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Wedding Cake

Wedding cake yourself

There is vain and there is very vain. There is original and plain wacky. This particular bride in Dallas who was renewing her vows decided to have her wedding cake as a replica of, none other than herself. That poor lady probably didn’t receive a mirror as a wedding present. Her husband sure is ‘Innocent‘ (that’s his name!) – why did he not stop her?! I feel sorry for the guests who were served this life-sized cake. I mean, if she was Jessica Alba then there’s no problem.

Note: Bridelicious is not usually a b*tch.

Photo credits: Barcroft/Fame Pictures via Aol News

Royal Wedding Wedding Cake

Prince William's special cake

Photo credits: San Francisco Sentinel

Since we’re on the topic of the Royal Wedding and there’s been so much news on Prince William‘s special groom’s cake, I decided to try out the Chocolate Biscuit recipe myself, albeit a much smaller version. Just the thought of 17kg of chocolate mixed with 1,700 biscuits is enough to make me drool (of course, this amount is to feed his 600+ guests). I may not have the secret royal recipe but the one I found (or rather, my friend) will have to make do. Besides, it’s all about improv.


Photo credits: Bridelicious


1 pack of McVitie’s rich tea biscuits (if you can’t find them, use ordinary tea biscuits)

1/2 can of condensed filled milk

170g milk chocolate (you can use dark chocolate if that suits you better)

112g margarine

Handful of raisins


1. Crush the biscuits but not too fine so you get more of a crunch. This is a great way to de-stress or deal with anger.

2. Melt the chocolate with margarine over a saucepan of hot water.

3. Mix all of the ingredients together and place in a greased pan.

4. Place in the freezer (if you can’t wait to try it!) or in the fridge overnight.

Voila, it’s so simple you can probably make this with your eyes closed. Now, make yourself a cup of tea and enjoy.


Royal Wedding in London for free


Photo credits: Mirror

Want to feel like a Princess? It’s almost every little girls’ dream. Free round-trip first class tickets from Hong Kong to London on British Airways and 3 nights stay at the luxurious Langham Hotel topped off with a specially designed afternoon tea royale to experience the royal wedding weekend. Prince William may be taken, but there’s always the younger, adventurous Prince Harry whom you can dream about. All you need to do is explain in 20 words or less who you’d most like to sit next to in BA’s first class cabin before Friday, 8 April 2011. Good luck!

Be creative.

Wedding list

Swap your wedding list for a good cause

You’re already living with your future husband, already own bedsheets and towels and cutlery, what more do you want? Yes, wedding lists are useful if you’re moving into a new place and you’d like your friends and family to ‘fund’ your purchases as you’ve already forked out megabucks for your wedding-do but wouldn’t your special day be that much more memorable if you know you’ve helped save the lives of those in need? It may not be a trend in Hong Kong but you can make it one. C’mon, Will and Kate have done it.

Photo credits (Clockwise from left): AAF, AAF, CNCF

Just Giving

If you happen to have a UK account, you can set up a page to raise money for your chosen charity. Just give your friends and family the link and they can start contributing without the need to step out of their house. There used to be an equivalent site in Hong Kong run by Everyday Heroes but they’ve pulled out of the city.

Christina Noble Children’s Foundation

An international charity helping underprivileged children in Vietnam and Mongolia with the overall aim of maximising the potential of each child, through education, healthcare and community development. Their motto is ‘giving children back their childhood‘.

Animals Asia Foundation

A foundation devoted to protecting animals in Asia from cruelty, with a particular focus on ending moon bear farming and consumption of dogs and cats. Their motto is ‘until the cruelty ends‘.

Wedding Fashion

Dresses delivered to your doorstep

Too lazy to go out and love internet shopping? Thanks to Shopbop’s new online wedding boutique, you can buy your entire wedding outfit with just one click and have it delivered right to your doorstep. You’ve got pretty frocks, sexy lingerie, chic shoes and even stylish bridesmaid dresses. Your girlfriends will be forever grateful. To add to that, you’ve got wedding specialists to help you with your order. Who said wedding outfit searching was difficult?

Photo credits: Shopbop

Inspiration Board

Seating plans…with a little help

Photo credits: Allegro Photography

If you’re one of those brides, like me, who’s decided a wedding planner is unnecessary and just adds to the overall cost, you may need to enlist some help when it comes to arranging the seating plan. Drawing up the guest list for 300 odd people was already a headache in itself; just wait until you start receiving the RSVPs and have the glamourous task of putting together a seating chart. You don’t even know where to start! Luckily, I found this software, a bride’s little helper that you can buy and download to your Mac (who uses Microsoft nowadays?!). You can add groups such as couples and families or colleagues and schoolmates and a chart will appear with seating preferences. The beauty of it is you can select a skull icon for those guests who shouldn’t be sat next to each other and for arch enemies, an icon indicating that they shouldn’t even be sat near each other. Choose the table setting, be it round tables or long and start dragging and dropping those names!

Bride’s little helper comes with a price. At USD29.99, I think it’s worth every penny.

Wedding songs

Wedding song list

Photo credit: Weddings Place

I was searching for inspiration for my own wedding song list (I’m currently loving instrumental versions of pop songs, particularly Jon Schmidt and Vitamin String Quartet) and stumbled across this article on remakes of classic wedding songs. Such a great idea. It gives a spin to the original version and will leave your guests wondering who sings or performs it.




Processional (Bridal March)


Bouquet Toss


Wedding Dinner


Cake Cutting


First Dance

Father/Daughter Dance

Mother/Son Dance



Something for the groom

Brides sometimes get so caught up by making themselves look perfect on the big day that they neglect, or rather, forget about the groom. We think so much about our hair, make-up, nails, jewelry and shoes and all eyes are on the bride. What about the poor soul, your soon-to-be hubby who’s probably paid for the wedding? Shouldn’t he deserve a treat and be reminded how special he is? What you do or give him needn’t cost a lot and you can even DIY a small gift for him, but it’ll certainly bring a smile to his face and ensure he says ‘I do’.

Photo credits (clockwise from top-left): Tomato-made@Etsy, The Knot, Fotolia, The Sugar Syndicate Chicago

Custom cufflinks

Personalise them with a map of the city you met in or got engaged in. It shows you’re thoughtful, sentimental and gives him something to show off (besides you, of course!).

Initial your shoes

Stick small rhinestone initials at the bottom of your shoe – one for you and the other of the groom.

Groom’s cake

Let him have his own unique cake. You’ve probably made the decision about your wedding cake design and flavour, so why not have a small one made to reflect your man’s interests. Is he glued to his PS3? Or you’ve lost count of how many times he’s watched Die Hard? Watch TLC’s Cake Boss and get inspired.

Write him a love letter

You may think it’s cheesy but there may be personal sweet nothings you want to say to him and not in front of 100 family and friends. Here’s your chance to bring a tear to your man’s eyes.

Colour theme

Black is the new white

Call me traditional but I used to think black was a no-go for weddings because of its association with death, goth and evil until I attended a charity event last night. It was an art auction so instead of decorating the table with flowers, they used paintbrushes as centre-pieces and contrasted it with black tablecloths. Simple but effective.

Weddings are meant to be a happy occasion filled with bright colours to mark such a special, loving day. Not that I’m suddenly changing my mind and want to go all dark for my own wedding but I am seeing it in a new light. Just as white is an empty canvas to work on, black can be mixed with all the colours you can find (ok, perhaps not dark chocolate) and it certainly adds a bit of elegance and sophistication to your wedding. If the groom’s allowed to wear black, why can’t you dress your tables with black too or if you think the older generation can’t handle it, just add some black accents: a black sash for the chairs or a black ribbon for your cake.

Be bold. Be chic.

Photo credits: (First Row from left) Bauman Photographers, Wedding Wire, Bauman Photographers (Second Row from left) Simply Posh, The Knot, Elizabeth Anne Designs (Third Row from left) And Stanley Makes Three, Vera Wang, Tana Photography

Wedding Fashion

Bargain Dresses. Barbaric Brides.

It’s like a scene out of the chick-flicks, Shopaholic meets Bride Wars. Girls queue up for hours, they scream and sprint as soon as the doors open, grab as many dresses they see and don’t care that they’re acting barbaric, all for the sake of their bargain dream dress. Every year, a Boston discount clothing store runs a wedding dress sale which all too often, brings out the bridezilla in the chicks. Whatever happened to acting like a lady? Do you really want to be one of those brides that morphs into a b*tch in a matter of minutes?

It’s ugly. It’s unstylish. It brings out the worst in us.