely used. You need to communicate with vendors and suppliers. If you don’t even speak the same language, how are you going to negotiate and tell them what you want? That’s where the wedding planner can prove to be useful, if you do decide to hire one.


3. Remember to check the weather. Avoid the rainy season unless you’re fine with getting drenched.


4. Before you decide on the destination, research around to see the availability of certain suppliers. Is it easy to source flowers? If you need caters, are they readily available?


5. Once you’ve decided on the destination, look at places that are all-inclusive and compare with those that simply hire out the venue. If you want to eliminate the need to source various suppliers, an all-inclusive package is the way to go. Most of these venues will have had experience with weddings  so they’ll ensure (or at least try to!) that your day will run without a hitch.