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Love, Yu at Miss Bride Wedding Shop.

We Love, Yu. Yes, we do. And it’s not only because we like supporting a fellow Chinese. The Singaporean designer Ee-Lyn Tang’s frocks are designed with the modern bride in mind; soft and clean lines that will take you from the aisle all the way to the dance floor. See for yourself how Love, Yu’s collection will flatter your hot bod and bring out the best in you at Miss Bride Wedding Shop’s first ever trunk show from 4th – 12th May 2013. What’s more, if you order your Love, Yu dress during that period, you’ll even bag yourself an extra 10% discount. Make your appointment now!


Photo credits: Shopbop **N.B. Gowns are selections from Shopbop and may not necessarily be available at Miss Bride Wedding Shop. 

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Brides in Flats.

Gone are the days of sky high heels that make you look more Pretty Woman in her former life than a classy bride. Even Victoria Beckham has been seen ditching her heels and replacing it with more sensible flats. Who can blame her? They’re comfy, cute, practical and the choices out there now mean that you don’t skimp on style. Perfect for outdoor weddings where heels can easily sink into the sand or grass, you won’t need to worry about tripping or making a fool of yourself when walking down the aisle. Now, you can dance the night away with your hubby and not have to care about your delicate feet.


Photo credits (clockwise from top left): Maharani Weddings, Meg Smith Photography via Snippet & Ink, Blueberry Photography via Style Me Pretty, Jeff Wallace Photography via One Wed, Jose Villa via Yes Bride

Where to buy your wedding flats….

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Alcohol Buying Guide for Your Wedding.

I was at a wedding recently where they ran out of booze. But, there were no drunks in sight. What happened? They underestimated the number of drinks each individual would consume. By then, heads were turning and not to assume that all guests are alchies, but it’s considered a faux pas to have too little of a good thing. Just like at a dinner party, you always make sure that there’s enough food and drinks to keep the night rolling. Likewise, to avoid having any disgruntled guests (you know what many Hong Kong guests are like and one that I do not agree with; they want to get their money’s worth if they’ve given a cash gift) on your big day, use this alcohol calculator by Real Simple to estimate the number of bottles to order. Even if it means you’ll be left with extra bottles to carry home, allow extra budget for drinks. Take it out of your flower fund because honestly, guests will remember having a blast not by the amount of peonies you have but by the entertainment on the night.

*N.B. You may think some guests aren’t drinkers, thus underestimating the amount of alcohol to purchase. Remember, there are always dark horses out there.


Photo credits (clockwise from top left): Justin Hackworth Photography, Laura Faherty Photography via,  via Bride and Joy, Weddings in the Philippines, The Ashes Venue, Charleston Hospitality Catering, Laura Murray Photography via Martha Stewart Weddings

Wedding Package Inclusive of Alcohol
Most venues offer an all-inclusive package with free-flow wine and beer for a set number of hours. Whilst this option means you have one less item to think about, it in turn means you have no say in what type of wine will be served to your guests. It’s going to be House Wine.
The staff are also less likely to top-up the glasses as frequently because the less booze they serve, the less money the venue has to spend which means more of your money in their pockets. 

If you can, negotiate for this option. Many of the bigger vendors such as hotels will charge a ridiculous amount on corkage so work your magic to get yourselves a good deal. Don’t forget to include spirits in your calculation as well as the usual wine and beer.
One way to save money on drinks is to offer signature cocktails so you have more control over the amount of alcohol to be served. If your beverage package includes non-alcoholic drinks, check to see what juices and soft-drinks the venue provides and create a drinks menu using those ingredients.
Another way to ensure you’re within budget is to serve sparkling wine instead of champagne. Unless you’ve got guests who are bubbly connoisseurs, most guests won’t be able to tell the difference, especially if you’re mixing it into a cocktail.

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Spend Your Wedding Day with Guests.

Inspiration Board

Wedding’s a Beach.

We all love a good bit of sun (who doesn’t?) and boy do we need it badly. Many dream of being whisked off to an exotic location where sun, sea and sand are in abundance which makes exchanging of vows even more memorable. Let’s face it, not everyone can afford this luxury or some couples really do have lots of family and friends which makes a destination wedding not viable. So, if you’re a beach junkie but stuck with having an indoor wedding, here are some ways to give it some beachy boost. Ahhhh, bring on Summer.


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The world is your oyster. Turn nature into decor; seashell bouquet, coral candle-holders, seashell vase or for a no-brainer, scatter the coral and seashells across the table for an au naturel look. 

No, I’m not telling you to fill the reception room with sand (but by all means do so if you’d like to treat your guests to an indoor beach party) but incorporate it into the decor; fill your vases with sand instead of water or have it inside a tray or even a ginormous shell to act as your escort card stand.

Use the material sparingly or you’ll risk turning your theme into a rustic do instead of that beachy feel you’ve been craving for; tie the bride and groom chair backs with burlap or print table numbers with a nautical font on the material for a 2-in-1 runner.

Wedding Photography

Hire a Photographer.

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Invitation Etiquette.

The wedding world can be overwhelming. You want the day to run smoothly, to be the most beautiful and for your guests to enjoy every moment of it. The last thing you want is to offend anyone and that starts right from when you send out your invitations, be it for your bridal shower or the big day itself. This etiquette guide by Emma J Designs is an excellent reminder about the details that may be overlooked when it comes to invitations. If you want your wedding to be a memorable one, put in the effort.

Photo credit: Emma J Design

Wedding Planning

Rain on Your Wedding Day.

If, like me, you’ve been around town during the last couple of weeks, you’re probably pretty sick of this drab weather where the skies are a continuous murky grey and you constantly feel sweaty because of the humidity? God forbid it rains on your wedding day because we all know how stressful it can be (don’t we all wish it could be sunny every single day?) but hey, there’s nothing we can do to control Mother Nature. Whatever happens, rain or shine, just remember these few tips to get you through even the wettest of days.

Photo credits (clockwise from top left): Love Is A Big Deal via Jessica Sloane, Harvard Wang via Polka Dot Bride, Aaron Shintaku via Green Wedding Shoes, One Fab Day, Caroline + Ben Photography via Rustic Wedding Chic, Xiss Photography


1. Time your wedding so it’s during the non-rainy season: the significantly higher venue costs is hiked up for a reason because the chances of rain is a whole lot lower, which in turn gives you a peace of mind.
2. If you’re having that dream outdoor wedding, always have a Plan B especially if you’re getting hitched during the rainy season. That means an indoor location or a possibility of a marquee to be set up. Don’t forget to let your guests know if it’s a complete change of venue so they don’t end up going to the wrong place!
3. Plan your wedding so that you take into account your back up plan and consider it just as important as if it were outdoors on a sunny day. There’s no point creating elaborate decor that can only be used for an outdoor setting.
***N.B. Make sure that the terms in your contract with vendors takes into account weather conditions, such as postponement in the event of a Typhoon 8 signal or Black Rainstorm warning.
4. Buy a short cocktail or wedding dress or even a 2-in-1 so that if it the rain does start, you can be assured that your dress won’t get too dirty and wet.


1. Remember that a rainy day can make for some very creative and unexpected photos. Discuss with your photographer and videography about the weather and make sure they’re prepared for all sorts of conditions.
2. Be flexible. If your military rundown marks down the couples photo session as straight after the ceremony but it’s raining cats and dogs, then schedule it for later even if it means you might need to dash out in the middle of your dinner.
3. Play with colours and props. Prepare some wellies and brollies for yourselves and the bridal party. Not only will it keep you relatively dry (provided it’s not pissing down with torrential rain) but it’ll also add the ray of sunshine that’s lacking in the sky.
4. Get some towels ready so that you and your guests can wipe themselves dry. Be a considerate host. They can even be a wedding favour!


1. It’s romantic. Imagine snuggling with your other half under an umbrella, knowing that nothing else matters as long as you have each other. So many of the romantic movies feature the couple passionately kissing under the rain; think Four Weddings and A Funeral, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, The Notebook….
2. Rain on your big day is a sign of good luck. In some cultures, it’s symbolic of a new beginning. If you can ride through this storm, you can ride through the toughest of challenges in your new life together. And if that still hasn’t calmed your nerves, think about what the French say ‘mariage pluvieux, mariage heureux’ – rainy wedding, happy marriage.
3. Relax and be positive. Run with it and have a laugh; the guests will follow suit. 


Entertainment Wedding songs

Music for Wedding Videos.

How many times have you watched wedding video highlights of friends, relatives or when you’re researching for videographers in Hong Kong and the sound of Jason Mraz or Bruno Mars’ voice runs through your head and all you can say is ‘not again!’. Wedding videos are mushy already (and sometimes cheesy but of course in a good way); add to that a cliché song and you’ve got your guests either roll their eyes or gag. Let your videographer know what your favourite songs are and the type of music you listen to so they can suggest a suitable song for you. Inject your personality into the video so friends and family who could not attend your ceremony can feel the emotions that filled the day whilst also being able to differentiate between yours and the many others they watch at wedding banquets. And if ‘I’m Yours’ or ‘Just the Way You Are’ are the only two songs that you like, then honey, I can’t help you.

For alternative music choices, I’ve found The Music Bed site to be particularly helpful. You can filter songs by instrument, genre and even mood.


Photo credit: W. Scott Chester Photography