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Act Kind. Feel Loved.

Photo credit: Bridelicious

It may be the day when you celebrate your undying love for your other half but how about doing something different this V-day by putting a smile on someone else’s face? It’s not only about red roses, fancy meals or chocolates. Participate in the Random Act of Kindness (aka RAK) Week and start spreading the love.

14th February: Smile at strangers and wish them a Happy Valentine’s Day. Make the World a happier place.
15th February: Substitute the bus, taxi or private car when you go dress shopping, with walking. The trees will thank you.
16th February: Instead of strolling round the shops to put together your gifts list, choose a cause that you both support and set up a donations wedding list. It will make a difference.
17th February: Send your bridesmaids a package filled with goodies. They’ll know you care.
18th February: Cook up a storm for your loved one. Who said you can’t celebrate V-day everyday?
19th February: Volunteer at an old person’s home. One less day spent on wedding planning won’t kill you. Check out China Coast Community in Kowloon Tong.


Wedding list

Thank G.O.D.

You know how most couples register with either Lane Crawford (the place to get royally ripped off) or Sogo (slightly cheaper but they still go for the usual suspects: Christofle, Wedgewood, Baccarat) because 1. it’s Hong Kong and we’re materialistic 2. it’s a status symbol 3. there’s a lack of companies with a wedding registry service. Wake up people! Not everything you own has to be branded, expensive, made from crystal, gold-plated or fine bone china. Unless you’re a dinner party queen and you’re not worried about people breaking your valuable items, what are you really going to do with a $2k plate?

Photo credits: G.O.D.

We’ve just discovered that Goods of Desire, better known as G.O.D., has a wedding registry service that’s hassle-free and best of all, online. That means, your poor little friends don’t need to trek around the stores looking for your item of choice, but can do it all in the comfort of their home. There’s everything from furniture to kitchen items to clothes and it’s not going to cost your friends an arm or a leg. Oh so thoughtful and handy!

Wedding list

Prevent garish gifts

Photo credit: Weddingistas

Dreading the thought of receiving a wedding gift that you’ll never use and worse still, a gift that will waste your storage space? We all know how valuable each and every square foot is in Hong Kong, the last thing we need is a ginormous gold plated statue in the flat – keep it or dump it? To our Mainland neighbours, darlings, we’re not living in Versace-land nor is bigger the better so please, enough of the garish looking wedding gifts. To prevent this from happening, set up an online registry at, (don’t be greedy and only ask for expensive items; do you really need a HKD1k candle when you can easily buy one for 1/10th of that price?!) so you can choose what you want at any store in the world…well, that is if they ship to Hong Kong. If you need a recipe book to cook for your soon-to-be hubby, you’ve got , or need an iPad to show off those future wedding photos, then you’ve got .

It’s great for those who have friends and families scattered around the world – all they need to do is click on the item they want to purchase and the site will redirect them to the shop for them to input their credit card details. Easy, simple, hassle-free. You can even set up a cash fund and instead of the money being put into a general pot, you can name it your ‘honeymoon fund’, so the generous giver knows what it’s being used for, and not some ridiculous shoe fund.  If you’re feeling particularly charitable, you can choose for the cash to be directed to a non-profit organisation. It’ll be great for your karma. To top it off, this service is free.

Wedding list

Swap your wedding list for a good cause

You’re already living with your future husband, already own bedsheets and towels and cutlery, what more do you want? Yes, wedding lists are useful if you’re moving into a new place and you’d like your friends and family to ‘fund’ your purchases as you’ve already forked out megabucks for your wedding-do but wouldn’t your special day be that much more memorable if you know you’ve helped save the lives of those in need? It may not be a trend in Hong Kong but you can make it one. C’mon, Will and Kate have done it.

Photo credits (Clockwise from left): AAF, AAF, CNCF

Just Giving

If you happen to have a UK account, you can set up a page to raise money for your chosen charity. Just give your friends and family the link and they can start contributing without the need to step out of their house. There used to be an equivalent site in Hong Kong run by Everyday Heroes but they’ve pulled out of the city.

Christina Noble Children’s Foundation

An international charity helping underprivileged children in Vietnam and Mongolia with the overall aim of maximising the potential of each child, through education, healthcare and community development. Their motto is ‘giving children back their childhood‘.

Animals Asia Foundation

A foundation devoted to protecting animals in Asia from cruelty, with a particular focus on ending moon bear farming and consumption of dogs and cats. Their motto is ‘until the cruelty ends‘.